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[Class] Bibbleforp's guide to the new Enutrof

By Gelgy - MEMBER - November 26, 2017, 04:07:14

OK so, I'm a bit on hiatus from the game watching how the new update's gonna turn out. Still, there are enough questions about the new Enutrof, and I can answer enough of them that I might as well write a new guide. So here we are!

The Basics and Core Mechanics
Role and appeal
Enutrof is a flexible set-up damage dealer with potential for strong MP removal. Depending on your build of choice Enutrof can either output a steady and consistent stream of ranged damage and AOEs, or provide strong shorter range DPT, provided the class has time to set up.

What's changed in the revamp
In short: Enutrof's core mechanics are more complicated, and require more inputs... but Enutrof is a much stronger damage dealer and is more competent at removing MP overall.

Enutrof's innate mechanic is Geology, which spawns a selection of elemental mines around them, and a few other core effects. The mechanics of Geology are like so:

  • Enutrof's starting Wakfu is reduced by 6 (to a minimum of 0).
  • +1% damage inflicted per 10 prospecting (maximum 15% for 150 prospecting)
  • When one of the Enutrof's mines is triggered they gain 1 WP.

The mines have the following effects on whoever is standing on them when triggered:
  • Gold Mines: +1 AP (2 turns)
  • Sapphire Mines: -50 elemental resistance (until the end of the Enutrof's turn)
  • Emerald Mines: -2 MP
  • Ruby Mines: The enutrof steals 1 range (-1 range on the cell, +1 range for the Enutrof)

The Drheller
As soon as you unlock Phone a Frhend, the Drheller becomes an essential part of Enutrof's playstyle.
  • The Drheller is your most reliable source of mines, especially after Advanced Geology evolves and you can use Rocky Road to dig up a ton of extra mines.
  • Drhellers can provide a variety of utility by repositioning allies, body-blocking enemies, and triggering mines.
  • You should almost always summon the Drheller on your first turn, or whenever it's off cooldown.

Both in terms of mobility and potential damage, Drhellzerker form is one of Enutrof's strongest but most conditional tools. The Drhellzerker spell is unlocked just for having the Phone a Frhend in your spell deck.
  • On its own, transforming into a Drhellzerker combines your AP and MP totals into a single pool used for both movement and casting spells. It also increases your dodge stat by 30%.
  • You gain one free dodge on your first movement input after becoming a Drhellzerker.

Despite having Enutrof's best potential damage, Drhellzerker form is not without its drawbacks. Because of your reduced range, you're not guaranteed to actually deal any more damage in this form than you would in human form, unless you were already close to your enemies. Also, not having your Drheller on the field is a hefty drawback on its own.

Spells and Elements

Active specialties neutral
  • Clumsiness: Essential to Enutrof performing its role as a debuffer. Sometimes the best use for leftover AP.
  • Phone a Frhend: Essential to all Enutrof builds, as the Drheller is your most efficient source of mines and wakfu. At early levels you are almost completely reliant on the Drheller to take advantage of mines.
  • Reaping: Needs to be cast on a mine, but it applies broke on the target cell and to all enemies in-line within 2 cells. Broke lasts until the end of your next turn, so it's best to cast this at the start of your turn so you get 2 turns to take advantage of the Broke state. See the F.A.Q. for detailed information about how purses work.
    • In Drhellzerker form there's a rare bug with this spell that prevents it from being cast on occupied cells. Players are still trying to figure out what causes the bug since it doesn't occur in all circumstances.
  • Movement: This is a really complicated spell, and it's hard to explain.. but it's essential if you're going to reliably take advantage of Enutrof's mines on the Enutrof's turn.
  • Seismic Wealth: Once unlocked this spell is a major player in your damage output. To get the most mileage you can out of this spell, work with your Drheller to get a large cluster of mines of different colors in one area, then try to stand so you get as many pairs within 2 cells of you (including under your feet).
  • I cannot emphasize enough: Seismic Wealth is an amazing damage booster when used right. This is your payoff for setting up large mine clusters, and gives you a roughly 3/4 turn uptime for strong damage output.
  • Prime of Life: If you're familiar with Pokémon.. you know those super strong Pokémon like Regigigas and Slaking, where their stats are out of this world, but they've got handicaps that are so bad that most people don't actually find them worth using? That's what Prime of Life is like. Every single effect this spell has is really nice, but with the spell's casting cost, 3 turn cooldown, and the tight restrictions on when and where you can gain those effects, it's a little hard to get worked up about it. If you can make Prime of Life work, it's amazing. But any deck you put it in is going to spend most of the time with a dead slot.

