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[Guide] Dungeon Boss Mechanics Compendium (WIP)

By DamienFireheart - MEMBER - August 19, 2020, 22:56:56

I find myself constantly looking around with Google, YouTube videos, and these forums trying to find pertinent information on boss mechanics that can be used to reference for dungeons with involved mechanics that make them doable without an initial throwaway run to decipher the special behavior. With all of the information I've gleaned through research and experience, I thought it would benefit the community at large to have all this information collected in one place.

Thus I've decided to write this guide in the hopes of aiding new dungeon conquerors and veterans alike. I will be including even the lowest levels of bosses for the sake of completion, and for those looking to practice without dedicating an entire dungeon run, mention Archmonsters which are carbon-copies of their respective bosses (any not listed can be assumed to have their own mechanics). All stats listed will be at Stasis 11 as the baseline. Bear in mind that bosses with variable levels may have slightly different HP, Masteries, Initiative, Lock, and Dodge values, while Resists will always be the same. Stasis level affects HP significantly, Force of Will, and Final Damage malus/bonus of the boss.

If you have any information to add to the boss mechanics presented here, additions, corrections, or other pertinent info, please don't hesitate to post in this thread. This will benefit the community only with the help of the community.



Archetype: Tank
Dungeon: Grandmeow's House (Astrub City @ Astrub)
Minimum Level: 9
Monster Family: Bow Meows

Behind the Incarnam Dungeon, this is the second not-quite-real dungeon. While the Incarnam dungeon is a tutorial dungeon, this one is almost a second tutorial in that it's a three-person dungeon. The Maine Goon itself is quite straightforward, with only a few attacks to consider, but can mostly be brute forced easily.

Icky Licky
3 AP   |   1 Range   |   fire
Maine Goone's basic close combat attack. 1 use per target.

4 AP   |   2 Tile Radius   |   Needs Line of Sight
Applies a debuff to all units in 2 tiles around Maine Goon within line of sight that, at the start of the affected units' next turn, deals indirect Fire damage equal to the level applied. Level 8 (Level 10 on Critical). 4 turn cooldown.

Bow Meow Beg
2 AP   |   1 - 4 Range   |   Needs Line of Sight
Attempts to remove 2 AP from the target for one turn. 2 turn cooldown.



Archetype: Close Combat
Dungeon: Gobball Pastures (Tainela @ Astrub)
Minimum Level: 12
Monster Family: Gobballs
Archmonster: Filholl the Forsaken

Another straightforward boss appropriate for the starting zone of Astrub, though now you have to contend with the other monsters actually somewhat complicating matters. Gobblies will of course remove your AP and MP, while Warchiefs will charge you if they're 3 tiles away and aligned with you. Being charged applies a Stun, which will make you lose a turn, so try to position wisely. Gobbettes will heal and buff the boss, so you may want to kill them first.

Much like the Warchiefs, you'll want to avoid being aligned with the Royal Gobball with 3-4 tiles between you, as he'll charge and stun you. Beware of lining up behind other players who are near the boss, as he'll strike everyone in line with Royal Rage. When the Royal Gobball falls below 50% HP, he will gain Gobb'fury and begin casting Last Rampart on his party every 4 turns.

Filholl the Forsaken behaves identically to Royal Gobball.

Royal Bite
3 AP   |   1 Range   |   earth
Royal Gobball's basic close combat attack. 1 use per target. 2 uses per turn.

Royal Charge
2 AP    |   3 - 4 Range   |   earth   |   Needs Line of Sight
Same as the Gobball Warchief charge, this will do Earth damage and apply Stunned to the target, making them miss a turn and negating any lock on the target. 3 turn cooldown.

Royal Rage
4 AP    |   1 Range   |   fire
Laser attack that hits all units in a 3-tile line. 1 use per target.

Last Rampart (Level 100)
1 AP   |   Global Radius
+100 Elemental Resist to entire party for 1 turn. Only used at <50% HP. 4 turn cooldown.

Gobb'fury (Level 30)
+30% Damage Inflicted for the rest of the fight. Gained at <50% HP.



