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Understanding Mineral Tower

By -Juusto- - MEMBER - June 06, 2018, 04:02:52

To get in the Mineral Tower the first time, you have to start the quest by speaking to your nation's Arkeologist. Don't worry it will only take few minutes.

Only 1-3 character groups are allowed in the Mineral Tower. Non-hero sidekicks are not allowed.

If you step out of the dungeon, you cannot enter again until you have got another Feca Incantation, which you only get for free once per day.

Eventho the normal Mineral Tower is a lvl 36 dungeon, it holds great rewards like the Stimpaulettes (lvl 140 relic) for higher level people too. It is also a good daily dungeon for money making.

You get 2 new spells to use in mineral tower, will add info about them later.

For normal dungeon your level will be downscaled to 50 if you are higher.

1. Rewards Board
- It shows the possible drops from the boss based on how many points you currently have, what stasis you're using and which dungeon (normal lvl 36, elite lvl 186).

2. Powerful Feca Incantation
- It is bought by ogrines and is used as an extra dungeon run for the day.

3. Quests

A. Life and death
- You need to win the fight for the them to count for the quest.

1. Defeat Unearthed Agony first
- Kill the boss 1st, you can kill her clones.

2. Defeat Unearthed Agony last
There must not be any other enemies alive when you kill the boss.

3. Finish the fight without anyone dying
Don't get knocked down.

4. Finish the fight without having performed any heals
Do not heal your allies, summons can be used to heal.

5. Finish the fight with all characters at 80% HP or more
You can heal up, if you're lower than 80%.

B. Tower elements
- You don't have to win for kills to count.
- Cystals, clones of the boss or monsters she summon do not count towards the quest.

1. Finish off 4 monsters using a direct Fire spell
Last hit the monster with said damage type.

2. Finish off 4 monsters using a direct Water spell
- Last hit the monster with said damage type.

3. Finish off 4 monsters using a direct Earth spell
- Last hit the monster with said damage type.

4. Finish off 4 monsters using a direct Air spell
- Last hit the monster with said damage type.

5. Finish off 8 monsters using damage from behind:
- Last hit the monster from behind.

C. Strategy and Counter-Strategy
- You need to win the fight for the them to count for the quest.

1. Finish the fight without activating any poisons
- Jadarmed casts an ap-poison to you from 1-2 range.
- Type 1 poison activates if you cast any spell that costs 0-3ap.
- Type 2 poison activates if you cast any spell that costs 4 ap or more.
- Note that type 1 will be activated by the buffs chosen at the start of turn.

2. Finish the fight having broken all Agony's spells
- The boss starts glowing green. You need to break the crystals to break it.
- Sometimes, especially on higher stasis you also need to cause enough damage to it.

3/4. Finish the fight with/without removing the Veriun Deads' Seismic Resistance
- The monsters that are present at the start of the fight will have said buff on them.
- The higher the stasis, the more it takes to break them.
- Agatank: Needs to be hit with the element it is most resistant to. Can change during the fight.
- Emeraldin: Needs to lose ap/mp by player or summon, pushback is useful.
- Jadarmed: It needs to start it's turn next to a player.

5. Finish the fight without weakening any crystals
- Don't cause damage to the crystals the boss summons.

D. Push your Limits
1. Finish the fight in under 10 minutes
- Win the fight in 10 minutes.

2. Finish the fight having spent all your AP each turn
- Always spend all ap.

3. Finish the fight without using any special spells
- Don't use the new spells that appear on the 4th spell row.

4. Finish the fight without having borne any weapons
- Do not wear any weapons to the fight. Note that shields are counted as weapons too!

5. Finish the fight without using any WP
- Don't use any WP.

The info above is based on my own experience. Thanks for everyone who have contributed with helping so far. I will keep updating the thread every now and then.

Info yet to be added:
- New Spells.
- Weekly points.
- Stasis buffs of the boss.
- Wp-poison and the brown cells.
- Elite Mineral Tower.

