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The Biggest Title Database !

By EisakuSan - MEMBER - February 17, 2019, 23:25:00

Welcome everyone ! wub
I have pleasure to give in your hands this database which is probably the first on this forum .
If you have any other titles and explanations about any of them , leave a comment please it might help to find your favourite one ! cool 
And if you find any mistakes etc don't forget to comment it too biggrin
Link to Title Database

fire Enjoy fire
Special thanks for Codebraker , frask8erss and RynthZero for helping me with few titles at once ^^cool

last edit : 26/7/2019
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Upholder of Justice - was from a Dev/Community event where they spawned in as UBs in each nation and players who entered the fight and either helped the dev or tryed to stop them gained the title. (unobtainable)
Incessant Fighter of the Nano-Dangers - when foggers were about to be released, they did an event to promote them appearing lore-wise. You had to beat alot of foggers that spawned then clear a boss that had prismic protections. (unobtainable)
Just Passenthru - given to players who were subbed members of wakfu when the game went free to play. (unobtainable) 

There is a lot more at the end of your list that are from Bundle packs or achievements. 

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Thanks a lot ! 
I've added it to list smile

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Here's some more, I can tell you where they are from for most of them if you need.

Novice, hardened, tenacious, etc. hero(ine) of Nation is from completing the dungeons in the nation's questline
each dungeon has a set called novice, hardened, etc. and has a coresponding title for beating the boss
for example the novice one is ogrest's blast hole

Histolic anonimous is from crafting black cawwot juice and giving it to the lenald CM
great flounderer and jaws of frost are both almanax titles
Wordsmith is unobtainable, was received for naming one of the streets of the 4 nations

PS: Why are frigost titles under unavalabile?

PPS: "For 5 years I was in [Nation] were obtained by finding certain items hidden in each nation during the 5 year aneversary event, not being in that nation
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Pioneer was a title for those who paid for the game after the beta was over.

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The title "Mirror Voyager" was obtainable by playing the mobile game Wakfu Raider in (~2016) and reaching a certain level.

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I'm still missing many i think it gives :x, but nice list @EisakuSan

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Hey! I've found some titles that r not in the list!

The Kindly Cockerel (i don't know how did i get this, i don't really remember xD i guess we r talking about 7 years ago xD )
Blibli Slaughterer
Scaraleaf Slaughterer
Plant Slaughterer
(i don't rember how did i got this titles too, but i guess in the same way as Tofu/Gobball one)

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