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please help my team

By NoxIsAGoodDad - MEMBER - December 19, 2018, 08:51:51

So, let me explain;

I'm the sort who really enjoys beating enemies down with powerful attacks. However, My quick thinking is about as quick as running wearing blocks of concrete for shoes. So, essentially I end up charging blindly into battle with tons of weapons but no idea how to use them. So I tend to run lower level dungeons, which can usually be beat with brute force alone,,, The point is; i need some help figuring everything out,,,,

I have three main heros that I use; 

a lvl 67 xelor, with,,, little to no strategy. Mostly used for reviving allies and positioning, along side the pretty strong fire spells, and the occasional sinestero summoning frenzy

a lvl 59 osa, who i'm pretty fond of. I caught a wild gobball, and it's really fun to fight with! But,,, Sadly that's the only animal I have. The other was a crackler, but it just didn't cut it when it came to the higher lvl stuff. The osa is mostly support, but she can hold her own. I absolutely love the support osa man,,, they're so powerful- 

a lvl 67 masqueraider, focused around the psychopath mask, the double, and the three powerful WP consuming attacks (especially psyk-out). He has high initiative, high mp, and usually is the one who i use to deal the most brute damage. He's also the one who dies most often. rip. 

The xelor is usually the one who stays back and sort of moderates the whole fight, the osa is the one who offers support (no heals tho), her wild gobball is a BEAST in the field, and the masquer is zipping around the field in semi-close combat. I usually run lvl 36 dungeons, or fight minibosses like the red makr on calamari island (forgive me if i spelled that wrong)  or others i randomly find. I can't beat the lvl 51 dungeons for the life of me, even on stasis 1. (Laugh if you want, I'd laugh too if I wasn't the one failing.) 

The questions:

For my xelor: What are some good strategies for controlling the playing field while dealing a good amount of damage? How do I beef up my sinesteros' damage?

For my osa: What are other good summons for this level???

For my masquer: is there any way I can give him anything more? Or is he good for now?

In general: What are some good ways to lvl up fast? What dungeons should I run? My friend is willing to make another acc to be a complete team; what sorts of classes and traits should I suggest he choose to really strengthen my team?

Sorry for all the questions,,,, I'm a pretty big noob, but thank you for considering me. smile  

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For your osa the Wild war chief at lvl 55, Exotic Cwab at 64, crobak at 69, and rattler at 72 are all really good choices for your summon.

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Link to a xelor guide. It has got spell and mechanics explainations such as aging and distortion combos.
For osas, follow what biscuit999 said.
No clue when it comes to masqs. ^^"

Good luck.
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What server ya on? could give ya some tips in game if ya like (if you're on remi that is ._.)

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Basically what LostLegion said except on Nox; most of that's a lot easier to address in real time and I'd be happy to try'n help if you wanna message me ingame (generally on Tuvinni or Renaki).

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If you went fire you should really use hydrants instead of sinistros

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you can use masq as backup healer, their heal are decent.

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