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Big Guide to Stats

By Enceladon#6145 - MEMBER - January 26, 2019, 00:15:00
Updated for patch 1.76 (august 2022)

This guide is mainly for beginners, but there are maybe some info in it, which could even surprise Wakfu veterans (feel free to skip parts you already know enough).


HP (Health Points)

Your life. If your HP go down to 0, your character dies. After this happened, you have 3 turns until you disembody. Every turn when it would be usually your turn, you loose one of that turns. Every damaging hit on you remove one turn too. If your remaining turn gets 0, you disembody and there is no way to resurrect you and bring you back in the fight. HP are consisting of two different parts. The base Health Points and the %Health Points. The base health points consist of a part that increases with the level (for example level 1: 60HP, level 200: 2050HP) and all additive HP of gear, characteristics (strength tab), nation bonis, guild bonis and passives. The %Health Points modify the HP with the formula

You can get %HP in your characteristics page in the intelligence tab.
HP are not only your life, they additionally have on some classes effects like damage, heals or armor related to your maximum, remaining or missing HP.

AP (Action Points)

Action points are needed to cast spells or use weapons during a fight. There are several effects that can give you additional AP or remove AP.

MP (Movement Points)

MP allow you to move around during combat in your turn. Some classes have abilities that can spend MP instead of AP for casting spells.

 WP (Wakfu Points)

WP are needed for special spells, usually spells with enhanced power or for special utility. Nearly every class has an own way to regenerate WP and every class rely differently on that resource. Some classes will eat them like sweets, others will only use them occasionally. On the Huppermage class, the Wakfu points are replaced by Quadramental Breeze (QB ), which offers them a more fluid way of WP usage and generation. The QB get calculated by 50QB base + 75QB per WP, max is 999QB, min is 50QB.

Damage Inflicted & Indirect Damage Inflicted

Damage Inflicted is a multiplier that increase (decrease under 0%) the damage done and nothing else. All damage inflicted of different sources (under their conditions) get added together for the final amount. The formula for this multiplier is (1+sum of all damage inflicted%). The total damage inflicted can never go under -50%, it is hard capped. Indirect Damage Inflicted can be seen similar to normal damage inflicted, but it only gets used for indirect damage sources (more infos in indirect damage section). Fixed damage is not affected by damage inflicted. Same for percental damage (besides a couple rare exceptions).

Heals performed

Heals performed is a multiplier that increase (decrease under 0%) the heals done and nothing else. All heals performed of different sources get added together for the final amount. The formula for this multiplier is (1+sum of all Heals performed%). Fixed heals and percentual heals are not affected by heals performed.

Additionally: The incurable state is not a part of the heals performed system. It just cuts a %part of the heals. -100% by incurable means you can't heal, even with a high amount of Heals performed. 

Heal Resistance

Heal Resistance is a percentual reduction of heals received. Because of a rounding off in the formula for heal resistance, it doesn't increase if you get healed by spells/effects lower than 5% of max HP separately.
The formula is:
Heal_Res%=previous Heal_Res%+(ROUND OFF[100xHeal_Value/(5x maxHP)])%

Example: previous Heal_Res%=5%, heals 1925HP after reduction by heal resistance, maxHP=10000, so [100xHeal_Value/(5xmaxHP)]=3.85; ROUND OFF(3.85)=3
so heal res will increase to 5%+3%=8%

Critical Hits (CH or CH%)

Each Critical Hit Point increase your chance of performing a Critical Hit by 1% on a heal or damage spell. Critical Hits increase the damage by a 25% multiplier. (This multiplier is added in the base damage. There are some rare exceptions of spells with a higher multiplier.) Some spells have different or additional effects on critical hits, like Three Cards or Poisoned Wind for example. The base critical hit chance is 3CH. The critical hits chance can't be higher than 100% in combat, but more CH% are still stored as an information, so counted for example, if there is a CH% reduction. If the critical hits chance is lower than 0%, it works the same like having 0% critical hits, so you can never perform a critical hit. If you have less than -9%Critical Hits, -CH% equipment gets fully deactivated.
Critical hits increase the damage of spells or the heals done. Direct Armor generation by spells is affected by critical hits. For exceptions (especially on indirect damage), read in the last part of this guide.

Average multiplier through critical hits chance:


Each block point increase your chance by 1% to perform a block, which reduces the damage received by 20%. Block chance can't be higher than 100%. At 100% block, it has the exact same effect as 100 more resistance (a 20% reduction). Fixed damage can be reduced by block, but not non-reducible damage. The multiplier of a block and a critical hit even out.


