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Big Guide to Stats

By Enceladon#6145 - MEMBER - January 26, 2019, 00:15:00
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Hey guys! just got back into the game and i wanted to know what the secondary masteries are especially for sublimation conditions including secondary masteries at 0 or less. does this include armor given, critical resistance etc since theyre located under the secondary tab in the status window.
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Welcome back. Secondary masteries are melee, distance, single target, area, critical, berserk, rear and healing mastery. Armor given, critical resistance and similar stuff are not masteries at all (so no secondary masteries).

Have a good time.
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Could you hypothetically surpass 100 Rear Resist and make it so you take less damage from behind than you do from the front?
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For sure you could go beyond 100 Rear Res and thus take less damage from behind than from front. Example:
20 points (Chance Tab) in Rear Res => 80 Rear Res
Kourial or Charming Boon => 50 Rear Res
(already 130 Rear Res from 2 sources)
+ how many you can aquire over other gear pieces, Sublimations or whatever
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Hi there !
First thank you very much for this perfect guide !!! (shhhh yes yes it is perfect smile )

I think the Lock and Dodge section is false, or maybe the reason why it is true is about what I am looking to comment :
Are we really securing the variable X at 7/3 while we put no point in Dodge stat, whatever is the amount (except 0) of the points the locker have put in his Lock stat ? it seems weird to me but i would understand. (For example, it could makes you loose 5 MP and PA everytime - when the locker has at least 1 point in the Lock stat.)

So I think there are some mistakes today :
In general, to dodge without any penalty against a single enemy you must have 1.95x their lock in dodge if they are facing you, 1.55x if you are facing their side, and 1.25x if their back is toward you an enemy (whatever if they are one two or three) you must have 2.5x their lock in dodge.

For multiple lockers (or single) :
Total Lock = Highest Lock + (2nd Highest Lock/2) + (3rd Highest Lock/3)
X = (7/3)*(Total Lock - Dodge) / (Total Lock + Dodge)

Total Loss = (X + 1)*(4)      if the front of at least one locker is facing the dodger

Total Loss = (X + 1)*(4-1)   if the side of at least one locker is facing the dodger
Total Loss = (X + 1)*(4-2)   if the back of all lockers are facing the dodger

MP loss = Total Loss/2 (rounded up)
AP loss = Total Loss/2 (rounded down)

Meanwhile, i did some base calc :
NO LOSS : 2.5 times more Dodge than Lock (ratio = 5/2)
1 MP LOST : same as before but more (ratio > 5/2)
1 MP AND AP LOST : 1 time and third more Dodge than Lock (ratio 4/3)
2 MP LOST : same as before but more (ratio > 4/3)
X+1 MP LOST : "ratio" time more Dodge than Lock (ratio > (y-1)/(z+1))

By the way, sorry for my english

That all ! biggrin Tell me what you think wink
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Well I don't know if I am right but i tested two or three calc to check the weird thing :
0 dodge
x lock
1 dodge
100 lock
1 dodge
10 lock
1000 lock

So it seems everything is allright finally lol
But, tell me if I am wrong, i think we got the proof we can't loose more than 5 points.
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while i haven't the ability to test the full scope of all possible classes's indirect damage, i believe that while rear mastery and orientation of the target VS the caster is not taken into account (glyphs, poisons, traps, mechanisms without turns etc), sublimations and passives that consider orientation still do- Social relations, Destruction, Wield type dagger, and masqueraider's life steal passive triggers from Flaming applied on self from Neurosis
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