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Drop Guides like it's hot !

By Avforce - MEMBER - June 10, 2019, 21:48:08

Hello to all of you! 

I'm new to the game with a friend and we've become very attached to the game. So, we both took the god pack to make a team of 6. So far, nothing abnormal a priori.
We decided that one would have Sacri for tank and placement, Eni for Heal and damage, & Enu for resistance debuff. 
The other one, more damage oriented, Feca to reduce damage, Steamer to clean the rooms, and Xelor to destroy the bosses.

Here we are, we think our composition is nice, we could put a Panda in place of the Sacri, but in short it's okay. 

The problem is that despite some pretty important research, we couldn't find a real guide, either in a general way (how the game works, the general mechanics etc.) or specific (characteristic points, what spells to take with this or that character, or even a guide on a particular class. A small addition, there is no up-to-date guide.

So if you have any information, either guides to offer us, or help in a global way, that would be the best! 

Either in commentary to share it with others as well, or in private.

Thank you all in advance, have a good game and have a good evening:-) !


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Wakfu is a very complex game, it's so complex even the devs don't know much about it aside from putting lines of codes here and there. But nevermind that, I won't spoil the fun, I'll let the game do it.

Like I said wakfu is complex, if you want guides for everything you will need to search the whole forum and even then you will not find all the answers. You and your friend are in the right patch tho, eni and feca are essential, they are fixed classes in a team of 6, no excuses. If you just started wakfu maybe you have no favorite classes, which is good, since everyone whith favorite classes end up cursing ankama for nerfing them sooner or later.

The 4 spots can be filled with any classes you want, with all 4 DD making dungeons faster with bigger risk of dying or 4 tanks for slow dungeons with not so much risk of dying. The early game is really chill, dungeons do not tend to punish classes. For late game some classes like, enutrof, sacrier, eca, elio or fogger become necessary, but it depends on the dungeon. There will be plenty of options so even if your match up for X dungeon is not good you can try Y dungeon.

Probably the best tip now is to discover the world/game by yourselves and have fun while you still can.

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There are guides for some classes in the class-specific forum, but I can tell you this much for now.
You have Elemental mastery, which is straight up damage. General mastery just means all elements.
Secondary masteries (like melee and area) are on any element, but only apply in certain conditions.
Resistance is what you'd call defense, so if you're a Feca, you want this. Scratch that, you always want this! Block is a chance to get hit for less damage, so it's similar.
Crits hit for 25% extra damage, crit resistance reduces that damage on you, and crit mastery amplifies it.
Lock makes the opponent lose AP/MP if they walk away from you. Dodge, in turn, makes you lose less when you do that. Force of Will makes you both resistance to losing, and more able to take them away. Enu with its -mp debuff definitely wants it. Fogger? Not so much. They'd rather dodge, or lock if they're tanks I guess.
Iniciative decides how early you get your turn, so buffers probably want it to make their damage dealers monsters and position everything.
And finally, shields often scale off your damage, so the Feca definitely wants that too.
That's about all I can tell you on stats that is universal. Look for other info in the class board.

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