Fire spells fire
Fire is the element of AOEs, providing Enutrof's greatest range of zone effects. Although Ruby Mines steal range, Enutrof's fire spells don't rely on range for their utility, although they are some of your best picks for a long ranged build.
  • Fusion: The mine creation spell of the fire element. This is a very simple spell, useful for its respectable damage ratio and flexible casting range. One of its primary uses is simply to place mines for later use, or to activate them to build wakfu.
  • Meteor: This spell is amazing, and is arguably the best reason to use Enutrof's fire element. Its mine changing effect is mostly useful for setting up Hot Magma, but everything else about the spell is perfect. Its AOE is flexible, and it's one of Enutrofs best sources for non-line of sight damage. Pay attention to this spell's huge AOE though. It doesn't hurt the Enutrof but it will hurt allies, including your Drheller.
  • Ember: Another really good fire spell! On its own, Ember is simply an OK AOE with a linear restriction, but with the right passives this becomes Enutrof's most efficient spell for triggering mines and building wakfu.
  • Firedamp Explosion: Weird spell with two largely unrelated functions, but both its effects are amazingly good.
    • The first effect is that any character you cast this on will gain a "Firedamp Explosion" state, which will create an explosion around them at the end of their turn, dealing incredible damage to anyone within two cells of them. Casting it on the Drheller or a melee ally can be a really effective way to spread some extra damage.
    • The second effect is that if the spell is cast on a mine, it triggers the mine and spreads its effects in a 3x3 square! This can be handy for debuffing several enemies at once, or giving allies AP with gold mines.
  • Hot Magma: This is essentially an AOE finisher. It's fairly easy to set up, and if an enemy doesn't move too far it actually sets itself up for its next cast. Its base damage is actually worth its casting cost already, but the spell doesn't become truly strong until you get some ruby mines in its AOE. Combined with Enutrof's Blessing, this can be an amazing spike of damage to everything in its AOE.

Water spells water
Water spells are primarily focused on dealing strong damage to single targets.
  • Purge: The mine creation spell of the water element. Thanks to its large fixed range, and not requiring line of sight this spell has the most utility out of all three mine creation spells. It can be useful for creating mines behind obstacles for use with Meteor, or just for dealing non-LOS damage. Recommended for all water based decks.
  • Rascalry: This is one of Enutrof's weaker spells, but thanks to its large base range and light casting restrictions it can still be worth using. It's also one of your best options if an enemy happens to be squatting on one of your Gold mines and you don't really want to give them AP. Recommended for range and precision based builds.
  • Cutting: This spell is where you start realizing how eccentric Enutrof's water element is. This is a hard melee spell, but it's also one of Enutrof's strongest damage spells. Essential for precision and melee based builds, but worthless for range builds. Although this spell always has nice damage, it's especially worth using in combination with Reaping and Drhellzerker form for giant bursts.
  • Tax: Essentially a souped-up version of Enutrof's mine creating/triggering spells. Without Reaping, it's a forgettable spell not worth using. With Reaping it becomes one of Enutrof's most reliable sources of damage output.
  • Refinement: is Enutrof's answer to Cra's Destructive Arrow. This is a powerful finisher spell, not something you simply cast at every opportunity. On a turn by turn basis it's outperformed by Tax in a precision build, but for a long range build it's an excellent option to convert all your treasures into a giant burst of damage.
  • Be aware that this spell does consume all your treasures upon use. Although it has strong damage, this makes it a poor choice for ending a fight, since you give up that juicy prospecting bonus. Ideally you should use it to finish off problematic monsters in the middle of a fight, or to force the boss to change phases while you will still have time to collect more Treasures. If your Drheller is nearby, the Gold mine the spell creates under your feet is an excellent place to start!