Archetype: Distance
Dungeon: The Tofuhouse (Astrub Fields @ Astrub)
Minimum Level: 12
Monster Family: Tofus
Archmonster: Claud Sharpe

Royal Tofu is a bit of a nasty fight if you depend heavily on Wakfu Points. The more you use WP skills, the harder it hits, but it also becomes significantly easier to kill. This is due to its Power of Wakfu passive which builds charges on a buff and a debuff with every WP skill used. With every charge, the Royal Tofu loses 40 Elemental Resistance, while the other buff provides +10% Critical Hit chance, lasting for the entire fight. These stack up to 5 times for a total of -200 Elemental Resistance and +50% Critical Hit chance.

Royal Tofu seems to have a great deal of Critical Mastery, and hits like a truck when it does crit, so it's counting on you to spam WP so it can become a glass cannon and kill you before you can kill it. This regal bird can move with ease across the battlefield and push your team out of position when you surround it, so be careful not to get isolated and crit into the ground.

Claud Sharpe behaves identically to Royal Tofu.

Royal Peck
4 AP   |   1 - 2 Range   |   Air   |   Needs Line of Sight
Royal Tofu's basic attack. 1 use per target.

Piercing Cry
4 AP   |   3 Tile Radius   |   Air   |   Ignores Line of Sight
Royal Tofu screams and pushes all units within 3 tiles in all directions 2 tiles away from itself. 1 use per turn.

6 AP   |   1 Range   |   earth
Royal Tofu bites the target and steals 27 HP if any damage >0 is inflicted. Only used below 50% HP. 2 turn cooldown.

Power of Wakfu
Royal Tofu has very high Critical Mastery. For every spell with a WP cost cast, -40 Elemental Resist and +10% Critical Hit chance on Royal Tofu. Lasts for the rest of the fight.



Archetype: Summoner
Dungeon: Larventura (Astrub Sewers @ Astrub)
Minimum Level: 12
Monster Family: Larvae
Archmonster: Explosive Larvawork

The main concern when fighting Shin Larva is ensuring that it isn't allowed to spawn larva eggs unchecked. Every turn, Shin Larva will cast Cocoon which spawns three larva eggs on the map. If not destroyed, Shin Larva will use Blossom after a few turns to hatch all of the eggs into White Larvae. Walking on the tile an egg is on instantly destroys it.

White Larvae will do damage, remove MP, block line of sight and positioning, and just make the fight a hassle in general. It's wise to balance dealing damage and having party members step on the eggs. Fortunately yet peculiarly, on some turns Shin Larva seems to only use Cocoon and does not attack, despite being within range and having the points to do so.

Explosive Larvawork behaves identically to Shin Larva, however it does not occupy a 3x3 area.

Shin Shimmy
6 AP   |   1 Tile Square   |   Air
Shin Larva does a body slam that hits all units in the square around the 3x3 space Shin Larva occupies. 2 turn cooldown.

3 AP   |   1 - 4 Range   |   fire   |   Needs Line of Sight
Shin Larva's basic ranged attack that hits a single unit. Attempts to remove 1 AP from target. 1 use per target.

Silky Schpittle
4 AP   |   1 - 4 Range   |   Air   |   Needs Line of Sight
Ranged attack that hits in a target and its allies in a 1-tile cross. Attempts to remove 1 MP from affected units. 1 use per turn.

Shin Larva summons 3 larva eggs on the battlefield. Shin Larva will always cast this spell every turn. 1 use per turn.

If any eggs remain at the start of Shin Larva's turn, this will be cast to hatch 3 of them. This will always be the first spell cast, so Shin Larva won't spawn eggs and then hatch them on the same turn. 2 turn cooldown.



Archetype: Summoner
Dungeon: Treechnee Dungeon (Astrub Forest @ Astrub)
Minimum Level: 21
Monster Family: Treechnees

The Treechnell may be most players' first experience with a boss that cleans up parties. It has a number of AoEs that can deal devastating damage to unprepared players, with very high Water Mastery to ensure all of its attack hit hard. This coupled with the Arachnee venom that the spiders and the boss itself can apply which makes moving around (so as not to be caught in AoEs with party members) become risky results in a tough fight for newbies.

