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[Video Demo] Recolouring Back Old Character Colours in 1.67

By JadenDew - MEMBER - March 12, 2020, 14:34:09

Hello all, 

Recently the Devs have updated Beta Server with the new Character Creation Screen that gives you more colouring options. However, with the update, all characters get their appearances reset back to a default state, meaning they lose the colours you selected for them pre-1.67.

With some work and preparation you can colour your characters back after the appearance reset. I have made a video demonstrating how. Note that, this is not a foolproof way to get your exact colours back, but it could get you a close copy.

Before you start, (and before 1.67 hits the Live servers) you will need to prepare:

  • Screenshots of your characters
    • Taken in clear daytime lighting (e.g. in Ecaflipus or Haven World)
    • In the class default outfit, without extra effects like auras
    • Front and back shots
  • An image editor with a colour picker that produces colour Hex codes
    • In the video, I use (it's free,  and not to be confused with MS Paint)

Video Demo on the Recolouring Process:

(I am not a good speaker, I apologise if I get hard to hear in the video)

Extra Colouring Tips: 
  • If you are not sure where a Costume Colour applies to, you can click a bright pink shade (or some other extremely outstanding colour) to highlight the area it colours
  • Use the White-Black slider on the right to brighten/darken your chosen colour
  • To get a pure white/grey/black shade, click on the very bottom of the palette and use the right-side slider to move between pure white and pure black
  • You can use this colour picker method on any image to grab Hex codes for a colour you like

Maybe this guide would become happily unnecessary if the Devs find a way to let us keep our old colours. But until then, I hope this would be of use to some people.
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Can't you just skit the option to change in the first place?

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It is not possible because it is not as if they have simply added new color options, the whole system of choosing colors has been reformulated. I am not going to say that it is impossible to make a code that rescues, check the colors previously selected and automatically put them in the new system, but it would be a laborious and little useful code for the future.

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Hello JadenDew,

Thank you for making this detailed guide for the players.
We had to however move the post from General Discussions to Guides section here, where the post will suit its nature & audience. Please continue to keep good works like these to other players.

Thank you.^^

Your trustful, cheerful wodent of the forum, [Iroko]

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Ah sorry for the trouble, thanks for moving it to the right place~

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Thank you for the nice guide. wub

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