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Flower's huppermage Guide

By LilLeeroy#5318 - MEMBER - May 10, 2018, 21:11:02

Henlo Friends and otherworldly beings, Its me Flower with a in depth guide for Huppermages

My nick name is Flower and I'm from Remington and i recently class change to huppermage and I'm enjoying every moment i play. I fell in love with the Huppermages tweaks that happened recently and just wanted to share what I learned so far with everyone, so lets get in on that.(this guide will be updated more)

1. Playstyle

2. Stats
3. Spells
4. Active spells


So huppermages have 3 main playstyles being:125QB/-5WP tank or minimised damage build where you use Solar stronghold to reduce as much damage as you can. Solar can proc 5 times with 125QB and combined with the passive “Soul Development” it goes up to around 1500 damage per 25QB.200QB playstyle (This one I’m using myself) is the strongest playstyle a huppermage can play. It resolves around using light arrow and elemental spells as main damage and always staying in the Heart of Fire state. Combined with the right item build you can reach scary amounts of damage.950QB build is a wacky but strong build as well focusing on stacking QB for the Twilight beam spell nuke and elemental damage.This guide is focused on 200QB huppermages so please don’t be sad if its not what you expected ;’(

Stats for 200QB huppermage that i use myself:

10 points into resistance, the rest dump into HP. You can take %HP to armor as well but only a few points.

20 points into Single target.
20 points into Distance.
10 points into Elemental mast.

I went with 50 into dodge but you can also do 20 into initiative and 30 into dodge if you want to start first. 

20 points into critical hits.
20 points into block.
10 points into critical mastery.

10% FD
50 Elemental resistance

Stats for hupper are very basic. Of course they differ for each build but I'm focusing on 200QB build.


So, the main four elemental spells are bread and butter for any huppermage. Each spell steals mastery based on level corresponding to its element. The mastery steals last for 2 turns and can stack. All are basic spells with no specific mechanics apart from the Diurnal Butterflies.This one is a fun and interesting spell, based on the rune you have it exerts a pull or push and is increased by a fire rune if the Caster has Water rune the spell with Pull the target by 1 cell, If the player has Fire rune and Water rune the target will be pulled 2 cells.If Caster has Earth rune the spell with Push the target by 1 cell, If the player has Fire rune and Earth rune the target will be pushed 2 cells.

Now let’s cover the rest of elemental spell effects:

Resonance combined with Air rune does non-reducible damage.

Light of dawn combined with Fire rune does extra damage

Walloping combined with Fire rune gives a stack able buff of 5% critical strike. Provided you have enough AP this can stack up to 100% critical strike, but it’s only theoretical. This buff last 2 turns.

Vestige combined with Water rune steals 7% critical strike from each monster hit in a cross AoE and last only for current turn.

Backband combined with Water rune gives armor based on enemies hit in a line.

Rift combined with Earth rune gives armor. This can be used many times during turn and I personally use it when I know I can’t do damage or reach monster that turn, so, to give myself a safety net of some sort.

Luminescent Disc combined with Earth rune removes 1 range from the target and can be used 3 times on target.

Dancing shadows combined with Air rune teleport the target 2 cells behind itself if you are standing in line with it. A very useful positioning spell.

This covers the main elemental spell mechanics, now let’s jump to Light spells.
Shiny orbs is a spell that hits 2 times. Has decent base damage but not as strong as other spells. Combined with Will-O-The-Wisp it makes shiny orbs damage AoE.

Light arrow. One of the strongest spells in the huppers kit. Combined with a rune its damage increases by 21(at level 200), combined with all four runes it increases by 81 base damage. Light arrow is a nuke spell and should be not wasted.

Moonbeam is another OK spell but not as near useful to light arrow or shiny orbs. It does damage in a linear AoE and steals 30% of damage dealt.