The boss's primary weakness is an overwhelming vulnerability to Fire, but its real Achilles comes in the form of the drawback to its Treechnidian Arachmor passive. Pound it hard from behind with Fire attacks and this boss will go down quickly.

Venomous Crushing
3 AP   |   2 Tile Radius   |   water   |   Ignores Line of Sight
Treechnell performs a body slam that deals damage around it. 1 use per turn.

Poisoned Bite
3 AP   |   1 Range   |   water
Applies Arachnee Venom Level 12 (Level 15 on Critical Hit). 1 use per target.

4 AP   |   Ground Target   |   water  |   Ignores Line of Sight
Strikes all units in a 5 tile line. Requires no target to cast, serving as a 5-tile range attack as necessary.

Treechnidian Arachmor (Level 30)
This causes the Treechnell to take X% less damage from the front and sides, but it takes X% more damage from the rear (2*X% if the x2 in the tooltip is to be believed). X is equal to the skill level.

Arachnee Venom
Inflicts water damage equal to the level of the debuff for every MP spent. Max level 100.



Archetype: Tank
Dungeon: Raised Vault (Astrub Cemetary @ Astrub)
Minimum Level: 21
Monster Family: Skeletons

The "hazard" tiles in this dungeon are actually beneficial to the player rather than harmful as in most cases, as it removes 4 stacks of Putrefaction which many attacks from Morfor and his Skeletons will apply to the player upon attack. Heals will also remove one stack from a target per cast, and keeping these two facts in mind will prevent you from succumbing to Living Dead status when Putrefaction reaches 10 stacks, which will cause you to take damage from healing. On that note, don't forget that all enemies in this dungeon, Morfor included, are Living Dead, meaning your healer can heal-bomb them down.

It's ideal to try to eliminate all of Morfor's adds early on, lest he place Linked Soul on one of them and you find yourself being instant KO'd by a skeleton rat or something similarly embarrassing. He will cast this buff once every other turn so long as there's an unaffected unit within range. Grouping up on him can be painful to the party given his inclination to attack with only AoEs, but once his allies are dead, he's fairly easy to burst down.

Putrescence Corruption
4 AP   |   2 Tile Radius   |   fire   |   Ignores Line of Sight
Morfor hits all player units within 2 tiles centered on himself. 1 use per turn.

3 AP   |   2 - 5 Range   |   fire   |   Ignores Line of Sight
Ranged attack that hits the target and its allies in a 1-tile cross Applies 1 level of Putrefaction to all affected units. 1 use per turn.

Linked Soul (Level 3)
0 AP   |   1 - 6 Range   |   Ignores Line of Sight
Places a buff on one of Morfor's allies that gives it 100 Armor and makes its attacks a guaranteed KO in a number of turns equal to the buff's level. 2 turn cooldown.



Archetype: Summoner
Dungeon: Hoola Hoopiwi (Astrub Mountains @ Astrub)
Minimum Level: 21
Monster Family: Piwis
Archmonster: Gunner Pewpew

Similar to Raised Vault, the "hazard" tiles in this dungeon benefit the player, removing 10 stacks of Pecked which the Piwis are more than happy to place on you with their attacks. Every 5 stacks of Pecked causes -50 Critical Resist, up to a maximum of 20 stacks and -200 Critical Resist, and the debuff itself lasts 2 turns so long as it is reapplied by Piwis. As is often the case with Piwis, you'll want to clean up any Pink Piwis ASAP so as to avoid a Googoo infestation.

Try to maintain a low level of Pecked using avoidance of direct contact with Royal Piwi, or regular trips to the hazard tiles. This boss has high resistance to everything, with your best bet being Fire or Water. Barring access to these elements, hit it with your strongest DPA spells and burn him down before he crits you into the ground.

Gunner Pewpew behaves identically to Royal Piwi.

Royal Peck
4 AP   |   1 - 3 Range   |   Quad Elemental
Royal Piwi attacks a single target that hits 4 times, 1 for each element. Applies 4 stacks of Pecked. 1 use per target.

