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Red eyes (quest) Small guide

By Implosia#8083 - MEMBER - July 19, 2020, 22:51:05
The quest starts after killing the optional boss in the chafer dungeon - you get the Volcano Fire quest item. The next step is to find in Brakmar house 
Then go to the cave which is here 
Next step - kill small Gobbalroglet in the cave. His spawn ~3 hour. This mob is unique to the server and after killing it by another player, you will have to wait for it to spawn
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Hi Implosia,

I have moved your post from general to guides section.
Some of the images in the post are not showing up as well, you should check that out. ph34r

Thank you ^^
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Shouldn't it insert as Spoilers instead? 
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Hey. Cheers for the guide.
Just few questions. I found the place (i think at 4,-10), with interactive gates which i am not able to access or click to interact with. Is that correct?  Also i am not sure if the quest should change once you read the scroll in the house. As mine still states the fact that i need to find the clue.

Any help is appreciated.
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You need find the clue first, mean read the scroll, then only can interact with the door. 
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So I got that quest and got to the part where I have to kill that gobball. He didnt spawn yet though and the timer on the quest went off so I lost that quest. Is there a way to get it again?
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Where is the cave? The image is broken x)

nwm i found it ahahah 
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