Earth spells earth
Although the Emerald mines might make you think Enutrof's earth spells are about MP manipulation, that's not really true. In practice, Earth is Enutrof's element for melee dominance. With their short range and efficiency in Drhellzerker form, these spells are great an Enutrof that likes to get close and personal.
  • Shovel of Judgment: The Earth mine creation spell. Nothing special. Useful for creating mines and regenerating WP when needed. Otherwise the same as Fusion, but Earth element.
  • Killer Spade: This is the most painfully niche spell any class has. This is a tightly restricted answer spell. It deals triple damage to summons. That's it. Avoid putting this spell in your deck like the plague. It's bad. This spell should feel bad. It should write an apology letter to its previous iterations for bringing shame to the name of what was previously one of Enutrof's better spells.
  • This spell has some niche as a combo filler in Dhrellzerker form, or to counter summoners in PVP, but it's still a rather painfully limited spell.
  • Shovel Kiss: Back to good spells. This might not be as efficient as Ember for building Wakfu or Treasures, but Shovel Kiss is still an amazing spell for simple AOE damage. The only drawbacks are the Wakfu cost, and that minimum range. Still a solid spell for what it does.
  • Shady Shovel: On its own, Shady Shovel is the game's weakest MP theft spell. Where it excels is its synergy with Enutrof's Force of Will passive, and Drhellzerker form. If you are not entering Drhellzerker form or melee range often, skip this spell. But for melee and precision based builds, this is one of your staples.
  • Shovel Shaker: This is a cool spell, but it's rather niche. In Enutrof form, it's an efficient melee AOE that combos well with our ability to reposition the Drheller. In Drhellzerker form it becomes an occasionally useful mobility spell. Something like a weaker version of Masqueraider's Psyk-Out. The mine-changing effect of this spell might as well not exist, since this is not an efficient way to change mines, but it is rather effective for setting off emerald mines.

Most of Enutrof's passives behave exactly as described, so I'll focus on the value and utility of the passives.
  • Treasure Tracker and Advanced Geology are virtually mandatory for most builds. Without Treasure Tracker an Enutrof has no good means of building Treasures aside from some very limited spell effects. Without Advanced Geology, the Enutrof needs to spend a lot more time building up the mines needed for a strong Seismic Wealth boost. But if you're going to skip one of these passives: skip Advanced Geology.
  • Note that Treasure Tracker's description is misleading: It's listing the maximum amount of prospecting considered for its bonus, not the maximum dodge bonus. In actual fact, once evolved Treasure Tracker can give you a whopping 400 dodge practically for free.
  • Not Dead Yet is an iffy passive. Range and melee mastery are both nice, but neither is very useful on its own. This is basically sixth passive material.
  • Trade Secrets is not very strong. It's largely outclassed by both Carnage and Credit Interest as passives. Another sixth slot passive, it can be nice to boost the damage on Tax and Cutting, but doesn't provide much else.
  • Enutrof's Blessing is an amazing damage amplifier for any build using AOEs. The mastery bonus is nice, but adding an extra AP of damage to every mine activation is a huge benefit for just about every build. Run this on any long range, AOE or even melee focused builds.
  • Enutrof Force of Will is actually one of my favorite passives. At a glance it might not look like much, but the lock and dodge debuff it applies to any enemy you remove MP from is huge. This is incredibly useful for an Enutrof wanting to break out of lock, or trying to support a locking tank.
  • You're going to want Drhellzertank for melee builds. You give up your innate Geology damage bonus for a more efficient bonus to elemental resistance, and you get a sizable chunk of armor every time you turn into a Drhellzerker. In any fight where you're less exposed to danger, it can safely be swapped for another passive like Not Dead Yet or Enutrof's Blessing.
  • Faking It is a nice effect, but its mechanics are outdated and not very useful outside of PVP situations.
  • Credit Interest and Greed both modify your Wakfu points and give you conditional damage based on Wakfu. Of the two I think Credit Interest is the better passive, since it gives you earlier access to some of Enutrof's spells. The main value for Greed is that it lowers the threshold for Credit Interest's damage bonus. The extra damage on Wakfu spells can be nice too but, again, it's best when used with Credit Interest.
  • However, if you don't need the WP regeneration from Credit Interest, Carnage gets you the same damage bonus for less effort.

