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The Ultimate Enchantment Guide

By monsterslam - MEMBER - June 16, 2018, 11:07:14
UPDATED AS OF : 30/12/2019


As of update 1.64, my runes guide became obsolete and irrelevant, therefore I decided to update it within the new system (now called Enchantment) and fill in, either new to the game or a hardcore player, about how this system works and how can it be effectively used to improve one's character build.

Table of content:

A- General idea
B- Regular item enchantment.
  • B-1: How it works.
  • B-2: Sublimations.
  • B-3: Item rerolls.
  • B-4: How to benefit efficiently from the system.
C-: Relic and epic sublimations.

A- General Idea:

The enchantment system allows players to gain extra characteristics through crushing unused items/relic fragments to obtain shards to improve specific slots on each piece of equipment. That is done through a rather simple interface:
B- Regular Item Enchantment:

B-1: How it works:

Basically, when you obtain a piece of equipment, it will ask you to identify it, when you do, it will give it rune slots. Once you click one of the rune slots, you will enter the enchantment interface. When you enter the enchantment interface, you have the option to choose the slot which you want to enchant (in other words, the slot which you want to give bonuses to the item) and what bonuses it can give. Each colour/shape has its own respective bonuses:

Red/Square (per level): 2 Earth Resistance/1 Single Target Mastery/1 Area Mastery/1 Melee Mastery/1 Distance Mastery/2 Berserk Mastery

Blue/Triangle (per level): 3 Lock/2 Water Resistance/2 Air Resistance/4 Health Points/2  Healing Mastery/1 Elemental Mastery

Green/Pentagon (per level): 2 Initiative/2 Fire Resistance/1 Critical Mastery/1 Rear Mastery/3 Dodge

White/Circle: Any bonus from above without exception (with the same /per level rate)

Once you choose a slot and it's bonuses, it will show you how many times you would like to improve it, each time you improve the slot it will require shards to be spent, which can be obtained previously mentioned by crushing items, however, crushing resources will obtain you Powder which is used for crafts, quests and other reasons. To crush an item, you click on the hammer icon at the top of your inventory.

When upgrading the slot(s) you chose, you will then be capped by the item's level range: for example, if the item's level range is 156-170, then the item will be capped at level 8 of improvement. The maximum level of improvement is level 10, which is possible to reach for level 200 items.

B-2: Sublimations:

There are scrolls within the game called sublimations, those scrolls are obtained through either quests, crafting or drops from the Runic Mimic or doing steles inside dungeons. What they are is that they give the character certain bonuses when you have a certain combination and order of rune slots. For a full list of sublimations and where to obtain them, please check in this thread. To use a sublimation, simply double click it and click on the item that has the same order/colour of the respective rune slots. Sometimes the sublimations can be stacked multiple times on multiple items.

B-3: Item Rerolls:

As mentioned above, you require certain combination and order of rune slots to make use of sublimations..but, what if you don't have the same order/combination? Fear not, Ankama implemented a way to be able to change them! All you do is go to an enchantment workshop which can be found at one of the nations, and use a similar item in rarity to sacrifice it to use the enchantment system tabs. This is where the enchantment system tabs come in: The second tab is used to increase the number of rune slots, maximum being 4. The third tab is used to change the colour of each rune slot. The third tab is used to change the order of the colours of the rune slots if there's more than 1. Please note that: you cannot use different rarity items of the same equipment to sacrifice it in order to use the enchantment system tabs, it only lets you sacrifice a similar in rarity item to use them.
B-4: How to Benefit Efficiently From the System:

Simply put, you need to make sure you are able to provide many copies/multiples of the same item (again, with the same rarity) to sacrifice in order to be able to obtain a good roll on the item. That's basically RNG, but it would be too easy otherwise. So when you drop/obtain a rare item, don't feel happy yet until you roll its rune slots, got a good roll, cool, got a bad roll, welp, you gotta farm for it again to sacrifice it. Also make sure you can use as many sublimations as possible in combat as they are really game changing.

C-: Relic and Epic Sublimations:

Like normal sublimatons, these sublimations are used by double clicking on them and applying them on the item. But, please note the item has to be a relic for relic sublimations and an epic for epic sublimations respectively, otherwise you can't apply those sublimations to other items. To obtain them, you need to be ranked in the dungeon rankings and wait for the end of the month rewards and open the reward boxes you obtain from your ranking, and get the sublimation at a random chance. Usually the bonuses these sublimations offer are much stronger or much more game changing than normal sublimations, and you can use a relic and epic sublimation at the same time as well.

Final Notes:

1. This guide is pretty short but the enchantment system made it rather more simple and easy to understand than the old rune system.

2. All sublimations work together given that you meet the order/combination/item requirements on all items with said sublimations.

3. If my guide needs improvement, please feel free to look into it and give suggestions to make it even simpler to explain the enchantment system.

4. I am sorry for the lack of pictures but I think it's not necessary to provide them for such a simple system. I already explained in detail how things look like when you try to enchant an item.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helped you as much as possible.
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Looks good.
Don't forget to add the new epic/relic runes once 1.6 comes.

