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Dungeon Stelee Effects by Szakin

By lSzakinl#9162 - MEMBER - July 19, 2020, 12:39:52

Hello, I will wrote there stelee effects from every dungeon I know. If you see something wrong or missing just commend the post so I will edit it tongue Btw Order of stelee CAN BE WRONG and rewards also can be in wrong order, if you spot it just let me know so I can also edit it.

Note about Rewards and Effects, Rewards says HOW MANY stelees you need to active you get reward, Effects is only NUMBER OF STELEE who gives this "bonus" into fight

LVL 141-155 Wellsping of Evil:
1 stelee - Lightness II BRB - After suffering 2mp removal: +10FoW (1turn) (max 1)
2 stelee - Endurance II GRB - Increase Stats receive from ally by 5% (doesn't work with SELF buffs) (max 3)
3 stelee - Return II BRG - After killing an enemy, returns 1mp (max 2)
Stelee 1: When boss standing on pandala glyph, the effect of this glyph is concerned the entire map, also applies 20% FD to all monster
Stelee 2:Mobs must be killed in the order (they are market in fight) otherwise they will return to alive and all enemys will receive +100 resistance, BOSS DOESN'T INCLUDE INTO THE ORDER
Stelee 3
:For each glyph on the battlefield effect is added to monster/allys:
-25 resistance to your team for every Ozate glyph
+25 resistance to enemys for every Shrub glyph
+10 FoW to enemys for every Bamboo glyph
Additional monster gain +2mp and +2range

LVL 156-170 Mecha Factory:
1 stelee 
- Theory of Matter BGR - +100% Critical Hit, -50% FD and Healing performance (max 1)
2 stelee - Dimensionality RBG - Starts fight with 1 WP (non-regenable) (max 1)
3 stelee - Ambush BBR - +5%FD if you hit enemy from 1 cell away (max 3)
Stelee 1: 
Your every movent that is smaller than 6 cells if reversed (180 degrees)
Stelee 2: Cloack movent is reversed and going against the cloack
Stelee 3: Boss is unstopable, Can't be tp'ed, stabbed, can't lose AP and MP

LVL 156-170 Owl El Dungeon:
1 stelee
 - Determination GGR - -15% Indirect dmg receive (poison etc.) (max 2)
2 stelee - Influence II RGG - +2% Critical Hit per turn up to 40% (max 2)
3 stelee - Frenzy III GRR - -15% FD, if you hit only 1 enemy last turn +25% FD (max 1)
Stelee 1: 
Boss gain +1MP for every summon, obstacle created by your team in his LoS
Stelee 2: Increase dmg from Time Impact Damage (ending Diagonal with mobs 3 cells), dmg is increased from 2,5k Fixed dmg into 25k
Stelee 3: After using movent spell (tp,dash) or getting pushed,attracked you receive stabilization for 1 turn

LVL 171-185 Forbitten City:
1 stelee
 - Evasion II RRG - +3% block per turn (up 40) (max 2)
2 stelee - Topology BGB - At start of combat: Converts your dodge into armor. Your dodge is lost. (max 1)
3 stelee - Ruin II RRR - +20% indirect dmg in even-number turns (max 1)
Stelee 1: 
You can't end alined to your ally (summons count) otherwise you will die
Stelee 2: Boss puts 6 Orbital Strikes per turn
Stelee 3: Monsters summoned as reinforcements are stabilized and gained FD

LVL 171-185 Crocodyl Dungeon:
1 stelee
 - Condemnation II GBR - -20FoW, reduce MP removal by 1 (max 3)
2 stelee - Berserk lock BBB - 20% to lock when you have 50% and less hp (max 3)
3 stelee - Vivacity RBB - +1ap -75 resistance (max 1)
Stelee 1: 
when you don't have ally near you (3 cells around) you die, summons counts as ally
Stelee 2: spells cost +1 AP and +1 MP more, spells that cost WP cost +1 WP more
Stelee 3: Monsters gain buffs: Crocs +2mp, Hunters more dmg, Shamans don't need LoS to hit