Every Range point increase (decrease under 0) the range of range-modifiable spells. Negative range can only decrease your range until the spell can only be cast at minimum range.

This symbol shows that a spell is range modifiable.

 Initiative (Init)

 This stat increase your own Initiative and the Initiative of your team. The team with the highest total Initiative starts, then the character with the highest Initiative in that team. Fighters then have their turns alternating between the teams in their teams Initiative order from highest to lowest. If someone in that Initiative order get killed, the spot keeps free and don't change the Initiative order. Summons get placed directly after the summoner in the Initiative order. Resurrecting a character puts the resurrected character at their previous position in turn order. The Initiative has a high value in pvp, while in pve mainly the order of the team has a really high value and partially which team starts first.

 Force of Will (willpower)

Force of Will increase your ability to remove AP and MP, as well as your resistance to AP and MP loss. Every AP/MP removing spell, besides some special exceptions like Eniripsas Transcendence or Fecas Provocation, don't have a fixed amount of AP/MP they remove, instead have a base AP/MP remove. The amount of AP/MP that get removed are calculated by this formula:

The term in the brackets can variate between 0 and 2. If the AP/MP removed are a not integer, the decimals get used as a % chance to remove an AP/MP.
Example: AP/MP removed=1.6 means 1AP/MP removed and a 60% chance to remove a second AP/MP.
For every AP/MP removed on a target, the target get 10 force of will added to her force of will for one turn.

Lock and Dodge

“If a creature is adjacent to an enemy and they attempt to move they must perform a Dodge Check. This check compares the moving creature's Dodge with surrounding enemies Lock. Based on the difference of lock and dodge the moving creature is penalized with AP/MP loss (not building up willpower). The dodging penalty is based on how many enemies are surrounding you and which side each enemy has facing towards you.
In general, to dodge without any penalty against a single enemy you must have 1.95x their lock in dodge if they are facing you, 1.55x if you are facing their side, and 1.25x if their back is toward you.

For multiple lockers:
Total Lock = Highest Lock + (2nd Highest Lock/2) + (3rd Highest Lock/3)
X = (7/3)*(Total Lock - Dodge) / (Total Lock + Dodge)

Total Loss = (X + 1)*(4)      if the front of at least one locker is facing the dodger
Total Loss = (X + 1)*(4-1)   if the side of at least one locker is facing the dodger
Total Loss = (X + 1)*(4-2)   if the back of all lockers are facing the dodger

MP loss = Total Loss/2 (rounded up)
AP loss = Total Loss/2 (rounded down) “

Armor given% and Armor received%

Armor given% increases (decreases if negative) armor given to allies excluding the caster of the armoring spell/effect.
Armor received% increased (decreases if negative) armor received on the character owning this stat by any source.

Kit Skill

Kit Skill reduces the level necessary to equip items by 1 level per Kit Skill. The maximum amount is 10 Kit Skill. Often used higher sources of Kit Skill are for example Arachnee pet (up to 6 kit skill), Whispered Ring (4kit skill, level 108), Amuleto (3 kit skill, level 140 amulet) or the 3 kit skill from guild bonus.


Control is a not really clearly defined stat. Wakfu defines it as “the number of summoned creatures and mechanisms you can have in play at one time“, which is rarely true nowadays. Fact is that there are summon and mechanisms, with the control defining the amount you can have at the same time, but usual there are for every summon own rules additionally too.
For example Ecaflip can summon as much entities (Cat Trees and Bow Meows) as they have control, but there can only be a single Cat Tree on the field per Ecaflip.
Pandawa for example don't need control, but can only summon two barrels. Elio's can have max 4 Portals or only max 2 with a passive. Then there are classes like Cra, where the statement is true of 1 summon/mechanism per control.
The Control stat is kinda in a system transition right now. Newly reworked classes don't have any use of Control anymore, there are other restrictions for their amount of summons now. Classes that still use control right now (August 2022; Patch 1.76) are Foggernaut, Sram, Ecaflip, Cra, Sadida and Huppermage. Probably Control will get a new function as a stat accordingly.


Each Wisdom point increases the amount of experience (Exp or xp) gained at the end of a fight by 1%. This don't modify quest or achievement experience. The maximum amount of wisdom is 200%. This maximum includes the wisdom of challenges, potions, almanax buff and gear. Multipliers like booster or double xp weekends are not included.[/left]


Each Prospecting point point increase the probability of finding an item after combat by 1%. Please notice that every item has a base chance to drop, so prospecting is a multiplier to this chance. The maximum amount of prospecting is 200%. This maximum includes the prospecting of challenges, potions, almanax buff, the Enutrof passive and gear.