General Build tips
  • Don't over-specialize. Enutrof relies on a variety of spells and mechanics to achieve efficient damage and battlefield control.
  • I can recommend the following approaches to building enutrof:
    • Long-Range Mastery [firewaterearth]: This build can make good use of almost all of Enutrof's spells, except for those with the shortest range. It's most efficient with water and fire, and is largely incompatible with Drhellzerker form, but it's still a strong build choice with good consistent damage.
    • Single-Target Mastery [waterearth]: A precision build is ideal for using Drhellzerker form, and does not commit strongly to long or short range combat. This ends up playing a bit like a melee class at times, but since you can still function at longer ranges it's not an issue.
    • Single-Target and Melee Mastery [waterearth]: Not strongly recommended, but this combines the strengths and weaknesses of both the Single Target and Melee builds to create a real powerhouse of a DD. You'll be sacrificing some ranged efficiency, and the ability to use AOEs at melee range, but you get optimal damage output on spells like Cutting. This is also the only double-specialty Enutrof build I can remotely recommend, and I still think it will have problems at most levels.
    • Area Mastery [fireearth] A quirky build, and you won't be able to use your specialty 100% of the time, but Enutrof has some really strong AOE options now.
    • Melee Mastery [firewaterearth]: Yes, it's strange, and no I don't think this is your best pick, but Enutrof can actually function quite well as a melee class, especially in Drhellzerker form. Enutrof's main weakness as a melee class is that we lack the kind of self-healing and armor generation dedicated melee characters have.
  • My personal preferences are for the pure precision or pure ranged builds. Keep in mind that because of how your build choices influence your spell use and position in combat, each choice will influence all your other stat choices.
  • Regardless of specialty Force of Will and Dodge are incredibly important for every Enutrof.
  • Be sure to consider your passives carefully for each build. Although Treasure Tracker is virtually mandatory, you need to make sure every passive is actually useful with the way you are playing the class.

When reviewing my sample decks, keep in mind that I generally arrange my spells based on where I like my hotkeys, not based on the importance of the spells. I've tried to arrange passives to be accessible for earlier levels but if my decks don't scale to your level well, please feel free to change them!

Precision Drhellzertank
  • Sample build (using Method's builder)
  • Sample Deck: 2008-2032-2015-2012-2014-2016-6324-2027-2026-6325-6337-2017-2028-2009-5059-5075-6326-5144-0-0-0-0-0-0
  • Major points: AP, MP, Resistance, Damage inflicted
  • Passives: Treasure Tracker, Advanced Geology, Enutrof Force of Will, Drhellzertank, Carnage, Credit Interest

Despite having options to function at range, this build plays a bit like a melee class. Generally optimal damage takes a turn or two of set-up before you cast Seismic Wealth. Whenever Reaping is off cooldown, use it to prep enemies for a damage burst with Tax or Cutting, especially in Drhellzerker form.

You could swap one of the passives for Enutrof's Blessing in order to get the extra damage on mine activation, but the AOE damage does not synergize well with a single target build.

Note that in my build I am using the Unraveling Epic rune, and my build has that factored into its mastery bonuses.

Ranged Field Control
As the name implies, this build specializes in softening up and debuffing groups of enemies.

Although you could probably shuffle some spells around to work Reaping, Tax and maybe Prime of Life into this deck I just don't think Reaping synergizes as well with Enutrof's AOEs. Still, if you expect to kill a bunch of enemies with Meteor, being able to make them Broke to get pouches couldn't hurt.

Note that in my build I am using the Unraveling Epic rune, and my build has that factored into its mastery bonuses.