3 AP   |   1 - 2 Range   |   Light
Royal Piwi attacks a single target with a heavy-hitting Light element attack, which should always be Fire given Royal Piwi's equal masteries. Applies 1 stack of Pecked. 1 use per target.

4 AP   |   4 Tile Radius   |   Ignores Line of Sight
Royal Piwi buffs all Piwis around it, self-excluded, with +50% Block and +25% Critical Hit for 1 turn. Must be cast when available, even if no allies are nearby. 2 turn cooldown.



Archetype: Summoner
Dungeon: Royal Pasteurizer (Singing Fields @ Amakna)
Minimum Level: 36
Monster Family: Moogrrs
Archmonster: Moothane the Gas

This fight has a lot of Earth damage (all melee range fortunately), which is exacerbated by the ease with which you can incur Nauseated from a number of sources. This debuff reduces Earth Resist equal to the level, but fortunately it shouldn't stack too much as 20 levels are lost at the start of the affected unit's next turn. While the hazard tiles in the dungeon previously gave +30 Nauseating to a player unit if stepped on, this fight replaces these tiles with ones that will result in a dungheap being spawned in one of several fixed locations on the battlefield. All Moogrrs, boss included, have Surprise Dungheap, while the regular Moogrrs have Liquid Country Smoke, making this a fight with a lot of tanky cows the longer it goes on.

Stepping on a dungheap is highly undesirable, as it takes 100 MP from your unit, essentially ending your movement for the rest of that turn. It also removes the highly beneficial cloud around the heap. Ending your turn in the 2-tile clouds around a dungheap gives your unit 10 Force of Will, which could be helpful in avoiding the loss caused by Moogrrs' collisions. Obviously any class that relies on AP/MP removal would also benefit from trying to get these buffs, but there's a downside to being near dungheaps in this fight as well. When the boss accumulates 5 WP from his Cowntdown passive, he can cast the highly destructive Chain Bomboozlement which will tear through any units within range of dungheaps. Try to keep an eye on this bull's WP and position yourself accordingly if you're relying on the cloud bonus.

Beware of Herd Target applied by Moogrrs (indicated at the start of a turn by an "R key" indicator similar to that used by players) and Pheromones applied by Mooflies, as this gives added effects to enemy attacks on the affected unit. This also makes that unit the priority target of all enemies in the fight, so try to wipe out as much of the trash as possible before the boss so as not to have a train run on your fragile units. This is a fight that definitely goes down hill the longer it drags on, with players having to weigh the benefits against the costs of dung on the field, which will absolutely litter the terrain as time goes on. Suffice it to say that things will get shitty the longer it takes to finish the fight.

Moothane the Gas behaves identically to Royal Moogrr.

Royal Horning
3 AP   |   1 Range   |   earth
Royal Moogrr attacks a single unit and pushes them back 1 cell if unit has Herd Target debuff.

Royal Whipping
4 AP   |   1 Range   |   fire
Royal Moogrr whips a unit with his tail, damaging the unit and the 3 tiles behind it.

Royal Bomboozlement
4 AP   |   2 - 6 Range   |   fire   |   Ignores Line of Sight
Royal Moogrr's ranged attack. Hits target and its allies in a 1-tile cross, and applies +20 Nauseating on the affected units. Only used on targets with the Pheromones debuff. 1 use per target. 2 uses per turn.

Chain Bomboozlement
3 AP + 5 WP   |   Global Range   |   fire
Royal Moogrr's ultimate attack. All dungheaps on the field are detonated, dealing massive fire damage in their area of effect and place Old Dungheap glyphs under affected units.

Royal Moogrr gains 1 WP at the start of his turn, or when one of its allies is killed.

Surprise Dungheap
Chance to spawn a dungheap behind the unit at the end of its turn.

Liquid Country Smoke
+1 Level of Country Resistance (+20 Elemental Resist, Max Level 5 for +100 total) for the rest of the fight for every dungheap on the battlefield at the start of this unit's turn.