Actually not really a stat, but I think this needs a honorable mention. Usually characters get Barrier by a specific fixed amount and a number deciding about how often it can trigger.
(For example in the Intelligence characteristic page, you could put 3 points into Barrier and this would mean that you get incoming damage reduced by 50% of your level (on 200 that would be 100HP fixed damage reduction) on 3 hits per turn. If you get then hit a 4th time, no reduction. If you get only hit twice, you don't keep the unused barrier for the next turn.)

There are different sources of different kinds of barriers, but they all stack on top of each other.
(For example, if you would have theoretically one 800HP barrier (1 hit) and 3 times 100HP barrier, you would get the first damage you receive reduced by 900HP, then the next 2 hits by 100HP and the 4th hit not reduced. )

Because of the nature of this fixed HP amount reductions, usually they are only worth it in 2 cases. Either you have not much HP and the fixed amounts are equal to a bigger part of your total HP or you have extremely high resistances, so that the incoming damage get reduced by a huge amount through barrier.


Elemental Resistance (Res)

The elemental resistance reduces damage by a percentual amount. This gets calculated with the formula

This is an exponential formula, which means that every 100res you add, reduces the damage received by 20% in comparison to without it. This means too that with increasing Res% you need more and more resistance points to increase the percent for the same amount of percent.
The total resistance a character can have is capped to 90% (reached at 1032 resistance), every resistance point above 1032 won't increase your resistance, but might be used as a puffer for resistance removals.
Nonreducible and fixed damage don't get affected by resistance. The in fight reduction of resistance is capped at -200resistance.
Now a bit more complex stuff to resistance: The game cuts down the resistances of anybody down to the next %, so if you would for example have 570 resistance (1-0.8^(570/100))=0.719... or 555 resistance (1-0.8^(555/100))=0.7101... will result in the same resistance%, in this case 71%. This results on higher resistances in increasing zones of resistance, which have actually no effect on the damage reduction.

Critical Resistance

 Critical Resistance is a kind of conditional resistance. When the caster performs a critical hit on a target, the critical resistance of the target gets added to the elemental resistance.

Rear Resistance

Rear resistance is another kind of conditional resistance. When the caster performs a hit from back on a target, the rear resistance of the target gets added to the elemental resistance.
Please notice that there are multipliers for the damage of different directions. 25% multiplier from back, 10% from side, 0% from front. If a target has for example 100 rear resistance, the damage from front and back are same 0% (not including rear mastery), while side still 10%. 


 All kind of masteries get added together, if their respective conditions are meet for spells or weapon usage.
The mastery factor of damage/heal is
(1+(sum of all masteries with meet requirements)/100)

Elemental Mastery

There are 4 types of elemental masteries, air, fire, water and earth. They get used for spells of their element. For chromatic damage, the highest mastery get used. Light spells of the Huppermage class are chromatic. For Foggernaut there is the Stasis element, which get calculated out of the highest elemental damage, and which hit in the element with the lowest resistance of the target.

Conditional Masteries

Melee Mastery (close combat (cc) mastery) get added while casting spells on targets within 2 cells from the caster.

Distance Mastery get added while casting spells on targets more than 3 cells from the caster. Spells through portals by the Eliotrope class are always distance.

Single Target Mastery (ST mastery) get added while casting spells on a single target.

Area Mastery (AoE mastery) get added while casting spells of a size bigger than 1 cell. It don't have to hit multiple targets.
Some special spells have a single target effect, but an additional area effect too, which use distinct area and single target mastery.

Critical Mastery get added to used mastery on critical hits. Critical mastery get added on both damage and healing.

Healing mastery get added to healing. This don't include life steal.

Berserk mastery (zerk mastery) get added when the caster has less than 50% of his max HP. Berserk mastery get added to healing too.

Rear mastery get added, when the caster is behind the target. This only affect damage and not heals.

Full Damage Formula 
base damage ... damage of the spell (without critical hit)
direction multiplier ... 1 for front,1.1 for side,1.25 for back
crit multiplier ...1.25 for critical hit, 1 else
block multiplier...0.8 for block, 1 else
other multpliers ... stuff like damage reduction passives of mobs
barrier ... fixed damage reduction

 …Now to the part that is probably the most interesting for players that get confused by all that extra rules in Wakfu.
drum roll!!!

 What affects which situation?

