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Wakfu Damage Calculator

By Suspect--#9680 - MEMBER - April 14, 2020, 16:58:28
Because i couldn't find one to use that's English, Myself and Genn decided to make our own
Its a fairly simplistic calculator but it does its job!
Simply editing the information in "Target" or "Caster" will automatically change all the other information
You can view the Calculator Here
Simply Download as an Excel Document and then open it with your own Excel to Edit, or Move the file to your own Google Drive and edit through that.

Hope this helps you!
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Hello Suspect--,

Thank you for the nice damage calculator.

We had to however move the post from General Discussions to Guides section here,
where the post will suit its nature & audience better and will be easier to find as well.

Thank you.^^
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how does it work?
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