Playing Enutrof
General advice:
  • Don't rush! Enutrof is most efficient if you use your early turns setting up your mines and preparing.
  • If you're low on Wakfu or Treasures, just trigger unoccupied mines. If your Drheller's active you should have more than enough mines on the field for your needs.
  • Conversely, if you have leftover AP or MP, place some mines around the field. It doesn't matter where. The more mines you have on the field the more resources you have for later turns.
  • Select a mine type with Movement early. Even if you end up wanting to select a different mine type you can save significant input time if you can queue up mine selection and the cell targeting at the same time.
  • If the Drheller triggers a sapphire mine, the enemy's resistance will remain lowered until the end of your next turn, allowing your team to deal boosted damage to the enemy.
  • When on the offensive with melee-friendly builds, it can pay to cycle in and out of Drhellzerker form frequently, especially with Drhellzertank in your deck. Just keep in mind to only revert to human form at the end of your turn.

Remember that for all builds, Enutrof is primarily a damage dealer, and with all your bonuses in place you're a fairly strong one. Long range and AOE builds tend to focus most on softening enemies, while precision builds are excellent for executing them.

Even though it's tricky to thoroughly cripple an enemy with debuffs, you should take advantage of Enutrof's ability to remove an enemy's range & MP early and often. In PVP it can be very frustrating for your foes and in PVE even small penalties to range and MP can drastically alter a dangerous enemy's actions.

How does the Enutrof gain Prospecting?
The Treasures state grants the Enutrof 1 Prospecting per level. Treasures are only generated in a handful of ways:
  • The Treasure Tracker passive allows the Enutrof to generate Treasures for each mine triggered.
  • Some spells (namely Shovel Kiss and Prime of Life) can generate Treasures under certain conditions.

What's the best way to generate Treasures?
Use the Drheller, and spells like Ember to trigger mines very efficiently. An AOE Enutrof will generate treasures faster than a single target enutrof but both should max out their Treasures bonus in short order.

How do I cast the Drheller's Rocky Road spell?
This spell has two requirements:
  1. The Enutrof needs to have the evolved version of Advanced Geology in their deck (the passive evolves at level 120).
  2. The Drheller needs to be on one of the Enutrof's mines.

If the above conditions are met, the Drheller can cast Rocky Road on any cell adjacent to the mine to create 3 more mines.

How the heck does Movement work
First of all, slotting Movement in your deck unlocks two spells. The first is Movement itself, and the second is "Mine Mover," although Mine Mover should just be called "Excavate" now, like it is in French.

With Movement, you need to first cast the spell on a mine to pick which color of mine you want to move. The mine type you have selected is shown as a status, with your Enutrof's other state effects. Then, you can cast the spell again within a radius of any mine of that type on the field to move that mine to the new location. Each mine can only be moved once per turn, and you can only cast Movement five times per turn.

Despite the spell's fairly intuitive workings, because of its lengthy animations it can be awkward to make good use of during a turn. One almost wishes we had four separate "movement" spells for each mine type or something.

"Mine Mover" is much simpler. For 1 MP, you can uncover a random mine under your feet once per turn. Yep.

I miss the old mine mover too, even if it wouldn't work well with the new mines.

How do purses / pouches work now?
I'm glad you asked!

They significantly changed the behavior of the Broke state with the Enutrof revamp. When an enemy is Broke, if they are killed (or KOed), they will drop two purses. When a player or summon picks up a purse, it is randomly assigned to a member of the party. As before, purses grant extra drops from the associated enemies, there's just no way to control who gets the extra drops anymore.

Bosses drop Fat Pouches, although how exactly they differ isn't obvious and I don't really care enough to dig into it right now.

You can make enemies drop their purses before KOing them by casting Prime of Life on them with 3 gold mines in the AOE. It's meant to be tricky.

The Broke state can only be applied with the Reaping spell, and once applied it only lasts until the end of your next turn. If you begin a turn by casting Reaping it's like you get two turns of Broke to work with.