Mirage is one of the best spells for huppers mobility and combos. It swaps with the target, THEN deals damage (learned my lesson at roxxors). It has a drawback being “after using mirage the side and back damage modifiers are removed for the turn.” This means that after you used mirage you would deal the same damage from the back as if you were attacking from the front.

Twilight Beam is another amazing spell but not useful for 200QB hupper. It’s a tactical nuke based on how much QB you have, best used by 950QB builds for insane damage.

Glistening Tear is really strong only if you crit. Its damage is OK but is overpowered when you critically strike. Has a drawback of removing 20% critical strike after successfully critically striking for one turn. Mainly use it as an end of turn spell.

Light sword is a melee range AoE spell that steals health from targets based on how many runes you have. I don’t approve this spell for a 200QB build I see it being extremely strong in a high QB melee build.

Glistening Halo. A really interesting spell, it does what it says. Inverts lock and dodge for one turn. a.k.a Swaps lock and dodge of the target for one turn. Can only give the effect every 3 turns.

Active spells:
Solar stronghold is one of the most broken things in game to be honest. At level 200 it can block around 1500 damage 5 times per turn with 125QB and 200QB builds. For a 2AP cost it is really strong and should always be in your deck.

Heart of Fire. The bread and butter of 200QB huppers. While in HoF you gain 80 Elemental resistance and 20% final damage on all spells. Mirage, Glistening Tear, Twilight Beam and Shiny orbs get a 1AP reduction while in HoF. At the end of your turn you lose 25% of your max QB.

Will-O-The-Wisp is a blessing. It has many uses and mechanics. It costs 1AP to place a wisp. If you have a rune or the last generated rune can be placed on the wisp to recover later. With the wisp having a specific elemental rune you can recover the same element spell that is not in your deck. Yes. Over powered as hell. You can also make another wisp with a different rune to recover a different spell, but the previous recovered spell would be swapped to the new spell. After recovering a wisp, you get back 2 AP. This spell must be in every ones deck I don’t care what you say. USE IT!!!

Wall of energy is very basic spell. Costing 2MP to place a 1x3 wall that blocks line of sight. Useful for many Ultimate bosses and some dungeons.

Principio Valere. A wonderful spell with many uses. It has different effects while using a specific rune.While having a Fire rune the spell inflicts incurable level 5 and a passive for one turn called Sharing.Sharing spreads all the healing the target receives around itself in a circle. Is situational but at some bosses is insanely op and in some PvP situations.
While having a Water rune and casting the spell. The target gets teleported to the nearest wisp. It can teleport 6 cells away from the wisp.While having an Earth rune the spell stabilizes the target.
While having an Air rune and using the spell you are teleported to the targeted cell.Now you would ask what happens if I have all runes. Well stabilise and Incurable with sharing is given to the target. Air and water rune effects are ignored.


Dynamo. Ahh this one is very generic.Dynamo is mandatory for any hupper. Gives FD and resists while in HoF.

Purification is useless for 200QB build. Otherwise use it for a high QB build.

Antithesis is a really bad passive for 200QB hupper, since you can’t cast arrow 2 times a turn with the same power as without this passive, not worth the passive slot..

New Breath is mandatory. It gives 250QB at the start of combat, this means you can activate HoF first thing as you start combat. In addition, this passives has a mechanic where if you have an Air rune and attack with air spells you give the monster a passive that makes them suffer 5% more damage next turn. This stacks with each hit of an air spell.

Universality is very basic. Every element you use during a turn, you gain 5% FD for next turn. Light counts to this buff as well to make up to 25% FD for next turn. I recommend using this always.

Sensextention this passive if the bread and butter for high QB builds. It gives 225 QB and while having a Water rune using water spells gives monster a passive that makes them do 4% less damage next turn. It stacks up to 20%.

Fullness is a strong passive. While using elemental spells it builds stacks for your next light spell making it do 40% more damage and costing 40% less QB.

