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The Beach questline with spoilers

By Mobb123 - MEMBER - July 12, 2016, 21:52:04
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A 30 days quest --- Pointless sad
Only good thing that is good for is a stock of food, but thats abauth it.

There is no final reward or anything. Just more wortless tokens that you cant spend on anything expensive.

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I don't get quests like these... you are awarded a huge amount of tokens that you can only use to buy few useless items....

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For deco lovers is nice things, this year few new items are added. Also if someone wants meme transmog have an option. And if u are practical player u can grab one of the best bread in the game, bc it heals 8% and if u have a feca or some other boosty in hp character that bread can heal a lot. Sooo, what can I say, its summer event for 50lvl don't expect too much c;

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