 Non-directional Damage

-are not affected by the targets rotation and rear mastery


- the total amount of armor a character can have is capped at 50% of maxHP of the character (100% of maxHP for summons)
- all armors are mastery independent
- armoring spells have either fixed % of max HP/current HP/missing HP depending on the spell/effect or have amounts based on level of the character and other mechanics
- affected by Armor given% (only on allies that are not the caster) and Armor received% (using the targets Armor received)
- armor given/generated is affected by Critical Hits


- if the heal is not fixed or %HP, affected by elemental and healing mastery; additionally berserk, melee, distance, single target, area or critical mastery under their respective conditions
- affected by Heals performed, Incurable and Heal Resistance ( a state that ramps up with heals over a limit amount and decrease the heals done on a target)
- affected by Heals received of a target, if the caster is not the target herself

- not affected by rear mastery

Life Steal (healing)

- besides fixed life steal, affected only by the damage done to the target and the casters Heal Resistance
- affected by Incurable
- not affected by Heals received, Heals performed or healing mastery

Fixed Damage

- not affected by any kind of mastery or Final Damage
- can be reduced by a Block, by resistance and by external effects like damage reduction passives

Non-reducible Damage

- not affected by the targets resistance
- affected by critical hits, all damage mastery types (not healing), Damage Inflicted% and the rotation of the target
- is armor piercing
- can't get blocked

Indirect Damage

- influenced by Indirect Damage Inflicted, Scalded (indirect damage inflicted) and Damage Inflicted
- to quote Siu (GD): is supposed to be "anything that isn't directly inflicted by a spell or weapon"
- includes Poisons, Sram Traps, Feca Glyphs, Flaming and a couple more things (in 1.71 patch, on some questionable cases like eliotropes barrier for example, tooltips were modified to tell, if it is indirect or direct damage)
- if an indirect damage effect is not stacking and it isn't one of the exceptions described below, the indirect damage can increase on critical hit (still not using critical mastery)
- if an indirect damage effect can stack, it can't get modified by critical hits (technical limitation)


(= apply an effect on the target, that will later damage them; indirect damage)
- amount of poison applied can vary on critical hits
- are non-directional, so can't be affected by the targets rotation and rear mastery
- are affected by single target mastery, but not AoE mastery
- are affected by the other damage masteries under their respective conditions
- are affected by resistance
- can't get blocked
- armor piercing

Sram Traps

(=placed traps, that trigger when a target moves onto a tile of the trap; indirect damage)
- can't critical hit (don't use critical mastery)
- are non-directional
- use all other damage mastery types (under their conditions)
- is armor piercing

Feca Glyphes

(= placed effect  tile, that triggers at the start of the targets turn standing on it; indirect damage)
- can critical hit on the cast (increase the base damage of the glyph), but can't crit on the trigger and never use critical mastery
- are non-directional
- use area mastery and melee/distance under their respective condition
- is armor piercing


(=indirect damage, that triggers at the start of the turn of the state carrier)
- Flaming Stacks can't exceed twice the characters Level (Hardcap)
- can't critical hit
- affected by berserk mastery
- not affected by rear mastery and is direction independent
- can get blocked
- isn't armor piercing
When Flaming get triggered at start of your turn:
 - melee and area damage on all tiles directly next to the states owner (I will call it initial hit)
 - if a target dies by an initial hit, an explosion around this target will be triggered, which is area damage
 - depending on the distance to the states owner, the explosion is melee or distance
 - explosions interrupt the initial hit chain (after they are done, the other initial hits are executed)
- a single target can only suffer damage from an explosion caused by Flaming once (even if there's a chain explosion)

Eternal Sword Passive (damage part)

- the extra damage of the passive can be piercing or not depending on if the spell that gets the extra damage is piercing or not
-the 800 damage can't be improved or reduced


Sorry, this topic is too big to tackle for me currently, but a small note to Sinistros and Cogs of Xelor: both deal indirect damage, other summons with turns deal direct damage.

Thanks for reading this guide, if you still got to this message after this endless wall of text. If you still have special cases, where you don't know what affects a special spell or passive effect, I try to answer and maybe will add it to the main post.

