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[>140 Solo Levelling w/New Patch] Srambad-Enurado Bank

By CuddleBeam - MEMBER - April 05, 2018, 07:28:33

I haven't seen anyone else mention this yet so I'm posting this mini-guide here. If you're level 140+ and want to grind EXP, definitely consider this place.

So environment quests are now totally fricking nuts. What's better than one enviromental quest? Doing two.

Double Enviromental Quests. Yes.

Of course, for that you'd need to jump between areas, and lucky for us, there's a great one for grinding out level 140 and upwards: Srambad's Enutrof Bank.

The Bank works as a free Zaap between Enurado and Srambad - so you can easily do the enviromentals of both for the mad exp, PLUS it has a Phoenix, and a Nations (not Kelba) Market. It's amazing. Here, I'll prove it for you:

Thanks for checking this out and happy grinding!
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