Can I level up Metamorfo runes just like normal runes or do i have to max it BEFORE converting them?

Also, you might want to add that the upgrade fee scales with item-level so it is cheaper to upgrade runes BEFORE upgrading the (end-game)-item to it's final version.

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Score : 1660

Thanks for your suggestion.

To answer your question, you can level up metamorfo runes like normal runes no problem, you don't have to max out normal runes before using metamorfos. Basically all metamorfo hammers do is change what stats the runes give you, the runes behave the same when upgrading them.

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Score : 7176

You might also want to include the formulas for the rune-upgrade-cost and the amount of powder per shatter.

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Score : 1660

I've thought powder obtained from shattering items is completely random as I never got to observe a pattern in powder obtained.

If you can find the formula for the rune upgrade fee, feel free to share it and I will add it to the main post. Regardless, I don't think it's really necessary as it makes no difference to when I say the lower the quality and level of your item, the less the cost.

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Score : 336

Just scanned it. looks like it contains all the infos. will start reading and studying it. THANKS!

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Score : 24

For alteration Runes I-II its 10-%15% of that elements percent dmg? I.e. if i have 1750 water dmg and 1600 fire dmg if i use water my fire dmg will gain 160 fire dmg(1600*.10) if im using alteration II? And for Alteration II do the buffs stack? like if i use water i gain 10% in all my other elements, but then i use fire do i gain an ADDITIONAL 10% to air and earth or just gain 10% in water?

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Score : 2861

You get 10%in the other eles until you use a spell. This means it will not stack multiple times.

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Score : 7176

I threw together a quick spreadsheet for calculating the cost of putting in runes, from the formula Rozie provided:

You can use that, if you'd like to.


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Score : 52

One question for "Alternation II", does triggered attack gain +10% elemental mastery bonus?

E.g  In tick turn, Xelor uses Aging(2nd wind skill), then Hand(1st fire skill) which triggers wind attack,  then Hand(1st fire skill) which triggers wind attack
For this 5 attacks(3 by users, 2 by triggers) , what is the bonus like, 1 or 2 below?

1. Aging, Hand(get 10% bonus), triggerd wind(get 10% bonus), Hand(get 10% bonus), triggerd wind(get 10% bonus), next non-wind skill will get 10% bonus 
2.  Aging, Hand(get 10% bonus), triggerd wind, Hand, triggerd wind, next non-fire skill will get 10% bonus 

Another question for "Robust Health", how does HP caculate with "Intelligence Health Points"?
E.g, I have basicly 5000HP and I add 40 "Intelligence Health Points"(that is 160%), then I carry  "Robust Health". What is my final HP, 1 or 2 below?

1. 5000 * (100% + 160%) * (100% - 40%) = 7800
2. 5000 * (100% + 160% - 40%) = 11000

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Score : 1660
First question answer: That would be first option, the buff would apply all the time if you keep alternating the elements as you mentioned.
Second question answer: I am unsure, so I can't give a definitive answer.

[Siu] gave an official answer in another thread.
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I got a question for unraveling cuase recently I used it and my crit mastery was cut in half I thought it would remain the same while half of it would be added to elem mastery and it says on the guide that 50% of crit mastery is not lost.

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I wrote "the remaining 50% is not lost", as in the amount of critical mastery after reduction, not "adds extra elemental mastery with 50% critical mastery value without conversion."

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Hi there, I have a question regarding the metamorfo runes.
more specifically its about changing the rune stats.

if I interpret your point right ([RG-2-4] Notes: Point 2), we are able to change the stats from lets say, precision into distance by several steps.
1) Lets say I have an item fully runed +20 precision
2) I change the metamorfo rune back into normal one with smithhammer (dmg/resist/support smith hammers), but it will retain the max rune stats
3) I change it to my other preference stat with metamorfo rune such as distance
4) I have my item now max runed with +20 distance

do I have the steps and understanding correct here?


Enceladon|2019-01-09 08:17:30
I don't think you have to do it that way. If you have a precision rune in an item and want to change it distance rune, just use the distance metamorfo on that slot, I don't think that you have to turn it to normal in steps between.

monsterslam|2019-01-10 03:56:49
Like Enceladon said, you don't need to change the rune to a normal one then another metamorfo, you can directly change metamorfos from one to another by using the metamorfo hammers directly.

biggrin Thanks for the help. work perfectly. love the guide too btw, monsterslam!
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I don't think you have to do it that way. If you have a precision rune in an item and want to change it distance rune, just use the distance metamorfo on that slot, I don't think that you have to turn it to normal in steps between.

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Hope that there is an update after this 1.64 Eliocalypse of Smithmagic rune...

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Score : 1660

in progress

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You make it look like the progression of stats is linear with the level of enchantment. However, it is not. You might want to correct that, I can give you the exact values if you want.
Also, there is no mention about doubled stats, which is... weird, at least.

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Score : 1884

Could you post the complete values please? I would like to complete this table.
Thank you.

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bad guide

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