Have fun ~ Genn

28th August 2022 - Update to the Flaming rules
7th December 2021 - small fixes to make it up to date
28th June 2021 - small detail added to control
16th April 2021 - update to armoring and indirect damage, up to date for 1.71 patch
27th Dec. 2020 - added some stuff I forgot and refined that armoring related stuff
23th Sept. 2020 - update to armor system and some small changes
27th Jan. 2019 - throw some more dictionaries on it and fixed some formulas
2nd Feb. 2019 - changed the hard cap of sum of damage inflicted to -50% after testing
8th Feb. 2019 - more dictionaries and adding the armor piercing on poisons
9th April 2019 - added Sacriers unleashing of stored flame return
25th May 2019 - added heal resistance
14th Dec. 2019 - added Flaming, small info added to critical hits
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Score : 243
Sram poison is reduced by the res and block?
0 -1
Score : 584
Poison can't be blocked, but i believe res still affects the damage.
3 -1
Score : 3504
Worth mentioning that Poison will bypass Armor.
3 -1
Score : 8178
Yes, you are right. It is added now.
0 -1
Score : 87
appreciate the effort to make an up to-date guide for us who still play or are new to the game. thank you

also, is there something special about Flaming that i has it's own seperate section?
2 -1
Score : 8178
Yes, Flaming has several specific properties. Honestly, I forgot to add Flaming some time ago, but when I remembered it, there was some change on Flaming with 1.64 on the way and I would prefer to test it on live server then again, before putting it in here.
0 -1
Score : 1189
and the generated ecaflip armor? Critical domain and %crit influence? Or just melee damage?
0 -1
Score : 8178
As written down in the guide, affected by water, single target and melee mastery. A critical hit or critical mastery don't affect the Ecaflips armor.
2 -1
Score : 128

First, thanks for this pretty comprehensive guide, I know it's a lot of work and it's really helpful and appreciated (the number of upvotes speaks for itself!)

I'd like to add some comments about % damage inflicted and fixed damage:
Damage Inflicted[...]
Fixed and nonreducable damage are not affected by damage inflicted. Same for percental damage or poisons.
>>> Non-reducable damage and poisons are affected by % damage inflicted.

- are not affected by final damage
>>> Poisons are affected by % damage inflicted.

Fixed Damage
- can be reduced by a Block, by resistance and by external effects like damage reduction passives
>>> Fixed damage are not affected by resistance.
I think they can be blocked indeed (I remember my Feca blocking the fixed -4000 (down to -3200 damage) that Grozepin's inflicts if you start your turn on the 3x3 cells glyph that appears after you kill one of the plants that grant the boss damage reduction), but I don't know if all kind of fixed damage can be blocked in the same way.
I don't know about damage reduction passives, do you have something specific in mind?

Nonreducible Damage
- not affected by final damage and the targets resistance
>>> Non-reducable damage are affected by % damage inflicted.

Feel free to test it.
Thanks again for your great work smile
2 -1
Score : 8178
Basically you are right. The problem is that this is actually not 100% the case. There is a not ignorable amount of spells that are affected by both damage inflicted and indirect damage inflicted or have other weird behaviours, so I work on a list of the behaviour of all indirect damage spells, to send it later to a GD to fix them. When this system is working correctly, I will add that infos on them.
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Score : 309
Great guide! Easy to read, understand and follow!

Just got two quick question for damage stats when trying to choose which gear will give me more damage. Is it safe to assume that secondary masteries (melee, distance, aoe, etc) will give you more damage per stat than say elemental mastery of either the same value or slightly higher? To give an example, 40 ST mastery vs 40 elemental mastery (fire/earth/air/water or flat elemental mastery), the ST mastery will beat the elemental mastery, right? (I'm thinking that you'll want to multiply 40 ST mastery by .8 to get a value of 32, while you multiply the value of 40 ele mastery with .5 to get a value of 20). Similarly, if that's the case, 40 ST mastery will still beat 60 ele mastery (40*.8=32 for ST and 60*.5=30 for ele mastery).

Also, I'm trying to figure out why berserk is so strong in relative to other masteries, even if its for mainly two classes (sacrier and elio) and why berserk exclusive gears have high zerk masteries, but in sacriface of other sort of masteries. I'm a sacrier who wants to take the zerker route, so I was thinking whether it be worth sacrifacing the other stats for zerk mastery. My line of thinking is probably because each stat of zerk mastery would be *.9 instead of *.8 for secondary masteries and *.5 for ele mastery? As an example, 40 zerk mastery is 40*.9=36, while 40 ST mastery is still 40*.8=32 and 40*.5=20
0 -1
Score : 8178
masteries have equal effect, if theor conditions are met. So 40 elemental mastery is as strong as 40 distance mastery on  a target in more than 2 distance or  40 berserk mastery under 50%HP.

