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[Arzallum - Eliotrope] Fukumoto's Melee Eliotrope Build - Outdated

By Datsuki#9173 - MEMBER - November 27, 2019, 15:28:30
Updated: April 2020.

Hello guys!

I'm here to show and explain to you my Melee-Zerk Eliotrope Build!

- Introduction
- Characteristics
- Spell Deck
   - Elemental Spells
   - Active Spells
   - Passives
- Damage Combos
- Adapting
- Positioning and portals

So, the first thing to notice: This is NOT the best set of gears you can have and yes, I'm not at max level with Elio yet.

In these guides, I will try to explain to you how to play Elio Melee, even if you are low, mid or high-level.

For now, let's think about the Class itself, without focusing on specific level ranges.

By the way, I'll avoid explaining what each of the spells do, because you can simply read it or use one of the guides already posted in the Forum.

Also, this is a personal build focused on PvE, not following any meta or common builds. So it's NOT the best build for everyone, it's just the best build FOR ME

                                                   (not real or current stats, just an example)

   - 10x Elemental Resistance
   - 35x %Health Points
   - 5x Barrier

   - 20x Melee Mastery
   - 30x Elemental Mastery ( Since we are going to use all kind of spells, it's better if we don't restrict it to specific masteries)

   - 20x Initiative
   - 30x Dodge ( You may choose to put 20x Force of Will instead of this )

   - 20x Critical Hit Chance
   - 30x Berserk Mastery  ( Or 50x Berserk Mastery, if you don't want to go for critical )

   - 1 AP, 1 MP
   - Elemental Resistance
   - %Dmg inflicted ( You can choose Control and Damage if you couldn't get enough control points with gears )

Spell Deck

First, I'll show you the deck of spells I use most and then I'll explain why do I use these spells and what other spells would be good to use too.

Elemental Spells

Now I'll explain why would we use each one of them...
Water Spells

is a really nice spell and definitely a good option to use. In some specific dungeons (Like Crocodyl) where you need to remove AP from the Boss to make it vulnerable, this really comes in handy. It has a nice dmg when you are in Exalted.

Pulsation is a must-have spell since it can move portals that are already set if you target an empty cell. Elio always need to manipulate his portals, but when you are playing melee, it's even more important to manage it correctly.

Flood has extremely high damage if used with Transitory passive while Exalted. When you are under Calm state, this spell is good for positioning (with a + Healing).

Whirlwind is a positioning/utility spell. The main reason for using this spell is to push an annoying guy that is locking you. I also often use it in order to position both allies and mobs when needed (just remember that this is not the focus of your build, just a situational emergency).

Barrier is a complicated spell to use. It has some utility and interesting effects but it's not really easy to manage when you are in a party. But while playing solo, it can be amazing and I'll explain later why.

Earth Spells

Defeaning Target is a really good spell to use when you need to control your enemy's MP. It's a good choice when fighting mobs like Croco Shamans that must be killed preferably with AoE spells.

Ardent Aegis can give you some extra lock and damage block, but it often isn't worth the deck slot.

Cataclysm Is another spell mainly used when doing solo (Just as Barrier) but can be used as a good Single Target earth damage Spell. It's good too when you need to remove armor from the target.

Clash has nice damage while Exalted, mainly because we are using Berzerk Mastery. Also, it can deal a good amount of damage when under 50% HP.

Hiding is another must-have spell. It's practically the only way to keep yourself alive and it still deals damage in the process. Remember to use it wisely so you can be alive and keep your berzerk status.

Air Spells

Torrential Flux is another good AoE damage spell but often replaced by a necessary spell for specific dungeons.

Siphon is amazing. You can use it to pull OR push enemies, but you can also use it as a utility spell to protect your allies or to help them in positioning. Just remember that while Calm, marked targets will be pushed and while Exalted, they will be pulled. But important note: The reaction will depend on the moment you cast the spell to mark the enemy. Even if you changed back to Calm if you marked the enemy while Exalted, he will still be pulled to the source of the damage.

Ethereal Burst is a utility spell to be used only when you need to remove armor AND to set incurable on target. But there are better ways to do that using the Melee Build, and I'll explain it later too.

Tempest is the best AoE damage spell to use. It has already a good damage while Calm and even better one while Exalted.

Unleashed Blade is the highest damage source of this build but also the hardest one to use (and, to be honest, that's one of the reasons I like it a lot).  Using it is always challenging. If you happen to position a mob over a portal you can deal massive damage while Exalted. You can force the positioning over it, but it's not really necessary. The mobs will often try to step on your portals and that's when you take your chances and burst them.