Archetype: Tank
Dungeon: The Hill Hazize (Emelka Forest @ Amakna)
Minimum Level: 36
Monster Family: Cracklers
Archmonster: Cracknut the Nuisance

The hazard tiles in this dungeon spawn a Krakotte, which adds extra trash that you don't need in already-crowded battlefields. All Cracklers start the battle with Level 10 of Coat of Rock (while the boss has Coat of Granite) and have decent resists on top of that, making this a tedious fight for a ranged-heavy team. When Coat of Rock is broken on any unit, that unit gains Seismic Fury. Details on these passives can be found in the boss's skill list.

This fight seems pretty straightforward, with high resistance enemies whose defenses break down with enough melee-range hits or collisions performed against them. Hard-hitting attacks may be better than cherry-tapping, as removing the armor makes everything hit much harder. This boss shouldn't give anyone too much trouble so long as players don't group up.

Cracknut the Nuisance behaves identically to Royal Crackler.

2 AP   |   3 - 6 Range   |   earth   |   Needs Line of Sight
Royal Crackler's ranged earth attack. Hits target and its allies in a 1-tile cross. 1 use per target.

Old Monolith Hit
4 AP   |   1 Range   |   earth
Royal Crackler damages the unit and a 2-tile cone behind it (1, 3, 5 tiles wide). 1 use per target.

Explosive Rock
4 AP   |   1 Range   |   fire
Royal Crackler hits a single unit for fire damage. 1 use per turn.

2 AP   |   2 Tile Radius   |   Ignores Line of Sight
Royal Crackler gives +4 levels of Coat of Rock to all allies around himself. 3 turn cooldown.

Ancestral Heart
Royal Crackler casts this to convert current level of Seismic Restoration into Coat of Granite of equivalent level. Only cast if Seismic Restoration is at level 2+.

Coat of Granite (Level 10)
+40 Elemental Resist * level. For every melee attack (within 2 cells) or collision made on this unit, 1 level is lost. When skill reaches level 0, gains 1 level of Seismic Restoration every time he takes damage.

Seismic Restoration
+30 Elemental Mastery per level. Maxes at level 10 for a total of +300 Elemental Mastery.

Coat of Rock (Level 10)
+30 Elemental Resist * level. For every melee attack (within 2 cells) or collision made on this unit, 1 level is lost. When skill reaches level 0, summons a Krakotte and unit gains Seismic Fury.

Seismic Fury
+30% Damage Inflicted, -100 Elemental Resistance. The Crackler's defense is sacrificed for the sake of offense.



Archetype: Tank
Dungeon: Sureberry Fields (Singing Fields @ Amakna)
Minimum Level: 36
Monster Family: Field Plants

If the Field Plants before this fight weren't already an indication, this fight is very much one of Control used against your party. Carnivorous Plant relies heavily on burning AP and MP, boxing you in, and, coupled with the -Resist tiles the Field Plants leave when they die, overall controlling your movement and ability to act. Good placement depending on the turn will determine whether or not this thing eats you like the truckasaurus it is. Be mindful of which ability is on cooldown so as not to have your health ripped off in melee range, or find yourself enclosed and missing a turn.

All of its damage is Earth element, and Fire is king here for damaging the boss. Kill his plants as soon as possible to gain control of the map sooner, unless the -Resist tiles are the deciding factor in whether you get one-shotted; in which case, burning the boss as quickly as possible might be best.

2 AP   |   2 - 4 Range   |   earth   |   Needs Line of Sight
Deals damage and attempts to remove up to 2 AP and/or 3 MP. 1 use per target.

Repelling Roar
4 AP   |   1 Range   |   earth
Deals damage to target and pushes back 4 cells. 1 use per target.

Spiky Thorns
4 AP   |   2 - 7 Range   |   earth   |   Ignores Line of Sight
Deals damage to target and places a Bramble Wall on all unoccupied adjacent cells, boxing the target in. 2 turn cooldown.

Carnivorous Bite
8 AP   |   1 Range   |   earth
Deals heavy damage to target. 3 turn cooldown.



