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[GUIDE] Post-merge Leveling Guide 2020

By Markzs#9189 - MEMBER - November 10, 2020, 02:39:23

Hi, people!
I'm Markx and after playing this game for so long I want to share with you some notes I've just taken while leveling up a new character without an active Bonus Pack.

  • Preparation
Some useful shortcuts

- It's good to always have some breads, kenkos and osamodas powder in the inventory
- Remember to use Wisdom Candies on boss fights and making use of the +40 Wisdom buff from Almanax Bonus
- You can check the current almanax bonus and a lot of other cool Wakfu info using the Corvo Astral discord bot.
- If you don't mind being spoiled, all quest lines are guided here on Method Wakfu.
- Put breads, mounts, teleports and frequently swapped equipment on the shortcut bar by dragging them there.
- Open the in game minimap with Shift+M
- Make sure to use tactic mode (Ctrl+T) and enable transparency (Alt+R) when needed
- Add a custom shortcut for "/ping" so you can spam it and see the green chat (log) if you're lagging.
  •  Starting The Journey: 1-50
Make sure to use the correct status (upper) filter and context (side) tabs

Your main focus will be doing the Astrub - Prologue and Nations Chapters questline. Check them out by pressing Q and going to “Mount Zinit” side tab.
Just by progressing through these quests you’ll be leveling just fine with only a few moments to farm exp.
Some quick exp can be obtained by doing environment, mercenary and Otomai’s daily quests.
Make sure to use Astrub Knight and the free weekly sidekick to soak up some damage when things get harder.
Since we’re here, it’d be useful to get the Teleport of Scriptures on the Almanax’s Temple machine and the Eca-teleport in Astrub’s Ecaflipus zone.
Free infinite teleport items, yay!
  • Builds worth to set:
20 - By setting a level 20 build, you’ll be well geared up to level 50 and will be able to help newcomers and obtain Mentor Tokens in the future (51+).
50 - A level 50 build is useful to farm The Mineral Tower, a 3-player dungeon with great exp and drop rewards.
Builder panel (Shortcut "O"). You'll be seeing this panel a lot

- Important quests:
01 - Astrub, City of Mercenaries: Mount Zinit’s questline first quest
30 - 1st Year: School’s Hupper: rewards the Mastery of Weapons active spell
30 - Restate of Emergency: rewards the first free characteristics reset
35 - A Mount: rewards a mount and a mount license
50 - Relic Hunt: rewards The Excarnal Scepter artifact. Artifacts are required for Mount Zinit questline and allow the access to hidden treasures around the world.

- Hotspots for grinding:
01 - 36: Astrub (cemitery, piwis)
36 - 50: Calamar Island (exotic creatures)
  • Call To Action 50-100
Cool image against Excarnus from Method's website

Level 80 is the first key level to reach.
It’s on 80 that you’ll have unlocked all (12) active spell slots available and most active and passive spells.
With the right adjusted build, you’ll be able to join battlegrounds (PvP) in the first level bracket (56-80) and try to beat Exarnus, an Ultimate Boss.
Both content will reward you a high amount of experience and valuable rewards.

- Builds worth to set:
80 - First PvP Bracket (51-80) and Excarnus Ultimate Boss
95 - Milkar Ultimate Boss

Important quests to take:
55 - Calamari Damacy: rewards a lvl 1 pet that gives 30 HP + 60 Elemental Mastery on lvl 50
56 - Shake Paws: rewards the Marrow Bone active spell
65 - A Treasure of a Map: rewards a the Paws of Ecaflip artifact.
80 - Restate of Emergency: rewards the second and last free characteristics reset
80 - 2nd Year: Secret Story: rewards the Fluctuation passive spell
85 - Vamos a la playa! - rewards the Luminescent Amulet artifact

- Hotspots for grinding:
51 - 65: Calamar Island (exotic creatures)
66 - 80: Kelba (crobaks)
81 - 96: Shhhudoku Kingdom
  • Facing Challenges 100-150
Another great Method's screenshot on Black Crow nest

From now on you’ll be facing several exp walls to unlock new quests and content.
The best way to level up it’s by completing adjusted dungeons (from any level) on stasis 21, 31 or 41. By doing them on ASL (Adjusted Level System) and on these difficulties, you’ll unlock achievements that rewards a good amount of exp according to your real level.
Most dungeons up to level 100 can be completed on s31 with a few party members and automatic builds.
If you’re out of luck on finding parties try completing some Environment Quests within your level range or maybe even leveling some professions while searching for a guild or friends to help you out.

- Builds worth to set:
110 - PvP Bracket (96-110), Black Crow and Gobbalrog Ultimate Bosses
125 - Dragon Pig Ultimate Boss
140 - PvP Bracket (111-140)

- Important quests to take:
100 - Cold Calling: unlocks the access to an area required for Mount’s Zinit questline
125 - Tempus Bagus: rewards an epic 125 ap ring. Unlocked by defeating Flaxhid and Tormentor 5x each.
130 - 3rd Year: Prisoner of Sorrows: rewards the Mass Charm active spell.

- Hotspots for grinding:
96 - 110: Shhhudoku Kingdom
111 - 125: Harebourg Castle (mechas)
126 - 150: Wabbit Island (wabbits)
  • Reaching Endgame (150 - 215)
You'll face ogrest himself - not sure how long tho

By level 150 you’ll be starting to face really challenging dungeons that’ll require groups to finish, but by this time you might already be in a guild or know some people that can help.

