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Requesting soupper glou guid XP

By vatchoug - MEMBER - January 12, 2018, 15:32:16
After searching in forum about it, i noticed that no one talked about it in details.
Not sure if this is the right place to say it but ... a request for all kind and brave guide writers out there, please can you make a guide about souper glou explaining the Environmental Quest intervals and places for each souper glou.
thank you in advance. tongue
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The same names for the different tiers are used for everything. Its a bit confusing and unintuitive at first, but you can check on basically anything (glou/runes/powder/tokens) to check what name is used for which level tier.

The W button shows some information about the territory you're in and also the recommended level range for that area. Which usually indicates what glou it gives. You can also click on environmental quests themselves which show what the rewards are, including what type of glou it gives. I generally find solos the most reliable/fastest, races as kinda swingy and random but can be nice if something spawns near you, competitive have really good payouts but might need to work a little harder for them. Collaboratives are usually more effort for lower reward compared to other options, possibly nice if there's a large group around or someone is doing the heavy lifting but those are unlikely scenarios.

Lvl range = lvl tier name = relevant areas

6-20 = Coarse = Astrub
21-35 = Basic = Astrub/Early parts of nations
26-50 = Imperfect = Nations
51-65 = Fragile = Calamar/Wild Estate/Zinit Wild Beach
66-80 = Rustic = Sadida Kingdom/Kelba/Monk Island
81-95 = Raw = Monk Island/Forfut/ChillbergIceFloe/Zinit Schnek Cave
96-110 = Solid = Bilbiza/Snowbound Village/Shhhdoku
111-125 = Durable = Ohwymi/ShusnitchReef/Harebourg County/Zinit Lower Slope South
126-140 = Refined = Blackspore/Wabbit Island South/Wabbit Tunnels/Zinit Lower Slope North
141-155 = Precious = Srambad/Enurado/Wabbit Island North
156-170 = Exquisite = Xel Past/Xel Present/Kali Henchman
171-185 = Mythical = Moon Island
186-200 = Eternal = Badger/Dormor/Dreggon/Ethernal
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Actually I kind of need this list too biggrin
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