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(Misc. Guide) Buying mutliple steam packs

By JerryDB - MEMBER - February 28, 2015, 15:59:08
This guide is of course also on steam but this is the original place for Wakfu information.

To the best of my knowledge steam does not allow you to redeem multiple DLC packs on the same account.

Before we start please know what server you play and what websites cater for which. is for Remington, Nox, Elbor, Amara, Efrim, Dathura . AKA Wapac is for Phaeris only.

If you do not have friends you can trust to redeem this for you OR if you friends have already redeem this pack so can not help you. You may need to create many steam accounts. When you make a new steam account it will be a limited account. To make the account a full account you need to PURCHASE one game so I personally pick the cheapest game I could possible find. However it could be an idea to purchase a game you was already intending to buy. Make sure to write down all the user names and passwords.

Here is a very short guide to making a full steam account for the use of gifting it with steam codes

Go to store, click games under £4.

Go to Sort by Lowest price. Now make sure you buy a REAL game and not an additional to a game like skins, unit packs etc. Once you have purchased this you will now have access to your friends list. So you can add yourself for me it was of course JerryDB to add JerryDB1.

Here is the guide to purchasing multiple steam packs

Decide on what pack you want to buy.
1. If you have only 1 account OR only want to redeem for YOURSELF pick "Purchase for myself".
2. If you want to purchase but redeem for your ALTS or FRIENDS use "Purchase as a gift".

I choose Keep it for later. If you choose Send my gift directly through steam it would skip the next picture.

Go to this menu, click send a gift.

Send it to your friend/alt account. If sending it to a alteranitve steam account please see the very top of this guide on creating full steam accounts.

Send a lovely message to your friend or yourself.

There it goes.

Log into alt account. Click accept gift.

Click add to my library.

Click play Wakfu, when you try to launch the game this menu should pop up before the game will start. The click "Copy key to clipboard" .

Go Click here OR Click here .

Go to Click here OR Click here . Make sure you log into the account you want to redeem the code on. Paste the code you got from stream here.

Make sure to redeem on the correct server. If you redeem on the incorrect server please contact support
Click here OR Click here I would advise just double check before clicking confirm.

Success and yes you love me long time.
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You dont have to purchase any games.
You can just add wakfu on it. (or any free to play game) Let it download some junk and then when it shows you have the game (no need to install), you can easy buy a pack.
You can see a pack code once you click start a game. And then you just enter a code on site. (and after you can delete steam if you want)

You can repeat this process and many times as you want. But beware!! You need to create a lot of email accounts. I recommend using paysafe for this, because you dont need to give away bank details.

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you can just remove the dlc pack from steam by using the support link then you'll be able to repurchase it no prob wink

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