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[Guide] [Chart] Leveling up Professions with resource count chart.

By iNTiMiD4T0R - MEMBER - September 06, 2018, 15:20:25

This here is the chart which shows the basic formula to calculate the amount of craft/ resource required to level up crafting professions.

You can take any craft and its exp gain and find out the amount of craftable resources using this.

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What is the reason for red for 130-150. I know the exp drops off a lot like even crafting gear at 145 gives next to no exp unless in 2x crafting exp event. Just curious. 

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Either because of that, or because there is no actual point in going beyond level 130 for harvests and craftings right now.

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nice chart, but what do you do if you are trying to go from, for example, 55 to 65?

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You can take 5 Resource more than half the amount required and try that to get from 55 to 60.  It is actually more effective to go 10 levels from 60 to 70 with the level 60 basic resource, than 65 to 75 since the xp gain will get reduced by a bit if the resource level is 60 and you want to get past 75, which will make it require more resource than the 10 base method.

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