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[Guide] Crafting

By honeycitrustea - MEMBER - September 03, 2017, 02:07:05

Hallo, Miya here, and here is the most useless guide ever this is a guide for exactly how many basic crafts you need to level your professions up to 130. I have everything in a Google spreadsheet linked here. I'm still working on some of the values (craft alma is tomorrow). But everything should be updated tomorrow. And then I'll beautify the thread to with beautiful crayola drawings.
edit 9/8: still a wip, but here's an image if you don't wanna click link.

Crafting Experience Bonuses:
[Guild] 0% / 5% / 10% 
[Outpost] 0% / 10%
[Haven World Buildings] 0% / 5% / 10%
[Crafting Almanax] 20%
[Booster Pack] 50%
[Turbo Crafts & Mea Culpa Potions] 100%

For the most experience, craft at any Outpost that has it's bonus up.
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I have my own spreadsheet, its not as a fancy looking as yours

Guild bonus 0/5%/10%
Haven world 0/5%/10%
Location as in the outposts 10%

Alamax 20% for 2 hours

Tubro craft / Mea Culpa +100%, these can not be stacked and use the same "slot"

P2P +50% (final mutlipler)

Now in regard to Guild bonuses, haven world and location. To gain the maximum bonus if you were in a guild +10%, then craft at the outpost +10% you would receive +5% from the haven world bonus.
If you were to craft inside your haven world you would gain +10% from guild and +10 from haven world.

I used this guide as a reference you may need to google translate it

Personally I use the tools I dont bother with the consumables.

Final note, if someone is serious about leveling the professionS then the seal of companionship is highly recommended. 


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