LVL 171-185 Tropicle Dungeon:
1 stelee - Wall RBG - Starts combat with 300% of your lvl into armor (max 2)
2 stelee - Close Combat Barrier GGB - Reduce melee dmg receive by 50% of your lvl 3 times per turn (max 3)
3 stelee - Swiftness GRR - +1mp, -10%FD (max 1)
Stelee 1:
 Not ending alined with ally will makes you instantly die
Stelee 2: Heals are canceled and transformed 3 cell around the target, also when you dmg a enemy, your dmg is rebound 3 cell around you (stasis dmg)
Stelee 3: Boss gain +10% FD every turn, additionally when enemy is KO'd all enemys gain Fortitude (1 turn)
Fortitude: 30% FD , 125 resistance , 1MP (non-stackable)

176-185: Kannivore Dungeon:
1 stelee - 
Endurance GRB - reduce stats penalties receive by 10% (max 3)
2 stelee - Berserk Dodge BBG - 20% to dodge when you have 50% and less hp (max 3)
3 stelee - Devastation BBB - +1 WP, -20FoW (max 1)
Stelee 1:
 Monsters can be damaged only when they are near another enemy (3 cell), boss can be damaged normally
Stelee 2: Increase number of poison putted from boss
Stelee 3: When you heal ally they receive -ap (If I remember 1ap per 1k heal)

LVL 176-185 Kanniball Dungeon:
1 stelee 
- Blocking Expert GBB - -50 resistance, blocks reduce dmg by additional 15% (max 1)
2 stelee - Distance Barrier GGR - reduce dmg receive from distance by 50% of your lvl 3 times per turn (max 3)
3 stelee - Visibility BGG - +1range, -150 lock+dodge
Stelee 1:
 Your team is pernament stabbed and have -3mp mp
Stelee 2: You can receive heals/shielding when you are in CC with ally or enemy (summons counts) 
Stelee 3:When you end alined to ally you instantly dies
TIP: From phase 2 summons doesnt die from alined stelee, use it to end with summon on deatch totem to remove them from battle

LVL 186-200 Badgeroxes' Lair
1 stelee 
- Berserk Block BGB - Increase block by 10% when you have 50% and less hp (max 3)
2 stelee - Stupefaction GBG - 10% Critical Hit for the first turn of the game (max 2)
3 stelee - Frenzy II RGB - -15%FD, +5%FD per affected entity at start of your turn (max 1)
Stelee 1:
 Boss cannot be TP'ed/carried. He can be moved only by push/attrack effects.
Stelee 2: Players have -3mp
Stelee 3: Monster gains +10%FD , resistance every turn 

LVL 186-200 Or'Hundruin Volcano 
1 stelee
 - Resolute RBR - after suffering 3 AP removal , +20 FoW (max 1)
2 stelee - Save BRR - Transfer unused AP into next turn (max 3)
3 Stelee - Devastate GGG - +10 all masteries,resistance (max 2)
1 stelee:
 Boss gain +200 resistance and +2 range
2 stelee: Players gets -3 range and -2ap (pernament)
3 stelee: Phenix effect on monsters works from 40% hp insted 20%

LVL 186-200 Dreggons' Sanctuary
1 stelee -
 Lightness BRB - after suffering 3mp removal, +20FoW (max 1)
2 stelee - Moon Scales GBR - +5% armor receive (max 3)
3 stelee - Spines BBR - Blocking a damage gives 2 stacks of Preparation (max 3)
Stelee 1: 
Monster gain +5AP (pernament), boss is not included
Stelee 2: Explosive titles range is increased to 3 and their dmg in also increased
Stelee 3: Players have -3 max MP

LVL 186-200 Iced-Over Crest
1 stelee 
- Critical Hit Expert BGG - at the end of turn after performing a critical hit heal for 4% MISSING HP (max 2)
2 stelee - Return BRG - after killing an enemy return 1 AP (max 2)
3 stelee - Carnage RRG - if you have 90% and more HP, +40 Elemental Mastery (max 3)
Stelee 1: Eternal's passive (+resistance) got infinity range
Stelee 2: Boss start to create deadly clounds from phase 2
Stelee 3: Boss spawn additional fire rock per phase