What's wrong with Killer Spade?
Triple damage to summons looks pretty good in [insert PVP scenario here]

I hate it because it's the only spell that's only useful for exactly the circumstance where it's countering a niche mechanic. Enutrof does not have the deck space to spare for something this worthless, and the earth element is really hurting for having one of its spells devoted to this. Even Ecaflip's spells like Hunter aren't this limited.

Remember that this spell can only be used once per target, has a fixed, linear range of 1 to 3, and has no special effects whatsoever if the target isn't a summon. I don't care how good it is at countering summons. It's an awkward bastard step-child of Osamodas's Whip spell that has worse restrictions, and less utility. I'm going to stop myself here.

The only theoretical utility it has would be unsummoning your drheller. But that would require the Drheller to be nearby, and for you to be capable of inflicting 40% of your max HP in damage to yourself with 9 AP (3 AP damage spell, tripled). And... it's not like unsummoning the Drheller's ever worth a deck slot. We can move the dang thing if it's in the way.

If I get my prospecting over 150 will my damage get even better?
(This is in response to iiNoted's well-intentioned but incorrect comment!)

Unless there is an error in the description, Enutrof's damage bonus from prospecting is capped at 15%, even though the drop rate bonus from prospecting caps at 200 prospecting (50 more pp than you get damage from). With Drhellzertank, however, you get maximum resistance for having 200 prospecting.

The damage bonus from Geology, and the Resistance bonus from Drhellzertank don't actually have anything to do with Prospecting's effect on drop rates! You get the maximum benefit from the unmodified Geology at 150 prospecting, and the maximum Resistance bonus from Drhellzertank at 200 prospecting. Unless these mechanics are modified, this will remain true even if they increase the prospecting cap to 300.

How do Enutrof's WP mechanics work with WP penalties and bonuses?
This is a common question because the answer is deceptively simple, but hidden since the characteristics screen does not show the difference between your active WP and your max WP.
  • WP bonuses and penalties through passives, equipment and stats modify your maximum WP.
  • Enutrof will never start a battle with negative Wakfu Points.
  • If your Maximum WP is over 6, you will start the battle with (WP - 6) Wakfu. If your maximum WP is 6 or under, you will start the battle with 0. You will never start a battle with negative Wakfu.
  • The Credit Interest passive causes you to generate Wakfu after the placement phase, so it will always give you 2-3 Wakfu unless you reduce your maximum WP below 3!

So feel free to play around with passives and equipment that give you WP bonuses and penalties. You won't have to worry about disastrous consequences.

One final point:
The default permissions for Ankabox automatically block replies unless you add someone to your friends list. If you want to send me a private question I'm happy to answer, but I literally can't with the default settings. To change these settings:
  • When logged into the forums, click on your user icon in the top ribbon (upper-right corner of the window)
  • Click "Account Management"
  • You will be prompted to confirm your log in. If you have an authenticator installed you'll need to use it.
  • Once logged into account management, go to Preferences.
  • Click the pencil next to "Ankabox Settings"
  • Click the circle next to "No restrictions."
  • Hit confirm.

Alternatively, you can send me a friend request!
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Score : 7221

Entertaining guide, I will give it a try on my abandoned Enu.

1 0
Score : 11776

Thx for this, I can not wait for rest of the guide.
My Enutrof was unloved long enough, now I have a basic knowlage to give him a try.

P.S Why u add additional 230 mastery in one build and in other 112 mastery and 11crit mastery using "Costum Charac" section?

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Score : 7221

He used a relic/epic rune to transform half of his crit mastery to general mastery. (+230 general variant)

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Score : 2156

Really nice guide, also one thing I wanted to point out, is that with the Enutrof revamp they also increased the Prospecting and Wisdom limit, it no longer a stops at 150 but at 200 same for Wisdom, so you can say that Enutrof's can get up to 20% final Damage just with PP and have x3 drop chance.

My Enutrof gets 200 PP pretty easily (100 from treasure + 30 from the passive, 30 from a belt and finally 40 from a pet).

1 -1
Score : 16220

Actually, no!