The point why berserk is stronger, is that passives, characteristic points or gear give more berserk mastery than other mastery types. So a character for example could get 5000 total mastery, if he mainly uses berserk, while he could only get 4000 with mainly melee mastery.
The masteries you get are balanced on the conditions that you have to do, so they apply.
This is why you get more mastery, if you go for hard conditions (berserk, backstab,...) and in comparison low mastery, when you take easy to achieve (critical mastery)/always achieved (elemental mastery) conditions.
1 -1
Score : 1280
Well this is certainly handy to have, even if you're a veteran, as not all of us are playing 24/7 or remember all the individual details/have them looked up.

As for a little detail that will probably get added later: Foggernaut's Stasis spells have above average base damage when they crit (I think it was something like 35% on average?) and some Osamodas summons also have above average crit damage ratios (for example, Wabbit Shawpshootew, who has an average of 50% on the three spells the player can cast on it.)

And this is more of a nitpick than actually relevant, critical hits increase the *base* damage/healing, rather than applying as a normal damage dealt modifier. I say that's a nitpick because, well, what you're saying isn't wrong.

Oh, and one more important thing is the "Connections" effect, where some spells get new interactions based on the last spell used. Most notably, the Rogue's air branch is almost entirely comprised of this. There was also a spell or two in the cra spells that applies this as well. Although this isn't really a "stat", I still think it may be worth mentioning in the text of something else if possible, or given its own section.
0 -1
Score : 8178
Thank you, will add that stuff to critical hits later.

To the connections: I don't see any connection to this guide, because I don't explain mechanics, I explain what stats affect the mechanics. And for connections itself, there are no stats affecting it, because it has no effect besides a following effect. In the case of the lifesteal, you can look in lifesteal, in the case of damage, look on direct damage,...
You see, there is nothing to tell to it there.
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Score : 217
Summons please *-*

Amazing topic. Is it fixed? If it isn't, it should.
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Score : 5989
Since patch 1.68, may need update the ARMOR section, since it no longer scale with elemental mastery or else. 
0 -1
Score : 19
OH, I REALLY WANT TO! BUT the forum bug that multiplied the characters on some people in the forum preview deleted all my characters on this preview, which let the forum think, I never played the game, resulting in me being locked out from forum on my main account. So I can't edit my guides (which really annoys me, because I want to update all of them). Hopefully it is fixed soon. I am waiting.

-Genn (Enceladon, writer of this guide)-
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Score : 7316
You forgot barrier
0 -1
Score : 5989
Well, Barrier just reduce damage 50% of current level up to max 10 times per round (if put in max 10 points), right?
1 -1
Score : 217
JSky|2020-07-21 03:10:05
Well, Barrier just reduce damage 50% of current level up to max 10 times per round (if put in max 10 points), right?

sounds weak as you level up. Is it bad?
0 -1
Score : 1148
It is. Even with good res, at the higher levels you're expecting a few thousand points of damage per hit taken, on average, but you're only shaving off a max of 108 damage per hit.
2 -1
Score : 8178
I updated the "guide to stats" for 1.68.
Have fun gaming.
2 -1
Score : 5989
Thanks again for the huge guide.

Minor typo? We are yet to September though xD
Still July here...
0 -1
Score : 5989
Oh hi Dear Enceladon, well, after patch 1.68.4, the max armor is 50% of HP only. While summon can have 100% of max HP. 
1 -1
Score : 5989
Once I read thru again, do I missing the Critical Hit "exceptions" here or there? Only Rogue's Boomerang and Huppermage's Glistening Tear right? 
1 -1
Score : 200
very helpful! community guides is what keeps the game going
2 -1
Score : 8178
Thank you. I will try to keep this guide up to date as good as I can.
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Score : 4826
Some questions and clarifications:

Are you sure sinistroes are buffed by indirect damage? I triple Ruined my gear and they don't seem to have their damage boosted.

Are % armour spells like panda's bamboozled affected by % armour received, or sadida's unlockable fertilizer by % armour given?

Does barrier reduce damage before or after resistance calculation? Your concept that high res will be good to have barrier in tandem with is only true when damage is reduced before barrier's fixed reduction.

Enceladon|2020-10-20 01:23:22
Hi JSky,
I totally forgot to add the change to armor, when it happened. Just added it. Thanks for reminding.
About the critical hit "exceptions", I only know Rogue's Boomerang and Huppermage's Glistening Tears too, but I wouldn't claim to know all 275 elemental spells, so possible that some slipped through.

For some unknown reason, trank's self heal is also much higher than 1.25% even though the damage part isn't.

gwrrty|2020-07-23 21:09:41
It is. Even with good res, at the higher levels you're expecting a few thousand points of damage per hit taken, on average, but you're only shaving off a max of 108 damage per hit.

