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By Datsuki#9173 - MEMBER - September 13, 2019, 16:37:08
Hello Guys!
I am Fukumoto from Arzallum, and I came to explain some things that we need to take into account in order to build a melee Elio! This is not a class guide, and a specific one for Melee Elio will be made to fully explain it.
To build up a Melee Elio, you need to pay atention in some details...
  • First: It's important to have a high Berserk damage. Besides the amazing passive that gives you zerk damage and +1 AP and +1 MP when you are in zerk mode (Fury), you'll need to spend points in Berserk atribute.
  • Second: You need mobility. But that's not hard for an Elio, right? tongue
    • Use your portals wisely, positioning them in the most optimized way possible. (you will get used to it with time, just keep playing)
    • Avoid having less then 3 control points, because it'll difficult a lot your gameplay.
    • Wisely use the active ability Time Breach, or you might be in trouble if you need to move and there is no MP left.
  • Third: Don't forget to give a special attention to your resistances. For a melee DD that already lose some Res using the active Exaltation in order to deal more damage, your resistance is fundamental so you can keep yourself alive while in zerk mode to keep the high damage. ( To help your survivability, utilize the ability Hiding while you are in exalted state, so you can heal your life a bit).
  • Fourth: Remember to finish your turn close to an enemy (like really close, in adjacent tile, unless some mechanic for insta-death exists, of course!). By starting their turn next to you, the enemies will lose 100 Elemental Resistance because of the Resilience passive.
  • Fifth: Avoid to choose a specific damage between area and single target. The ideal is that you can deal damage in both situations! So just try to keep only Melee + Elemental gears.

If you have questions or if you want to know more, you can check the COMPLETE GUIDE here.

If you have any doubts or didn't understand something, please ask!

And if you have more info to add, do it too!

Have a great day! huh

Best Regards,
Fukumoto - Arzallum.

Yes I know this guide is really vague and there should be more explanations, so in order to achiev that, I'll incorporate this guide with a lot of more info when I'm done writing it. Sorry for the too basic guide ~ you can find the complete guide link here.
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What are your Melee Elio combos for damage? (spell/passives)
and roughly what can an endgame Melee Elio output (dmg/turn)?

(kinda wanna see your melee in action :p)

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Hello SCO, I'll talk to you in Discord first, SInce I don't have prepared material to post in here. And later I'll update it with the necessarily answers!
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Sorry I'm still working on it. 

I had some problems with the posting, but I'll update it soon.

Thanks for the interest!!!
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Hello guys, 

The guide has been updated with the complete version in here.

Thank you all,

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