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What's a quick way to make money?

By Dokaro - MEMBER - July 08, 2018, 15:45:51

I used about 800k on have gems and I kind of need to get back the funds used. What's a reliable way to make a lot of money?

(Also is there any way to find a constant price of items that are not on the market so as to not over/underprice them?)

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Its hard to say for your level, I believe doing all the artifact scavenger hunt for chests rewards you with a few kamas, and also doing the weekly UB clear will give you some too. Other than that watching the market and seeing what Items are in demand and try to drop and sell those.

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Deceive people buy putting 100frags of a relic on full item price for frag and hope you scum someone OR spend 100$ on shop items and sell them in market, apparently thats how our kings make money so yeah, mby you should try it too.

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sarcasm aside, what lvl are you and how much do you need?
we talking about 100k kama or 10mil kama?

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One of the great things about Wakfu is that it teaches basic economics!!   laugh

(I remember some of that awful economics class I took my freshman year at 8AM in the mornings... Gawd what a crushing bore that class was... but the concepts it taught can be seen so clearly in Wakfu.)

Kama prices of items in the Wakfu markets are driven by the classic forces of supply versus demand, there is no "constant" price for a given item.   biggrin

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How do you figure out the demand though? Do you just keep like, checking if the items sell quickly?

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To get lots of money there are a couple of ways. One of which is mining. Mining takes a long time to level unless you dedicate yourself to it. You can make kamas using recipes in Astrub or any of the nations. For example, the simplest recipe is 1 iron ore = 40 kamas. There are other recipes which give you more kamas but i prefer to stick to that one since it's easier. 

Also after the new updates, almost every item has an average selling price decided by the amount of money players spend to buy that one item in game via either the market or haven bag. Some items don't display a certain price (maybe because it has never been sold before). I find that this is a great way to sell items for a price that people find decent. So i suggest that you make items and sell them on the market. Depending on what you sell and the price, it will usually sell within the week. This also helps you either: level professions or level your character. 

The third way is to as someone already said is to do the artifact quests (the appear in your quests area when you reach a certain level and they are in different places) and scavenger hunts. You can get decent amounts of kamas from them. Visit this link for more info


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Great advice! out of all of these, yours was very helpful happy thank you!!

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Respec quest resources have decent prices and are always in demand, while farming those you can drop some emotes that can be sold for a lot of money.

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Gotta love the idiot who disliked my appreciation post for no freakin reason other than being toxic laugh good on you bro, you're a real hero rofl.

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Dokaro|2018-07-09 02:26:51
We'e talking about 10mil xD I need some stuff because I have incredibly bad luck and never get good drops ever, so I have to buy them

Ogrest Tears is one way. Depending on your sever, ogrest tears might be available to get.
It takes about 4 hours of mining to make 1 million kamas through kama minting. You will need a snoofle +50% , seal of Companionship +50% , the Pickaxe Emblem (+30% version), mine helm +25%

There's really not a fast way, but you could do Battlefields and gain glory orbs at the end of BG. You also get treasure chests and those can have some nice stuff inside to sell. The glory orbs are used to redeem some rare items in the machines in Ecaflipus. For example, at level 200, you can redeem the Feldspar Ring for about 3600 glory orbs I think and sell it for about 1-2 million kamas. However, it might take like 10 hours to get 3600 glory orbs through casual play.

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Miner is the obvious answer.. You can even make some money minting kamas while leveling it along so getting it to high level is just a matter of dedication while, at the same time, there are many ways to increase amount of ores mined, Pickaxe, Snuffle Pet, Mine Hat and the Seal of Companionship (But that one requires you to have all gathering professions Lv100).

Tho' I advise actually leveling the crafting professions.. I currently am holding on to 10M of kamas and the main reason is because the market never has the items I want, so having money but not having anything to spend on is pointless.. So I just make them myself so I can save those kamas for Relics an Epics, a piece of advice is to always check how many rune slots a Mithycal item has before upgrading it to Legendary, if it has 3 or 4 don't even bother upgrading, keep that one and rune all the way, then when you don't want to use it anymore just use an enchanting table to remove the runes to, at least, get a small refund from it and then sell it, That's what I've been doing and it's working great for me.

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No one posted here one option that I used for a while:
Reduced level ranking ranking.
It takes a full team, so you need to find teamates, have heroes or whatever. You can approach it with autobuild or with sets. Benefits and demerits described below.

Score Gold-Silver on level ranges you have sets. 
+ You will end up doing higher stasis, which wields legendary, relic, epic and unusual drops that can be sold well (this is no longer exclusive since you can run high stasis on real level.
+ Win shards, powder, relic/epic sublimations, tokens at end of month. Each of those can be turned into money
+ Regular drops that might be sellable
+ Mimic drops that might be valuable
+ Gather XP while at it
+ Can be done alongside modulox
+ Can use tear quest to gather ogrest tears at the same time
+ Huge XP gain from s21, s31 and s41 on the first time you do it at any dungeon
= I find it very enjoyable, plus it trains a lot of tactical gameplay since higher stasis is rougher
- Needs to create sets to start it off
- To reach other level ranges you need to buy pages
- Sometimes there are rough competition

Score silver-bronze on level ranges you don't have sets.
+ Win shards, powder, relic/epic sublimations, tokens at end of month. Each of those can be turned into money
+ Regular drops that might be sellable
+ Can be done alongside modulox
+ Can attack any level range you have access
+ Can be done without any prep work
= If you try higher stasis, thing gets very rough, which I find enjoyable. 
- Not as rewarding as with sets
- Might be slow and hard to find company
- Some places might not be doable on autobuild (mainly UBs and higher levels)

Remember: UB boxes wield better rewards, the higher level you aim, the better the rewards moneywise but the harder it is to set up sets, tokens = relics, modulox = tokens, tears = money.

This is a bit more hardcore way to get money, and sadly sometimes undoable since you need more people. It also a aim for the long run and not the short run, which wields meh instant rewards. Be wise when picking the level range, some are highly competed. Sadly there is also RNG at the end of month, mainly for sublimations, so it can turn salty sometimes (even if you count up the rewards is still good).
It also used to be better rewarding before stasis changes (for exclusivity) and enchantment change (for powder value), but it's somewhat more accessible on set side due to 1.64.

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