I once thought that too, but you have to look at the duration of the entire battle. At any given battle you're likely to at least take 3-10 hits before the battle ends, assuming higher stasis and the battle lasts like 5 turns, and you average at about 2 hits per turn, thats 10 hits already, which, Idk for non-tank players at level 200-215, but from what I understand their health is around 10k?

So that's 10% of your health that has been protected from damage in one battle, which is no small feat. Of course it also depends on whether you're a tank that gets littered with small hits which makes it even more worthwhile or at a boss that hits hard for only once or twice like hagen day, which barrier will be pointless for.
Regarding summons and % Damage Inflicted

Tested on Sinistroes and Dolls, Barrels. (not applicable to Hydrands and Sinistroes since revamp)

All sources of % damage inflicted, including those from passives and stats, indirect damage inflicted, and % damage inflicted that only affects certain skills or summons are additive, not multiplicative.

Summons inherit your % damage inflicted at the time of summoning from the Summoner (sadida, not the ultra-powerful), and is not constantly updated (Foggernaut turrets are the exception because I believe they were designed up be boosted by High-Pressure and Overheat. Masqueraider doubles also do not inherit % damage inflicted buffs, only passive and stats). This means that the following scenario can occurs:
  • After stacking Temporal Prism to max, your summons will be stronger, even if your Temporal Prism resets to 0 afterwards.
  • Starting on an Hour Cell before summoning a Sinistro/Hydrand allows you to boost its damage
  • Time Theft Stacks are not generated by Sinistroes
  • Favourable Ecaflip Tarots, Ecaflip Die, Double or Quits and the 1 turn buff from Paws Off can make Bow Meows stronger
  • States can be applied on Barrel, but they are lost at the end of the state caster's turn as the Barrel does not have a turn (armodiction is an exception and allows the Feca to stack armodiction using the barrel, for example). You can reduce the resistance of Barrel with Sudden Chill or Indebted for example. However, it does not have AP/MP so you cannot steal those from them.

Would be grateful for input from Srams, Osamodases, Ouginaks, Eniripsas, Enutrofs for how the % damage inflicted, mastery and resistance of their summons work.
HP and Resistance Inheritance

Barrels: Barrels inherit the Panda's resistance at the time of summon. Feca can boost Panda's res temporarily allowing them to summon stronger barrels (I believe the same applies to Beacons and Bravery Standards.

Sinistroes and Hydrands: They inherit 20% of the Xelor's max HP and  take the average of the total of all elemental res of the Xelor, meaning a tankier Xelor will create Tankier summons.

Bombs: They inherit 10% of the Rogue's max HP. The res is calculated by the following formula:
Res of the bombs element = 208+level of Rogue*2
Res of bomb's other element = 58+level of Rogue*2

Dolls: Please refer to this thread.
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some answers:

Yes, I am sure sinistros and hydrands deal indirect damage (because I made testrows with scalded to confirm it, which is only buffing indirect damage), but I have an idea, why Ruin is not working for you. If it is not working, it is most likely because of the extra condition in Ruin. Ruin description says: "10% indirect damage (damage caused by the state bearer outside of their turn)" but what is in the bracket is not the definition of indirect damage, instead it is an extra condition. Indirect damage is not a well defined thing. Usually I would try to describe it as "damage, that is caused by an effect usually time-delayed to the spell-cast/passive activation causing it".
So here is why I think it wouldn't work with Ruin:
Who caused the damage? -> the Sinistro/the Hydrand
Who is the statebearer of Ruin effect? -> the Xelor (so, Ruin is not affecting the Sinistros/Hydrands, because they are not state bearers of Ruin, they don't get sublimation effects transfered, only some specific raw stats)

Barrier reduces damage at last thing. It is a flat damage reduction to the fully calculated taken damage.

About Sidekicks, wouldn't wonder, if something is odd there. They are in my opinion a buggy and weird designed mess of not streamlined mechanics. Some things on them are not working similar to what is standard in the game.
I don't know much about them and I really don't want to, so can't help you on this.

About that armoring related question, I am not sure, how I could test this right now with what I can do, maybe I can come back on you, if I somehow get results, but currently nothing doable for me comes in my mind, how I could properly test your Happy Hour question.