Archetype: Summoner
Dungeon: Dark Hurl Docks (Calamar Island)
Minimum Level: 51
Monster Family: Chaos Pirates & Exotics

The primary threat in this fight is Hurlarrhea, a deadly debuff that continues to stack the more you get hit during the fight. This turns the battle into a timed fight that becomes more precarious the longer it drags on. Everything the pirates do, more or less, places stacks of Hurlarrhea on your units, so avoid stepping on the hazard tiles and making matters worse.

It's best to move towards the boat and start picking off the pirates as quickly as possible, before they have the chance to spread out and start laying out damage and debuff stacks. Close range fighters will be in particular danger with the Captain, so try to deal damage from afar on him unless you quickly want to incur multiple stacks of the dreaded debuff.

At the start of unit's turn, incur damage equal to (2 * Debuff Level) % of unit's Max HP as FIXED (unreducible) damage. This debuff is passed to nearby alies.

3 AP   |   1 Range   |   earth
The Captain slashes a single target for earth damage.

6 AP   |   2 Tile Radius   |   Air   |   Ignores Line of Sight
The Captain expels a cloud of gas that places purple gas tiles in an area around him, and deals air damage to any enemy units in the area. Pushes back all adjacent enemies by 3 tiles. The purple gas areas seem to last for the entire fight, and apply +1 level of Hurlarrhea when stepped into.

1 WP
The Captain gains the Contagious buff for 1 turn, increasing the level of Hurlarrhea his abilities apply by 1 (only seems to affect initial cast of Poltergas). 3 turn cooldown.



Archetype: Close Combat
Dungeon: The Forgotten Lair (Wild Estate)
Minimum Level: 51
Monster Family: Wild Gobballs

The Spectral Symbiosis tiles in this dungeon apply 1 level of Spectral Symbiosis to every Wild Gobball in the battle every time they are stepped on by any unit. Be careful not to make the enemies much stronger by reckless walking over them.

The boss itself would be a completely straightforward melee-only damage sponge fight, were it not for its completely obnoxious invulnerability mechanic. At the start of its turn, every turn, the Great Wild Gobball will place 2 totems randomly on the battlefield. The square area around these totems will cause any player units to transform into a Gobball Spirit with only 1 ability. This ability is the only way to temporarily remove the Great Wild Gobball's Touched by Spirits shield. This opening will wear off at the start of the boss's next turn.

Because of this ebb and flow, pay close attention to the turn order on the timeline, have your high initiative player prioritize walking into a totem and biting the boss, and have all slower units handle dealing damage to the boss. Sidekicks are transformed, but do not receive the special ability, rendering them useless if they become Gobball Spirits ando making it impossible for them to remove the boss's invulnerability. Be warned, even max level players will softlock/die here if they attempt to solo it by virtue of being unable to do damage.

Spectral Symbiosis
For each level, +20 Elemental Resist, +1 MP, and +10% critical hit. Max level 5.

Spectral Howl
2 AP   |   1 Range   |   water
Line attack that hits 3 tiles in a line. 1 use per target.

2 AP   |   1 Range   |   fire
Great Wild Gobball's basic melee attack. 1 use per target.

Call Spirits
2 AP
Great Wild Gobball summons a random Wild Gobball. 3 turn cooldown.

Touched by Spirits
Great Wild Gobball is immune to damage upon placing its totems down at the start of its turn. He must be attacked by a player turned Gobball Spirit in order to remove his invulnerability for the rest of the turn.


(image placeholder)

Archetype: ?
Dungeon: Bwork Dungeon (Wild Estate)
Minimum Level: 51
Monster Family: Bworks


(image placeholder)

Archetype: ?
Dungeon: Dry Selachii (Wild Beach @ Mount Zinit)
Minimum Level: 51
Monster Family: Selachiis


(image placeholder)

Archetype: ?
Dungeon: Mollusky Dungeon (Wild Beach @ Mount Zinit)
Minimum Level: 51
Monster Family: Molluskies


(image placeholder)

Archetype: ?
Dungeon: Kokokabana (Terrana Dune @ Sufokia)
Minimum Level: 51
Monster Family: Kokokos


(image placeholder)

