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185+ Token Machine Item List

By Cecet01 - MEMBER - February 10, 2019, 04:22:51

idk if this is useful to anyone else besides me but I compiled a list of what is available at the token machines for Moon and late Zinit: Token Machine List

You are welcome to clone it and modify/edit whatever. These are items that you can acquire from doing daily ALS quests that you can start from inside your haven bag. You get Mudolox Tokens from completing them and you can swap them for Eternal tokens over at the astrub bar near the Astrub Center Zaap (Downstairs). So if you are having a hard time gearing up for Zinit stuff then just do ALS till you have enough tokens to buy starter gear. 

Anyways good luck! 

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Thanks, really useful information, but can also specify the value of items in tokens.

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sure. I will add it later. 

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