Active Spells

All of them are really good and you will use them in 90% of the cases. But the only one you can easily change when you need another spell is Prevention, which is way less interesting if you have a healer or support in your party that can ress you and your friends. Besides, you can self-cast Prevention to prevent yourself from dying. Also, when you get revived from Prevention, you will play the turn after the killer's turn.

All of the other spells are pretty much a must-have, so I'll avoid explaining all of them ( If you have questions about it tho, you can always ask me in commentaries and I'll try my best to explain it ).

Now, for the Passive Spells, the most important ones are:

Resilience, which will remove 100 Elemental resistance from enemies in close combat, at the start of their turns; it will also set incurable to the first enemy that you hit in close combat.

Enthusiasm, which gives you 2 extra WPs and set Wakfu Imprint, that can be used with many different spells. Just remember that you need to position your portals correctly in order to make it work. (example: always try to set a portal extremely close to you (preferably with you stepping on it) and another behind your enemy, in backstab melee.

Fury, of course. Since it gives you 240 zerk damage + 1 AP and MP extra when you are under berzerk status.

Effervescence is really good to give you extra damage and to remove the cost of Exaltation activate spell.

Transitory is amazing and gives a lot of damage for your Flood water spell when used under specific situations. (Exalted and with a portal between you and the target).

All of the other passives are mainly used for Distance Elio and/or lone fights.

Damage Combos

Single Target Combos:

Air Combo – Portal, Portal, Whirlwind, Incandescence and Unleashed Blade - Total base damage: 276 + 150 Light
14AP Air Combo – Pulsation, Portal, Portal, Whirlwind, Incandescence, and Unleashed Blade - Total base damage: 329 + 150 Light (+30% rear)

Water Combo – Portal, Flood, Flood, and Wakmeha – Total base damage: 321
14AP Water Combo – Portal, Flood 4 times – Total base damage: 444
Water Stab Combo – Portal, Portal, Incandescence, Flood, and Wakmeha - Total base damage: 150 + 210 (+30% rear)
14AP Water Stab Combo – Portal, Portal, Incandescence, and Flood 3 times - Total base damage: 150 +333 (+30% rear)

Earth Stab Combo – Portal, Portal, Incandescence, Cataclysm and Hiding - Total base damage: 150 + 183 (+30% rear)
13AP Earth Combo – Portal, Portal, Incandescence, Cataclysm 2 times - Total base damage: 150 + 216 (+30% rear)

AoE Combos:

Air Circular AoE - Whirlwind (if necessary to position), Tempest, Tempest - Total base damage: 250 AoE + 53 ST
Air Straight Combo - Torrential Flux 3 times - Total base damage: 249 AoE + 52 (Trail)
14AP Air Combo – Tempest, Tempest and Torrential flux - Total base damage: 333 AoE + 52 (Trail)

Earth Combo - Clash 3 times - Total base damage: 249 AoE (+ 1% per 2% HP Lost)
14AP Earth Combo - Deafening Target 2 times, Clash 2 times - Total base damage: 322 AoE (+ 1% per 2% HP Lost)


As an Elio, you can always adapt your build for specific dungeons. Just change between Single Target spells, AoE spells, armor removal, incurable, stabilized, etc. when needed. It's the same for the elements. Try to use always the best element to deal damage.

You can even adapt it to a support/positioner build, if it's way more important for your party than your damage (not recommended tho).

Positioning and portals

The first thing to remember: YOUR ROLE IS NOT POSITIONER. So yes, you can help allies in an emergency case, but it's not your main goal while using this build. Your goal is to deal damage.

So you can explain and tell them when you think something is too much or when it's literally impossible. We don't do miracles, we just try to help our team without compromising our main goal: Damage.

You should, preferably, end your turns close to enemies, to trigger Resilience Passive.

After noting that, the question is:> "Ok but... What is the good way to use and set portals, if I'm playing it Melee? "Don't worry, I'll try to explain it to you now.

There are basically 3 patterns that can be used in almost every cases while playing melee, as showed below:

This way you can easily implement the combos that I explained before. Examples:

12AP Air Combo:
( Portal, Portal, Whirlwind )
( Incandescence )
( Unleashed Blade )

12AP Water Stab Combo:
( Portal, Portal, Incandescence ) 
( Flood, Wakmeha )

14AP Air Combo:
( Portal, Portal, Pulsation )
( Move to rear )
( Whirlwind )
( Incandescence )
( Unleashed Blade )

---------- FAQ ----------

1) "What are you doing when you did this combo so often that you have several portals on places you don't want?"
A: You can either leave it there while you still have "charges" (Not a good option tho) or you can first replace the portal and then set the second one.