Archetype: ?
Dungeon: Cwab Castle (Terrana Dune @ Sufokia)
Minimum Level: 51
Monster Family: Cwabs


(full guide is WIP; references below)

Grand Orrok (Raskaw Dungeon)

Treechnid, Hoodlum, Blibli, Elite Riktus, Stritch, Blop, Chafer, Puddly, Stalag, Plantala Dungeons

Bilby Queen (Dance Hall Arena)

YeCh'Ti'Wawa (Boohemoth Dungeon)

Brrrbley Spears (Brrrbli Dungeon)

Royal Puddly (Puddly Dungeon)

Silmawhirly (Whirly Dungeon)

Hagen Daz (Frozen Crackler Dungeon)

Gobbalrog (Magmog Cage)

Milkar the Moowolf

Black Crow


Emperor Jellix (Jellith Dimension)

Magik Hat (Magik Riktus Dungeon)

Master Shhhudoku

Ponktius (Castuc Dungeon)
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We need this so much

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Will update this again soon. It's very time-consuming dissecting every part of a boss fight, and I've had my hands full with other things.

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Ah... I see you have listed my videos in here
Please don't flame me if I missed something, or was wrong about something in them ohmy

I, by no means, can know everything about a single dungeon. The videos are just a listing of my limited knowledge. I will try to make more when I can find the time if people want more of the same sort

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WakfuMethod can help a lot with your project. Although the siteis in french, there iss till a lot of reliable data you can use.
Also, I have made a complete guide on the lvl 50 mineral tower that I am currently translating, I will also be watching for eventual changes gameplay-wise that might appear on the next update; you could use that too.

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I've been referencing MethodWakfu more lately, and while it does have some details I overlooked, it does also have some of its own outdated and/or just plain wrong information, like 3 AP / 2 MP cost for Royal Gobball's charge, and 4 turn cooldown instead of 3 turn on Last Rampart.

That said, it's been a good reference for double-checking my information.

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@JadenDew & Biiditchoun

Hello to both of you. I took a great deal of inspiration from your contributions and relied on them heavily when trying to organize dungeons with my guildies, lacking knowledge about the proper mechanics. I thought it would benefit everyone to have all information consolidated here. Thank you so much for your content, and I hope that you won't mind me using your wealth of information for powering this project.


I'm not sure if there's actually anything I can add to Mineral Tower beyond what you've already created. It's incredibly thorough, and I'd like to link it here if you wouldn't mind.

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Woops sorry, I missed your question. Sure, you can link it, but I'm not sure what you are about to link; if it is the answer to the "small mineral tower guide", that's incomplete, as there are many mechanics I have not mentioned in it. Small ones, that is, but still, not there. I contributed heavily to the method guide, that one is complete, with all the details, although I am not fond of the way it is presented.
As I wrote before, I can still finish translating my word and send it here for you to use. Copy/paste unfortunately does not work here, so I'm not sure I'll post it directly on the forum someday.
Edit: Also, you should add that the royal mooggr gains 1 wp each time another cow is killed. 

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Ah, I don't mind at all that you use it.
I personally am honoured that people see value in the things I put out. huh

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Updated with Royal Moogrr.
Updated with Royal Crackler.

Lvl 51 dungeons next.

Addendum: While doing Modulox, I did some theorycrafting on the Strich Dungeon in Bonta (66 tier), and I have to say I find a lot of these mechanics really interesting. Some classes, for example, can get ridiculous Lock even at this level, and there's some clear winners for Lock tank candidates. I won't go into too much detail, but I will say this: Bring a Foggernaut or Feca to the Strich boss and the fight should be easy.

I'm curious why there's emoticons for 3 of the 4 elements. Would be able to make this guide more readable and polished if there were Air or Light icons, let alone things like AP stars, MP dudes, and WP w's.

Updated Royal Piwi's Eiderdown.
Updated with JadenDew's Ponktius video.
Updated with Dark Hurl Docks write-up.

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You are doing god`s work, thank you

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Once the month is over, Boss Smasher has changed over and Halloween event among guild is low prio, I'll be doing the Bwork dungeon and the rest of the 51 dungeons. Stay tuned for updates.

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