Soul development is a interesting passive. Mainly used by 125QB hupper builds but can also be used but 200QB. It makes solar stronghold a bit stronger and gives an extra spell in your deck that removes up to 3000 armour for 2AP. Really useful in badger dungeon or against monster that can shield themselves or others.

Pulsation is a weird one. It gives 50 elemental resistance if a few conditions are met. It works best with 125QB builds.

Gift incarnation. Really strong for 200QB build and it has a passive after using a light spell you gain 6% elemental damage for 2 turns. This effect can stack up to 30%.
My own recommendation would be: Dynamo, New Breath, Universality, Fulness, Carnage, Gift Incarnation.

Now for the juicy combos:
Note: all these combos will be made assuming you have 12AP
The most basic combo is Energy flux + light of dawn. Spend the rest ap on another light of dawn or anything else. This is the biggest elemental nuke combo.
Diurnal butterflies + Dancing shadows. A good positioning combo with decent damage.
Energy flux + Walloping 3x is a good critical strike generating combo for 15% crit. With a 2AP buff this can be a 20%.
Final damage stacking combo:
HoF + Mirage 2x on a monster(this gives 12% FD for elemental spells on the current turn) + all 4 elemental spells for 2AP. This ends you with 25% FD for next turn. Then next turn I just spam mastery steal for the element the target is weakest to or until I’m left with 3 ap. Light arrow nuke for massive damage.
Another combo is having 80% base critical strike. Have a Feca to buff you to 16AP.HoF + Energy Flux + Walloping 4x. This will get you 100% critical strike for 2 turns. Then you can have fun! But this combo can lose all its worth with a masqueraider on your team, since he can give you 20% critical strike mask.

Thanks for reading this guide and I hope it helped you understand huppermages a lil bit more!

Special thanks to @Akiraiz for helping me out making this guide
Flower out xo

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Scam, he justs wants you to waste money on getting -WP items

- This was a joke comment, go easy on me please fear

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low QB build is already a thing for quite a long time

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Do you know which gears gives (-1max wp). The gear search engine on the website wont filter for gears that have them. My hupper is currently lvl 148 in Nox.


RynthZero|2018-06-07 16:27:29
Feca Shield, Souvineer Legano, Shiver ring, and Ivory Dofus fragment.

-1, -2, -2, -1 for -6 wp totals. (not that all these are endgame lvl 200 and the shiver ring is lvl 176 in green rarity.)

Thanks Rynth,
This is extremely helpful. The only other one I found to have minus to wp, is the "Ismo Belt" (-1wp)(lvl 120) that's dropped from "unearthed agony" in the Mineral Tower.
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Feca Shield, Souvineer Legano, Shiver ring, and Ivory Dofus fragment.

-1, -2, -2, -1 for -6 wp totals. (not that all these are endgame lvl 200 and the shiver ring is lvl 176 in green rarity.)

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Correction for principio valerie:
the effect of principio valerie is not determined by the runes you have, instead it is determined by which rune is the last generated. The best way to determine on which rune is generated last is by checking on which element does the 10% mastery buff is applied. If say you have 4 runes while having extra 10% mastery buff on air means that principio valerie will teleport yourself to the targeted cell.

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Some extra tips:
Retrieving rune from will o wisp of colours that urself already have will overwrite the runes retrieved to be the last generated rune. Example is that already having 4 runes and also 10% mastery buff on air, retrieving fire rune from will o wisp will change the 10% mastery buff from air to fire.
More extea tips:
the same rule apply to the spell flux(2 ap fire spell) when casting on empty cell. On some cases when u need to teleport with air principio valerie but not being able to swap rune to meets ur needs, casting flux on empty spell will consume fire rune and generate air rune overwriting the previous last rune generated to air.

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Hi, anybody can you explain and confirm this:

  • Principio Valere... Now you would ask what happens if I have all runes. Well stabilise and Incurable with sharing is given to the target. Air and water rune effects are ignored.
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Check my comment above

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