LVL 186-200 Pandala Tomb
1 stelee 
- Berserk Critical RGG - +10% Cricital Hit if you have 50% and less HP (max 3)
2 stelee - Ambush II RRB - +10% dmg if you hit enemy from 2 cell away (max 3)
3 stelee - Healing RRB - +10% MAX HP (max 3)
Stelee 1: Getting collision cause you instantly deatch
Stelee 2: 30% of your healing is transmitted into all enemys
Stelee 3: Boss create 3 lines of lava insted of 1 after kick
Note: With stelees Tanukou deals alot more dmg than without

LVL 186-200 Blightopard Canyon
1 stelee 
- Devastate II GGG - +3% Critical Hit, +3% Block, +3 FoW (max 3)
2 stelee - Resolute II RBR - after suffering 2ap removal, +10FoW (max 3)
3 stelee - Tenacity II RGR - +60 resistance for 2 turns if you end turn with 6 or more ap (max 1)
Stelee 1:
 Boss and monster are pernament stabilized
Stelee 2: Spotted stacks are not lost after getting hitted, monster gain +1 MP and boss +2 MP
Stelee 3: when you dont end alined with ally you instantly die

LVL 186-200 Aquabrial Stelee - Zinit Dungeons
Aquabrial shots at the start of his turn into farest enemy, every time he shot someone he put stacks on it, more stakcs someone have, more he heals with this hit.
Aquabrial hits only water and got insane big water resistance. 
TIP:He got powerful hit when you are near him, but he can cast it when you are ALINED IN MIDDLE OF HIM. he is 3x3 HEX big so avoid being in middle of it so you can be near him. This shot have 5 cell range non reducable
LVL 1: Aquabrial join the fight, Monster gain +3range and +2mp 
LVL 2: Around Aquabrial is aura, everyone who start/end there gains stabilization
LVL 3:This aura from Aquabrial gives you FIXED dmg receive/dealt per diffrent monster you can dealt or receive dmg from. Dmg fix change every turn between 1.000-5.000 DMG

ALL Dungeons LVL1: Frenzy RGB - -20%FD, +10% per every enemy attacked previous turn (1 turn) (max 1)
LVL 2: 
Integrity BBR - when healing an ally who have 15% and less HP, additional heals him for 15% HIS max HP (max 1)
LVL 3 (S21): Zinit emblem I 
Lone Wolf RBG - if there is no ally between 1-4 cell away from you: +5%FD (max 2)
LVL 3 (S21): Zinit Emblem II
Secret of Life GBB - Fix your healing mastery into 0, +10% healing performed (max 1)
LVL3 (S21): Zinit Emblem III
 Tolerance RBB - Tranfser half of unused mp into next turn (1 MP) (max 2)
LVL3 (S21): Zinit Emblem IV

LVL 200 Harebourg, Gerban Dungeon 185, Bubourg Dungeon 200
Gerban - All Count Harebourg's
LVL 1: Ring, Amulet 
LVL 2: Belt, Epaulettes, Boots
LVL 3: Cape, Helmet, Breastplate
Bubourg - All Count Frigost's
LVL 1:
 Ring, Amulet, Boots
LVL 2: Belt, Epaulettes
LVL 3: Cape, Helmet, Breastplate