Although it's true that the old Treasure Tracker passive gave a damage bonus up to 20% (long before 200 Prospecting was actually useful), Enutrof's innate Geology damage bonus is capped at 15% damage inflicted!

Even if you have 200+ prospecting, it will never give you more than 15% damage inflicted from prospecting. If it does give you more than 15% damage.. then either Geology's description is wrong, or you found a bug!

But either way, the Prospecting cap and the damage bonus have never actually been linked.

2 0
Score : 348

I have noticed that, when using Movement, it will sometimes only allow me to move a few mines (usually 2) instead of the full 4 I should be capable of, and using it again just treats me like I didn't select a mine type. If I try to select a mine again, the skill goes off, but it just plays the animation while nothing changes. Am I doing something wrong or is this a glitch?

1 0
Score : 16220

Honestly, I have no idea what that's about but that's a pretty common problem with Movement.

I think it's an artifact from previous versions of the spell from Beta, because it makes no sense for the mine selection to wear off in the current version.

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Score : 475

RE: Killer Spade and..

The only theoretical utility it has would be unsummoning your drheller. But that would require the Drheller to be nearby, and for you to be capable of inflicting 40% of your max HP in damage to yourself with 9 AP. And... 

And... if you could spend 9AP on that spell... xD It's only 1 use per target. So... :| yep
0 0
Score : 16220

Yeah, it's a 3 AP that deals triple damage to summons, so it's 9 AP worth of damage.

However you slice it: in my melee builds I have way too much resistance for a 3 AP spell, or even a 3 AP spell dealing triple damage to do 40% of my HP in one hit.

Killer spade is so bad. So very bad.

EDIT: At some point I should probably improve my text... technically on a single hit Killer Spade has significantly better damage than Osamodas's Whip spell. And Enutrof has better damage bonuses than human form Osa does.

But.. your point underscores the problem. Both spells have the same "triple damage to summons" effect, but Whip is a broadly useful spell, and the Osamodas can actually cast it three times per target (effectively 27 AP worth of damage to a summon).

If Killer Spade had lighter restrictions, or had some huge effect on normal targets, or some other utility it would be a great spell. As it is, it feels more appropriate to some other game.

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Score : 119

Hello and ty for guide mate. I wanna ask u about enutrof pvp and if i can set my enu for pve and pvp as well in the same way. I saw a player who used enu ST-CC wa-earth with 10AP and 7MP to get the bonus from the rune (don't remember its name) and he was capable to reduce opponent's MP  till 1-0 (thath time he defeated a sacrier). Wath do u think if i'll play enu in this way also in pve mode? can it work ?

So going on into my idea i try to make a build with method and let me know with u think. ENU all melee and general with something Aoe. Let me know pls:$vtR

1 0
Score : 16220

OK I'm going to try to break this down into questions I understand:

  • I am not an active PVP player, so I have no meaningful input on how Enutrof performs in PVP.
  • I think a 10 AP 8 MP Enutrof could work in PVE just fine. I see no reason to run 10 AP 7 MP or 9 AP 8 MP, though. You want your combined MP total in Drhellzerker form to be 18, not 17. No stat gains are worth having less than 18 MP in Drhellzerker form.
  • Right away  I don't like the linked build because you're running 9 AP when you could be getting 10. In human form, Enutrof is choked for AP and I just cannot condone a build that forces you to play with so little. In Drhellzerker form, you're running 17 MP.
In terms of running an earth fire melee Enutrof... spell selection looks alright, but I feel like any Melee Enutrof is going to regret not having Cutting and Reaping. The damage output on Cutting is just that good.

Without the astounding damage output on Cutting, or the ability to unleash an 18 AP damage turn, I'm not convinced that Enutrof is a particularly good melee class. Other melee classes have better durability, better maneuverability, and better damage bonuses.
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Score : 1455

Love this format <3 

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Score : 655

Well documented guide, thank you Gelgy.

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Score : 3122

Does anyone have pics of gear and spell deck? Method Builder is down.

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Score : 4937

Don't bother this was an old version of enutrof, They had an update more recently than this guild was written. 

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