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1. Rewards Board
- What it stands for? 
It display a pool of drops you have a chance to drop when you defeat a boss

- How do you get to a higher level of rewards?
There are 2 types of pools, stasis pools and point pools.
Stasis pools add certain items to the possible drop pool if you enter the dungeon at stasis 20 or higher
Point pools add items to the drop pool depending on the number of "dungeon quests" you already completed this week (you can do quests on stasis 1 then get better drops at a higher stasis on the next day)

- How do you get to the elite rewards?
Elite rewards drop in the Elite mineral tower, which is the lvl 180 dungeon (the lvl 45 one is just called the Mineral tower)

2. Powerful Feca Incantation
- How do you acquire it?
A powerful feca incantation is an item you can buy with ogrines in the shop, it's identical to a normal feca incantation you can get once per day from the NPC (you need them if you want to do the dungeon more than once per day)

- Is it different than the normal dungeon?
Yes, only 3 player groups can enter and entrance requires a key (feca incantations), but if you fail you can restart the fight for free as long as you don't exit the dungeon.
Also there are multiple different bosses, but unless you exit the dungeon you will fight the same one even if you loose and restart.

4. Mineral Tower Machine
- We get a lot of tokens for it, but all the items are linked and seem useless... what is the point?
They are just some nice prizes, they said that the rewards will change periodically, but so far that hasn't been the case.

 3. Finish the fight without anyone dying
Not sure if you can get knocked down?
That's what dying in a fight usually means.

 1. Finish off 4 monsters using a direct X spell
Can you lower with other type and what counts as direct?
Yes, but it only counts for the player that actually got the last hit.

4. Finish the fight having removed all the Veriun Deads' Seismic Resistance
  - How does one do this?

3 of them loose their resistance if they are knocked against a wall or something (knockback) and one of them if he gets hit in the element he's most resistant to (i forget which one)

4. Finish the fight without having borne any weapons
  - How does one do this?
In my experience, just don't use your weapon in a fight
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Most of them are wrong so don't bother

- What it stands for?
these are rewards that you can get them after finishing the boss

- How do you get to a higher level of rewards?

More points will do the job, You could also increase the stasis of the dungeon if you're up for it but don't think it will be a piece of cake

- How do you get to the elite rewards?
you see there's actually 2 mineral tower dungeons, Normal one(36) and the elite one(186)

- How do you acquire it?
you can buy them using your ogrines

And yes it is different from the normal one

you can get the normal one once per day
Only players who have the golden ticket can enter with you(if you entered the one that needs golden ticket)

Once you start the fight use these two special spells(both of them would cost 8) then try to move to good place you can be safe(4mp is not enough but it can do the job)

Beware from that Crystal monster who loses ap/mp you have to get rid of him so you can no longer have pain

Don't stay close to them(unless if you're close-combat)

Kill the minions then focus on the boss, if the boss summoned her colons then first kill the colons then focus on the minions

Every 3 turn you have to be ready the boss might summon her colons or her minions(sometimes both)

Healers....Healers Everywhere

you could save them and buy a NOICE tofu, costume, regeneration potion...not sure if they will add more.

Some quests are broken, you must get all of them


A Life and Death

I think KO Counts

Summons doesn't count

B Tower Elements

Your Finisher spell is the one that counts(that means if you used a fire as a finisher spell it would give you 1 point and so on and so on)

Direct spells, this means no Poison or Flame or Glyphs(not sure about glyphs)

C Strategy and Counter-Strategy

There's a crystal monster who gives you a poison if you use some amount of ap do no trigger the poison

the rest I still have no idea about them

D Push your limits

do not use your weapons if "Somehow" you could use one
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1-2 more infos provided by Cody5 and Gempal

Mineral Tower lvl 50 quest explanations Please

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Thanks for the answers so far! I still have a lot wonders about the "Strategy and Counter-Strategy" quest tho. Also can someone confirm if summon heals wont fail the no heals one?

Simplified the 1st post. Numbers on TheFinalxBlue's response point to wrong place now.

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Strategy and Counter-Strategy (Poison)
Agony sometimes casts a spell ONTO YOU that gives poisons YOU. It is some ap/mp related thing, i think, "move, take damage" or so.

THAT is the poison meant in the quest. So if she poisons you, do not trigger it.
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Poison is a debuff that will only be inflicted by jadarmed. There is 2 types of poison. Type 1 is ap poison that inflict dmg when casting any spell that use 3 ap or less. Type 2 poison is ap poison that deal dmg when casting spell that is 4 ap or more. As long as u fulfill the condition after got inflicted with the debuff by jadarmed u wont take any poison dmg. Another thing to take note is the poison type inflicted is fixed upon entering dungeons meanings that if the jadarmed use type 2 poison on turn 1, it will only use type 2 poison for the rest of the fight. Tho im not sure.if the newly summoned mobs on turn 4 ownwards will do the same poison type or not.