Fertilizer's armoring is influenced by Armor given%. I tested it.
So I think chances are high, that Happy Hour selfarmoring would be affected by Armor Received%, but I can't test it right now.
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This was really helpful! Sure many of the community are as thankful as I am. However, I was wondering if the AoE masteries are added to the calculations when using spells that singly target oponents?
Thans again! smile
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I am not fully sure but I assume, you ask for if a spell that is classified as an area spell is still using area mastery if it hits only 1 target? Then the answer is yes, it is still an area spell and uses area mastery.
If you ask for if a spell that is classified as single target is profiting from area mastery, then no, it don't profit from it.
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About Control, It might be useful to add that as of recently, Rogue's bombs have stopped requiring Control to be summoned. Now you can always summon 3 of each (and 4 of one kind in case you have a passive equipped).
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Yeah almos no class uses it anymore, because they are planning to change how control works, according to devs one possibility is to make it a stat that works differently for every class, so it's not dead weight on some classes
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Dear sir,
How about collision damage from Masquesraider. 
Please enlight us.
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Quartertotwelve#5334|2021-09-19 15:35:47
Dear sir,
How about collision damage from Masquesraider. 
Please enlight us.

Collision damage is indirect damage, not subject to critical hits, and applies melee or distance depending on relative position (you can do ranged collisions with whipkick, fugue, and coward mask).  EDIT: tested. it is affected by critical hits and directional, and ST

 As the passive description says, damage is based on per AP consumed, and element is light, so if you use trielement gear with earth as one of it and manipulate your earth to be highest (e.g. wearing an earth krosmunster) you can do damage in all four elements


Any insights into how the heal formula works? We currently have 4 variables, % heals performed of the healer, % heals received of the target, heal resistance of the target, and incurable level, but no way to know whether all four are added together, multiplied, or a mix

In addition to some critical hits allowing greater damage than *1.25, there are also cases where applied effects are higher. For example, Sadida's Poisoned Wind does higher damage reduction and Gust gives more % damage inflicted, but Sudden Chill does not reduce more resistance and Toxine from Woodland Stench does not give higher heal values.

The most significant critical effect to note of the recent patch might be Three Cards, which gives double effect(!) to allies in the zone of attack.

Critical hit % beyond 100% is still stored as its true value, even after being capped at 100. Should you suffer critical hit reductions during battle, your critical hit will be subtracted from its true value, not from 100. This is relevant to Foggernaut's Transformer, which will return the critical hit to 100% if it is beyond that value and stop converting it to resistance. 
In addition, I have tested some percentage damage that is affected by % damage inflicted, such as Ecaflip's Meowtydom which does -15% of max health and is increased by Ruin, Xelor's Cog which does 10% max health to its own HP and is increased by Ruin.

The resurrection part of the guide needs to be updated, since it now returns the player to their original place in the turn order, not after the resurrected.

I would also like to give some examples here for people to understand FoW intuitively rather than crunch numbers:

When you and the target have the same FoW,
  • A base -1AP/MP spell has 50% based chance to remove an AP/MP and gain 5% chance of removing per 10FoW more difference, and a cap of removal of 1AP/MP
  • A base -2AP/MP spell has 100% base chance to remove an AP/MP and gains 10% chance of removing per 10FoW more difference, and a cap of removal of 2AP/MP
  • A base -3AP/MP spell has 100% base chance to remove an AP/MP,  50% chance of removing a second AP/MP and gains 15% chance of removing per 10FoW more difference, and a cap of removal of 3AP/MP
  • A base -4AP/MP spell has 100% base chance to remove 2AP/MP and gains 20% chance of removing per 10FoW difference, and a cap of removal of 4AP/MP

As a player usually have 20FoW from stats should they invest in increasing FoW, and 20 more with pet, if your class uses base 1AP/MP removal spells they are rather unreliable, the only good thing is that they have less restrictions than multiple turn cooldowns
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Hey, thanks for all the feedback.
Currently not really having the time to do all the changes, but I will for sure update this guide again. It gets pretty tricky to make a guide that is still understandable with all the edge cases appearing (especially from sublimations) that don't behave like the etablished game mechanics. I don't want to make this just a list of a hundred specifications for different exceptions as well. This would be not maintainable for me and in my opinion kinda unreadable. I will need to find a compromise on that.
(annoyingly formatting in forum is broken for roughly a year as well)

Anyway, happy that people still use my guide. I promise to try to keep it  up to date as much as I can.

Have fun playing,

About  the healing question, it is something like this for heal effects that are not %:
healing= base heal x (1+(sum of used masteries)/100) x (1+sum of used heals performed%) x (crit multiplier, if crit) x (1-healres%)

but I am not sure right now, if Heals received is just included additive in the heals performed term or an additional (1+sum of heals received%) multiplier. Kinda expect the second, but can't test it right now.
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