For example, imagine this:
First, use pulsation to position the portal as you want

Then, you can cast the second portal

Pulsation can fix almost any irregular portal, as long as you control the amount of portals in the field. So this way you can set your portals without costing more than the default (4AP)
 Otherwise, if you lose control and there are more then 2 wrong portals, it'll be more expensive to fix it (at least 2 AP more expensive), because you will have to move one, remove another portal and then setting the last one.
I hope I could explain everything in this guide, but if you have questions, please ask them below!

Thank you,

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Whoa! Thanks for this guide, i was really interested in how would an melee elio position his portals, and this is really pleasant to see. I may give this a try, but trying to focus on ST maybe, IDK, unleashed blade is tempting me to try elio again
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Hello Scorzelli!!

I'm glad to read that!!

Thanks for the interest and I hope it can help you!
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Well thank you for adding more variation to elio playstyle.

In my opinion (only imo), I would recommend less ini and more dodge. You would want 600 dodge to walk around mobs (an option for backstab), lower ini as you want your support to go before you to buff you and debuff mobs, although you would likely want to be the 1st damage dealer to get a turn: so you can set up portals if needed (can be done with ini food for certain boss rooms). You can reduce barrier to 2-3/10 unless you plan to off tank mobs. Would also recommend trying elemental discipline instead of zerk if you plan to stay high hp for certain runs: portal, whirlwind, hiding and blade (12ap) If you are 14ap you could portal behind for backstab so. Carnage also an option, but I understand it was likely not taken to buff portal heals.

Overall looks interesting, keep going

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Hello SCO,

Thanks for your feedback and for aggregating information!

"I would recommend less ini and more dodge."
That's true. Having dodge is really important and you don't need much Ini. 
In this build, I have more Ini because I'm not adding any consumable as options, only the Elio himself.

Also, reduce barrier is an option too. That will depend on what you prefer or what you need, as you said ^^

"Carnage also an option, but I understand it was likely not taken to buff portal heals."
Actually yes, Carnage is a good option to use when you have the last free passive slot!
I didn't talk about it because it was not a passive related specific to Elio, but your info is right. It's definitely a good option to use when you don't need the portal healings.

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Keep the good work buddy. Im a big fan !
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what do you recommend for a team of 3 with this elio build? i have think : Sacri supp for the first one
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I personally think a Pandawa to throw/place enemies on the portals to set up a nice Unleashed Blade.
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Hey there!
I'm giving Wakfu a chance after getting bored from Dofus!
This sounds kinda silly but would you still have the same recommendations for a low-level elio ? 
Since it takes a lil while before getting to a 12 PA build ?

Should I still try to make a berserk build but maybe forget about Unleashed blade combos for now?

Thanks smile
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Hello plesdepseudooo!
Well you can actually take 12 AP really fast, but you can set up for a melee build in low level for sure! 
Yes, forget about berserk build while in low-level.You can still pick berserk dmg in your stats, but you should focus on melee only when looking for gears. 

Also, Unleashed blade without 12 ap is kinda hard to do, so I would recommend portal+flood combo for single-target water damage, and tempest for wind area dmg
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i am a 37 Elio water/Air build like you in your elio instruction i followed, what are the typed of equipment do i need? or do you recommend any set for my or bit later level, right now im wearing a tofu set 
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Hello Sefaron!

Don't worry too much about the gears right now. You can use the best gears you find (if you want to use the melee elio build, you look for gears that have melee mastery)

For a level 37, you can mix up tofu~gobbal sets + satisfaction ring. This way you can have +3 AP. You will soon exchange them for lvl 40~50 gears, so don't worry too much about it right now ^^
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Score : 32
Thanks for the guide,

Could you do an item guide for the melee elio going through the levels? I am lvl 50 right now and I find my damage a bit low. Should I try to get to 12 AP as fast as possible? Should I get some control, berseker, melee?

Thanks again I really appreciate the guide.
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Hello Juidedh!

I'm working in a guide for gears already!
But to help you in advance, you can focus in this priority: 12 AP > Melee > 3 control > Berserk

Hope you enjoy the melee build as much as I do! ^^


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For some reason the images bugged its position and the site doesn't allow me to fix it..
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if it is possible to update the topic I would be grateful
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Sure Soma! I'm working on it! ^^
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Score : 1
I've been following this guide as I level my eliotrope the last couple weeks! It's been a couple years since this guide was updated, so I was wondering if there are any updates to your guide smile Also, gear advice for a level 40+ would be appreciated!
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Hello GreatWolfz, how are you?

I plan to update this guide soon, I am just testing out the build so I can find a good gameplay. Will post it here as soon as I have it.

About the gears, you can google for Zenith Builder and check if it is still up to date.
There is a good place to look for itens. It may not be updated to 1.81, but you can still have a good idea there.

Thank you for your interest,

With love,

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