Effect (Harebourg in Gerban and Bubourg are the same):
Harebourg join the battle.
in odd-turn: when hitting enemy alined ENEMY change position (like in Dor'Mor), when enemy dont have space to tp you lose 75% MAX HP, if mob is stabilized nothing happens
in even-turn: when hitting enemy alined YOU change position, when you dont have space to tp you lose 75% MAX HP, when you have stab you dont getting tp.
Every alined hit who cause TP increase Harebourg DMG Dealt and receiver by 10% untill TP cause swap between 2 monster or enemy+ally, this cause Harebourg lose 10% DMG dealt and receive. This effect is stackable up to 400% (or more)
To unlock boss you need to cause Harebourg change position with another ally.
In odd-turn: put Harebourg between you and ally and hit him to make him swap place with your teammate
in even-turn: stay in CC and push him 1 cell so he will change position with.
LVL 2: When Harebourg's ally (enemy) dies he create obelist (little stone) who cause dmg when you walk on it 
LVL 3: There is anoying part. There is additional mechanique, spell reverse for your team. Every turn it change.
First turn spells are refersed by 180 degrees.
Second : 90 degrees
Third 270 dregees
4th: again 180

LVL 36-50 Mineral Tower (Note that Mineral Stelee's need 10 powder insted 1 thister scalp)
1 stelee - Resurrected Cape, Chrysalied (2-hand weapon), Haaard (shield), Ka-Iba belt (epic s21+)
2 stelee - Stanley's Baraple (1-hand weapon), Emerasword (2-hand weapon), breasTRON (breastplate), Blue Slippers (epic boots s21+)
3 stelee - Root Emblem, Knotty Emblem, Canopy Emblem, Emeraldin Emblem (all from s21+)
4 stelee - Warhamulet (amulet), Grade's Mods (epaulettes), Shell (epic breastplate s21+), Sap Emblem (s21+)
Stelee 1: 
Summon's dead cell in place where player start their turn. The dead cell never disapear.
Stelee 2:  Healing and armoring is reduced to 0 if target isn't near an enemy or ally (1 cell)
Stelee 3:  Ending alined to ally will cause instant deatch. Alined summons doesn't count as ally.
Stelee 4:  Boss gain +2mp and range pernament.

LVL 186-200 Mineral Tower (Note that Mineral Stelee's need 100 powder insted 1 thister scalp)
1 stelee - Nimchaica (Weapon) , Geode (breastplate) , Crusts (Epaulettes) , Sarcophacape (Epic cape from s21+)
2 stelee - Dusties (boots), Around the belt, Necromancer emblem (s21+), Thrusty Staff (Relic 2-hand relic s21+)
3 stelee - Cadaveroushield (shield s21+), Scimitarry (2-hand weapon s21+), Earth Emblem (s21+), Raval Breastplate (Epic s21+)
4 stelee - Cromantik (ring s21+), Agate belt (s21+), Agony's Companion (Epic 1-hand s21+), Sulik (Relic helmet s21+)
Stelee 1: 
Summon's dead cell in place where player start their turn. The dead cell never disapear.
Stelee 2: Unleashing spells are 2x stronger (start of turn spell's)
Stelee 3: Agony (Boss) can't die untill 3 players will have Crystalline Overkill (the buff for ending in green zone 4 times in a row)
Stelee 4: The Veriun Dead gain +2mp and range for whole fight. (Veriun Dead = Boss)

LVL 201-215 Mineral Tower (Note that Mineral Stelee's need 125 powder insted 1 thister scalp)
1 stelee - O'Ral Ring, Odourless boots, Ivory Emblem (s21+), Quidikarus (Epic 1-hand s21+)
2 stelee - Last moments (Epaulettes), Twig (1-hand), Bronze Emblem (s21+), Rest Vest (Relic Breastplate s21+)
3 stelee - Last Hour (amulet), Fawning belt, Steel Emblem (s21+), Reptillian Helmet (Epic s21+)
4 stelee - Last Sigh (2-hand weapon), Blunder Boss (amulet), Mythril Emblem (s21+), True Power Belt (Relic s21+)
Stelee 1: 
Summon's dead cell in place where player start their turn. The dead cell never disapear.
Stelee 2: Armoring and healing is reduced to 0 if the target is not near any enemy or ally (1 cell)
Stelee 3: At start of fight, 3 additional crystal appears. Elemental field consists 10 elements.
Stelee 4: Damage inflacted is reduced to 0 if the caster is not near enemy or ally (1 cell)

Influence I: Drop from Runic Mimic GBG Slots
Length: Drop from Runic Mimic BRR Slots

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