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[Guide] Morb's Old Sacrier Deck Guide

By Arkolak - MEMBER - July 13, 2015, 20:42:46

Hello everyone, you may or may not know me but I am Morbid-Angel or Morb for short. Over the past decade that I have been playing Ankama games (since 2005 on Dofus) I have always played a sacrier as my main. While the spells and mechanics may change through the nerfs and buffs, the class will always be my favorite and I’m here to give you my compiled guide to the new deck system revamped Sacrier.

Although I have been hesitant to write up a guide this early into the new changes but I feel that it will benefit all who play sacriers to have a solid reference point from an experienced player. With that idea in mind I have decided to break my guide into several installments which will cover the basics in the first two installments and then various build's I have considered as a sacrier in later installments. I would be overjoyed if others chose to use this as a base for their own creative build guides.

2017 Updated Materials

Link to new Guide


Part 1: General Overview of all Sacrier Spells
This useful thread will help aspiring Sacriers to better understand their spells.

Part 2: Overview of Sacrier Statistic Points and Passives
This thread explains the various passives a Sacrier has, and also explains the level up statistics in detail.


Punishment Damage Spread Sheet No Longer relavent
Image that shows a spread sheet of punishment damage by every 10 levels and % hp.

Max Possible HP
Equations Leading to a hypothetical Maximum HP for a Sacrier


3.1 Moeru Kaze Build, Air/Fire
Very high damage and mobility build. Good for long range air, map manipulation, and close combat fire damage.

3.2 Honō Tanku Build, Earth/Fire
Extremely durable build which excels at front line tanking and flaming damage.

3.3 Chōyaku Kakōgan Build, Earth/Air
Mobile tanker build, good for moderate ranged damage, map manipulation, as well as tanking

Update List:
Updated Angrrr Passive 9/2/15
Added Info on Cage of Blood 9/11/15
As of 3/31/2017 all guides outdated

As I am motivated to add new builds or guides I will do so. Please feel free to comment here or on the guide threads with any ideas or concerns and I will address them. Don't forget to give this thread some love to keep it active and available to all.
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Great guide! thanks you so much for making this! Cheers!

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Glad you liked them biggrin hopefully they will help a lot of aspiring Sacriers

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This is very helpful! I am new to Wakfu and chose to play a Sacrier, but really have no idea what I need to be doing. I like your Fire/Air build quite a bit.

If you had to choose one, which of the three builds you posted would you say is the most desirable and effective late game?

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Fire/Earth is the norm due to highest durability but that build has the lowest mobility so it all depends on how you want to play. I'm tri so I use a blend of all the builds, but this is a very expensive built that has slightly lower of everything else then a specialized build.

Fire/Air is the highest brute damage, while Air/Earth is a good middle ground between mobility and defense with decent damage. All builds have their own perks and downfalls and are all good in their own way.

-Also added a Max HP thread I had forgotten about

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Oh my these are too overwhelming @[email protected]
But also very satisfying to read xD
I'm about to start a sac, so this is like a treasure trove of lovely guides i would wanna carry around in my pocket all the time lol
Nice, detailed descriptions n very useful for newbies like me. Take all my love wub 

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Hello, this guide has been included on this topic [Class Guide] Player-Made Guides Directory


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Nifty, hopefully it ends up being useful to more players

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Updated Part 2 to reflect Angrr change

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Hey Morb, what build do suggest for solo play? I used to be an HP Fire Sac, and solo'd from 1-63 so far, I just came back from a 6 month break and was wondering how I should build my Sac now.

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I usually recommend fire/earth because it is the easiest but personally I can't live without the versatility of the air branch. What I recommend you do is to download the beta client and try them to see which you like the most before you commit. On beta you can get unlimited free restats and transmutes so its very convenient for build testing.

This is an old 2014 download that I normally use
Click here

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I have a question. Wich build do you Think will excel at PvP and wich one for PvE? and is one of them good for both? you mentioned in the air/Fire build that it wouldent do so well in PvP and from what ive gathered (new to the game) PvP is a major part of the endgame. I rolled the Fire/Air version but thinking of changing to Earth/Fire at level 30.

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