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Famished Mimik List

By DamienFireheart#2396 - MEMBER - September 28, 2020, 05:39:06
I have accumulated hundreds of Mimikibble, and have set out to collect some stone fragments. Given there's no real resource to be found for what Mimiks drop what, I thought I'd compile a list here for anyone seeking specific items. If you would like to add to this list, please feel free to post in this thread with your discovered loot. It should be a given that all Famished Mimiks can give Mimik Slobber.

Also worth noting, if you are after Knowledge Stone Fragments, Gemlicoffers around the 4 Nations seem to be the best source. They have a 2 hour cooldown which is shared among all players (only one player can claim it per respawn period), and generally give 1 fragment, but occasionally give 3 of one of the other fragments instead. Each nation has 6 Gemlicoffers; 4 on land, and 2 in Maritime Routes. I will not post the locations here as they are already mapped and marked elsewhere, but why ruin competition/treasure hunting for the others?

Hoola Hoopiwi Mimik
Minimum Level: 21
Required Kibble: 2
Other Requirements: You must clear the first fight only. You can run past the second group and straight to the Mimik once the passage opens.
Loot: Cloudy Cotton, Paw Pruner

Sureberry Fields Mimik
Minimum Level: 36
Required Kibble: 2
Other Requirements: You must clear the entire dungeon, plant the Large Tasteless Seed in room 2 to summon the optional boss, Dandel the Boy, and then defeat it. A bridge will appear leading to the Mimik.
Loot: Cloudy Cotton, GemliShrub, Constitution Stone Fragment

Kokokabana Mimik
Minimum Level: 51
Required Kibble: 3
Other Requirements: You must complete the challenges presented in each room and accumulate Ballot Papers from the chest that spawn if you succeed. After clearing the third fight, a portal will open to a Survivor-style voting area, where players vote on either fighting Old Binson and Fridawg, or opening a path to the Mimik.
Loot: Cloudy Cotton, GemliBranches, Healing Stone Fragment

Boarthroom Mimik
Minimum Level: 66
Required Kibble: 2
Other Requirements: You must provide 5 Hazel Wood to the shrine to unlock the cell door. The shrine only appears after clearing the second fight in the dungeon.
Loot: Fruity BileBoarange, GemliPigtails, Precision Stone Fragment

Tsu's Palace Mimik
Minimum Level: 66
Required Kibble: 3
Other Requirements: You must finish the 2nd room of the dungeon to access this Mimik.
Loot: Cloudy Cotton, GemliFlage, Precision Stone Fragment

Morbax Neplopolis Mimik
Minimum Level: 81
Required Kibble: 3
Other Requirements: You must enter through the Mines entrance and complete the first fight at least to access this Mimik. Alternatively, you can access the mine side after defeating the boss.
Loot: Cloudy Cotton, GemliSpikes, Rage Stone Fragment
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For the Morbax Neplopolis Mimik, you still can access it for a normal road and after defeated the Chafer King, the portal to the mine road in right hand site would appear.
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As far as I can tell, this list is complete. A bit underwhelming, but if you're after Gemlin stuff, I suppose it's nice.
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