Remove sesimic resistance:
atk with the element of his highest resist to agatank.
ap/mp remove of emeraldin
Stays in cc range of jadarmed on the starts of jadarmed turn(tho it counter the needs to not be within cc range of jadarmed because it cause dmg to all units in cc range on the start of his turn)
 To add: only players in cc range of jadarmed will remove its sesimic resistance, summons dosent count

Break agony spell:
agony spell is the green glow effect that happens on turn 3/7/11 and so on. There is 2 types of agony spell, type 1 is it grants the boss a huge numbers of resistance, type 2 is that it grants agony to heal a fixed amount of hp for each hits received. Same as jadarmed the agony spell is decided upon entering the dungeons and will the type of it will remain the same throughout the period inside the dungeon. In order to break agony spell, the player must break 3 crystal and leave 1 of the crystal alive till the boss activated its green aura. Soon after the boss activated the green aura on turn 3 break the last crystal to break spell of agony.
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Thank you so much. I used pushback against something on the Emeraldin, which stole his ap, so I thought it was to push it against something. The others I found out fast too.

This info on the agony spell helps a lot!

The poison thing tho, I'm sure I didn't activate Jadarmed's poisons, but still didn't get it. Could the brown tiles on ground count toward it too?

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Can someone please explain to me, how the damage from WP use, works?

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" Wp cusrse is part of the boss mechanic and there is another mechanic besides wp curse is the meteor. Upon entering dungeon, 1 of these 2 mechanics will be choosen so if the cell u occupied r targeted by meteor after inflicting dmg on turn 2, means that u can stop worrying about getting punished for using wp for the rest of the fight. Both the mechanic only happens during turn 2, 5 and 9(or 8, didnt really keep track). " By aeinn in an earlier response.

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Time for another question! Can the boss keep summoning more monsters forever? Is there a point to try to keep fighting, if you cannot kill the first wave of monsters before she has cast another?

With my current team it's quite impossible to beat her at stasis 21 if she summons more monsters. At one time there were monsters from atleast 3 waves at once.

I noticed that 1 team has beat the dungeon on stasis 21 within 4 turns this month. I wonder how much luck is included.

Inspired the by the rankings I bought a 6th character slot and made a secondary team of Cra, Iop and Masq. So far I have been impressed by the Masq skills, but at stasis 20 the boss destroys my Masq and Iop way too fast and the cra just feels useless.

I'd like to ask help with building 2 strong teams to beat the tower at stasis 21. I can delete the Iop and Masq to replace with other classes. The classes that I will not be deleting are: Cra, Sacrier, Eni and Elio. I also would like tips on how to best use my characters and which elements on them work best on the tower.

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I don't know how far it goes, but at one time she summoned the next "wave" before I had killed of the last completely. (low lvl  one)

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Not 100% sure, but resummoning monsters seems to be a sub-mode of low level tower boss. Just wait for a different day and a different mode to do your stasis 21 runs. People who managed to beat it in low number of turns, most likely did not have to deal with constant summoning of new mobs. Either that or they used classes who have strong aoe spells. Speaking of which, fire masq is an excellent choice for low tower, and I personally find iop a good option, because of how he can significantly lower boss's hp when under influence of orange buff. Masq, iop, cra sounds like a solid team for st21 run. Can replace cra with elio, fogger, xelor, something that has ranged aoe. Try runeing resists if characters receive too much damage, and work on your positioning.

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Speak of the devil, you're the one who has done it in 4 turns! x)

Can you give tips on how to use Iop and Masq?
- Do you need to heal at all?
- Which spells do you mostly use?
- Do you try to hide or lock the boss?

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Any idea how to break all the agony's spells on high stasis? The crystal thing seems to work on stasis 1, most of the time... but not on high stasis, there must be some way to break it on high stasis too!

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It doesn't even seem to work on stasis 1 anymore!? :/

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Hey guys! I'm finding a hard time to access it. Is it still avaible? Do I have to talk with some NPC to get there? I'm playing on Efrim btw (I don't know if it is closed on my server).