- Builds worth to set:
170 - PvP Bracket (141-170), Steel Beak Ultimate Boss
185 - Fu Moon Ultimate Boss
200 - PvP Bracket (171-200), Ogrest, Nogord and Shadofang Ultimate Bosses
215 - PvP Bracket (200-215)

- Important quests to take:
140 - The Opening, The Return: rewards
160 - Passing Time: rewards a Sidekick (Pandora or Chad)
(have to complete review this part)

- Hotspots for grinding:
150 - 170: Xelorium Past/Present
171 - 200: Moon
185 - 215: Zinit/Osamosa
  • Farming EXP Tips:
- Competitive and Collaborative environment quests
- Mercenary one-time quests
- Otomai’s Daily quests (10 seeds, 10 resources, 1 boss)
- The Life of a Hunter questline
- Ranked Dungeon s21, s31 and s41
  • Battle Tips:
- Always hit on the enemy's weakest element
- Always try to spend all your AP
- Always use a bonus turn spell (except for strategic fights)
- Avoid blocking allies sight or path
- Focus on enemies that you (or +ally) can kill before they play
- Always keep your back protected
Location of a Guild of Hunter NPC on Astrub
  • Guild of Hunters NPCs:
There’s ate least one NPC for each level range that provides some dailies and a weekly quest for a consistent amount of exp.

They’ll ask for:
- 10 drop resources from each monster family (daily)
- 10 trapper’s seeds from each monster family (daily)
- 1 random boss kill (daily)
- 4 boss kills (weekly)

06-20: Astrub, Astrub Sewers*
21-35: Astrub, Astrub Sewers*
36-50: Amakna*
51-65: Sufokia*, Wild State, Calamar, Wild Beach
66-80: Bonta*, Kelba, Monk Island,
81-95: Forfut, Chillberg, Schnek Cave
96-110: Amakna*, Brakmar, Monk Island, Bilbiza, Shhhudoku Kingdom
111-125: Sufokia, Shustuft Crust, Chillberg, Ohwymi, Lower Slope*
126-140: Bonta, Shustuft Crust, Ohwymi, The Big Cawwot, Lower Slope*
141-155: Brakmar, Srambad, Enurado*
156-170: Amakna, Bonta, Brakmar, Sufokia, Xelorium Past/Present*, Upper Slope
186-200: Amakna*, Bonta, Brakmar, Sufokia, Upper Slope, Dor’Mor Cave, Summit

* Closest from Zaap

- Scoreboard/Modulox Quests:
By reaching level 51 you’ll start to unlock daily quests from Mod’Ule, an NPC inside your Haven Bag (Shift+H).

They require you to complete a random dungeon in its level range and rewards adjusted experience and a Modulox Token that can be exchaged for any other Dungeon Token in Astrub’s Tavern machine.
  • Scoreboard: Bosses 6 - 50
  • Scoreboard: Bosses 51 - 95
  • Scoreboard: Bosses 96 - 140
  • Scoreboard: Bosses 141 - 185
  • Scoreboard: Bosses 186 - 200

- Finding Groups:
The best way to get a group is by joining a guild with players on your level range, however you can also try looking on:
  • Almanax Temple
  • Ecaflipus
  • Community Discords
  • Dungeon entrances

- Help me to keep this guide updated!
Feel free to suggest any change on this guide on comments below.
There's still some information that might be worth to add/fix
If you're Brazilian, check out our guild - we're recruiting!

Disclaimer: I'm not from Method
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Olha o Marks c seus maravilhosos guias ae...

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Score : 251

Thanks for the guide! I have a bit of a noob question though. When I went to kill exotic creatures for exp, I lost citizenship for Brutish and Poaching.  Upon trying to plant more monsters, I lost citizenship for Disobedience. 
And then someone like 100 levels higher than me killed me. :'(
Is there a way to fix this? 

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Score : 5908

Hey, there!
That's because the nation that was controlling Calamar Island by the time you were playing had these laws enforced. You can check them under the Nations panel by pressing N.
The best way to avoid being an Outlaw (and thus being attacked by someone) is by keeping an eye to these laws and your current citizenship points.
Leveling on another map temporarily can also work.
Maybe after the "wild pvp" announcement we'll have different approaches

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I'm accepting suggestions of what to put on Important quests to take on 151-215.
They aren't many, but I'm not sure which ones to add

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Hi Mark, this guide really help me out. I have question for you. Are you sure 81-96 grinding spot in shhhudoku kkingdom ? because when I check the enemy there it's between 96-110

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Score : 734

Under Farming EXP Tips: If everyone gets the minimum on competitive environment quests, everyone wins, so tell everyone you see to do the same!

Basically don't be greedy, it's not necessary to "win" competitive enviros unless you want to hurt other players. While I understand the nature of it being labeled "competitive," there's no point to be competitive like that for something that doesn't provide gear and isn't really PvP. This is actually one thing the Nox server did right imo before the merge. Now, unfortunately, even though people spam this message in vicinity (white) chat, unless the message is in multiple languages, it is ignored.

0 -2
Score : 1461

the thing is, if "competitive" is played, well, competitively, everyone is usually better off exp/time wise. yes, with everyone gettin the required minimum they would get double exp in 10 min for said quest. but, if its finished earlier (and it usually takes 3-4 min to do so), everyone gets at least 1x exp and then some from the next quest. 
also it doesnt impair location-hopping and beats sittin flat on one's bum for 10 min straight.

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what does " Builds worth to set " mean?

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People make builds for different level brackets in the game. As you can see he mentioned the level of the group bracket and then things you can do with that set. For example for a 170 set, I make a build (gears) that are level 170 and then I could use that build for pvp, for running dungeons on als, for doing steel beak etc

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