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[GUIDE] Find All Emotes, 42 Emotes from the Nations!

By ultimamentee - MEMBER - May 04, 2019, 14:25:29

 Hello Everyone,
 My name is Lar, I'm actually from the portuguese community. But since I saw that you still didn't had a guide on the new emote's positions after the rework, I decided to pass here and drop some content.

 So. I made a video of 6 minutes, showing all the places. It is in portuguese, but I barely talk, all you need is the position.

In the video's description, you have the seconds to each nation.  I hope some of your community's content creator just take those positions and make a specific english guide. Or you can all just use this video, because it actually is super simple and direct to the point.

Link of the Video: Click Here, or search "Lar do Wakfu" on youtube, and the video name is just EMOTES. 

Hope you all do well,



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Thanks there for this visual video guide. Happy emote hunting~

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Great video! Can I use this information to make a post for the Spanish community and link your video? 

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Thanks. The help is very much appreciated

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