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Hi, I've been supposed to update such things. But been kinda busy as I was appointed leader of the guild I'm in. I think to start the quest, you need to talk to your nation's archeologist. It's the same person as in the nations questline in the mount zinit quest tab.

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Made a big update to the 1st post, still need to input some more info. Would appreciate if someone wrote the 4 steps I added at the end of the 1st post.

As my main group: Elio, Eni, Sac, has been rising to higher stasis (31 so far). I have noticed that my secondary group: Cra, Iop, Masq, which was made only for the tower (except for Cra), is lacking behind (stasis 23 so far).

I believe I either need to learn the classes better (boo, lame, no thanks.), swap characters between the 2 groups or replace a character completely.

So far the one I have most problems is the Iop. As suggested by people I mainly use the Air Branch, but after months I still have problems remembering the Iop combos and the wp-poison is quite deadly to some of the best Iop skills.

I also still fail to understand how people manage to kill the boss in few turns in high stasis, I can hardly do that at stasis 1.

I'm getting the god booster today so I can fully reset all my characters, this could bring some much needed damage and durability. I'd like to ask people who do high stasis: What stats did you choose for your characters? Would appreciate if you said them all, instead of just pointing few out.

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For Lvl 50 gears (Area Mastery) I'm using:

Moskito Amulet
Imperator Boots / Magmacrak Boots
Otomai's Scouts Cloak
Celestial Tofu Epaulettes / Black Zorpaulettes
Moskito Hat
Imperator Ring
Satisfaction Ring
Conquered Raziel
Spite Dagger

I still have difficulties doing the dungeon on high stasis level (20+)

With this gears I have 10 ap 4 mp and 2 range (I have picked range+40 elemental mastery for major. ). I'm planning on running an Inflexible rune (20% damage) on the Satisfaction Ring. Maybe that will help somehow...

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Can you post the stats you have with such build?

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i think the break agony spell challenge have been modified. The most recent run i did was that i had to do at least 500/600 dmg to agony with a single spell when she has her green aura on.( on stasis 1)

i did screenshot but have no idea how to share it >_<   

Edit: 500/600 dmg on agony but with a single spell

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oh and message shown in game log have changed too, this time it says: spell broken(protectionism), in which the protectionism r referring to the self heal per dmg taken aura.

so i'm gonna make my guess that the aura with high resistance might require another different condition to break it.
(if anyone is confuse, go check my 1st comment way back above, the green aura DO NOT always heal the boss after taking hit, sometimes it only grants huge amount of resistance)

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When I go to my nation's Archeologist, he doesn't have any dialogue options. I'm level 104. Does anybody know how to fix this so that I can run mineral tower?

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1st of all, check that you didn't get it in past already: The quest has a picture of a green pipe on it. I think the name was something like "Now, how...." can't remember whole name.

2nd are you part of a nation? Are you sure you're speaking to YOUR nation's arheologist and not some other nation's. Also this dialogue is at the nations, not at the island of the nations/zinit questline.

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i don't know how to equip anything on my automated page, it won't let me. any ideas?

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You can't equip on automated. You have to create new build and for it new spells page, new stats page and new items page.

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I posted this on another thread but this will help people starting like me. The guy from that thread already had alot of items he dropped from the dungeon or bought.
Here are the items I use as i too am starting. You can change it however you want but with this you can get 10ap 4mp, which is good for cra riddling and doing huge damge/1hit ko Agony. I could upgrade the gear even better but too lazy to do that even though the items are fairly easy to obtain (most can just drop) I could raise earth mastery to 200 but want fire aoe and spell to do good dmg too. 
Basically carnivore set,kapow items, travelercloak(1ap) Its possible to have 12 ap as well with ap wep like gulatard and ap passive if that's what you want with your build
Amulet is alpha predator amulet not carnivore becase alpha gives ap. kapow boots give mp
With these items and good spells, strategy stasis 21 seems easy.
Make sure you get the right rarity for carnivore +ap set bonus or it wont give it..

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Hi, thanks for posting! I'm planning on coming back and will try to update the thread as all the info is quite old. Do you notice anything on the 1st post that is outdated?

I'll try to check what I have on my characters later to see if they are close to the stats that you have. Tho my items most likely are super old and not able to get anymore.

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Change the title and mention this is about the level 36-50 dungeon

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Thanks for the reply, but I think I'll keep it the way it is. I am planning to add info about the Elite tower too.

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