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[Guide] The Jeweler's Guide to Fire/Water Enutrof

By kromzer0 - MEMBER - December 19, 2014, 00:15:06

It's been three and a half years that Silus87 wrote his solid [Guide] Water/Prospecting Enutrof. I highly recommend you to read this guide as it inspired me in writing the one I am about to share with you. Now, come on Old' Jeweler's lap and let me tell you a story...

The Loot Whore v1.39

This build is not a damage dealer although it can handle almost every situation and fights. But don't worry too much about how lethal is your arsenal, leave the mobs to your team mates, you're in for the loot ain't ya?

This guide is not for PvP.

This guide is most suitable for Solo players who do not power-level their characters. The point of this build is to gather as much material and as many worth-selling items as you can while leveling up thus enabling you to discover the universe, to develop your professions and to battle your way through dungeons at your level.

I. Play style

1. Use your sidekicks.
All of them. Which means you must use the knight and the free trial ones. As they level up, you will be able to use them as extra mules and they also provide extra loots after each fight.

2. Pick your enemy.
Try to fight mobs that equals or outnumber you. If you are doing a dungeon run, the bigger the party the better the rewards. Don't fight mobs you can't kill.

3. Mine, mine, mine.
Find or make a gold mine, stay on it, and long range attack mobs to bring your PP level to a wealthy +150PP. As your class is mostly a long distance attack class, use your sidekicks to shield you from the mobs.

So after reading the forums, the devlogs and asking my good friend google, I came to the conclusion that no matter how much PP you get by the end of a fight, when it comes to the loot collection, it is capped at 250.

ie. 100 for the invisible base (per character) and 150 from any other source (equipment, consumable, Area Bonus, Guild Bonus, Almanax Temple or Treasure Tracker).

In this case, you dont really need to worry about having PP on your equipment. In fact, it just matter that you get the highest initiative, and hit ennemies a bout 6 times in your first turn(s).

Therefore, a 12AP Enutrof should be able to do the trick every time.
Move onto a mine, make a mine (1MP), move to the mine (1MP), Water2/Water3/Fire2/Fire3 x6 (2APx6).

II. Spells

1. Water Spells
Cutting : Close Combat, Pouch.
Rascalry : Long Distance, Pouch.
Purge : Long Distance, no Line of Sight needed.

2. Fire Spells
Meteor : Long-distance, no Line of Sight needed, Area-of-Effect.
Ember : Close Combat/Short Distance, Area-of-Effect.

These spells have the advantage to be really cheap, 2 AP each / 3 AP for Cutting.

The Enutrof will quickly get 8 AP and 4 MP allowing you to attack about 4 times per turn. This is crucial for the Enutrof as he builds its prospecting points for every hit he does while standing on a mine. 4 hits on a gold mine equals to +100 PP in the first turn. You can max out to +150 PP in one turn by using AoE attacks. Each hit will count for your PP gain.

III. Abilites

%Hp max
Resistance 10/10
Regeneration 0/5
Heals Received 0/10
% Life steal 0/10

Start with Resistance and then focus on %Hp Max.
If you own Lumino, you might want to put 10 points in Heals Received. This is still arguable.

The biggest dilemma is between %Hp and Heals Received.
They both give extra 4% somehow similar... but here is how I see the difference:

1. Heal Received
You dont need to spend any points in this if you cant heal (either you, sidekick or usual party). If you play solo with no healer, forget it.

2. % Hp is for "before damage"
It delays the time of your KO by buffing more damages.

3. Heal Received is for "after damage"
You need to loose Hp first and then heal.
It makes sense if you have a healer in the group anr/or -in the Enutrof case- after you revive from a KO using the Faking It specialty. Since you will resurrect with 20% of your total Hp, there will be room to be healed and having % in this will make it faster, preventing you from getting another fatal blow in the following turn of your come back.


All Damage / Elemental Resistance : Evenly distributed

Most player choose All Damage / Resistance. You might do as everybody.... at least, you won't be at a disadvantage in PvP...

Another dilemma here is to choose between 15 Hp or 7% resistance -which, at the end of the day, is closer to 7/4 % resistance since you have 1 chance out of 4 that your resistance will be effective. To put it simply, we should compare +60Hp vs 7% All resistance.

But then, the +60Hp might be affected by the %Hp you have put in intelligence.
So would 7% Resistance > 60Hp * %Hp max or the opposite?
This needs to be better refined and I need to take the time to look into the details. To be continued.


Initiative Max

Initially, I have put points in Dodge, Dodge and Lock and Initiative. I thought my dhreller pet dodge and lock would be affected by my character dodge and lock. Be aware that this is not the case. So dont expect your pet to lock your opponents.

With Prime of Life to level 9, you do not need to worry of being locked.

Since your main concern as a Loot Whore is to build your +150PP as soon as possible, and that most of your Damage Dealer Teammates would have cleaned the area before you had time to poke an eye, I strongly recommend to put points in Initiative and nowhere else.


Critical Hit 20/20
Critical Hit Damage 20/20

CH first, CHD second.
What else?


Action Point 1/1
Range and Damage 1/1
Movement Point and Damage 1/1

You may do this in any order.

IV. Specialties

1 - 10 Geology to 10
11 - 30 Treasure tracker to 20
31 - 40 Geology to 20
41 - 58 Phone a Frhend to 9
69 - 77 Mine Mover to 9
78 - 95 Prime of Life to 9
96 onwards Faking it to 20

V. Gear

I am not going to give a full list of gear, since the choice is vast and I don't think it really matters until you get to level 100. But here are some guidelines:

1. AP/MP
By level 80, you should be able to get your Enutrof to 9AP 4MP or 8 AP 5 MP.

This will allow you to turn almost any mine nearby into a gold mine by successfully stepping on it, move it (Mine Move), stepping on it, move it (Mine Move), stepping on it (Prime of Life +1MP), move it (Mine Move), summon a Dhreller (Phone a Frhend). Then either the Dhreller moves the mine below your feet or it changes position with you (Tunnel).

At level 77, things get easier/faster as you can (1) stand on a mine for 0 to 2MP, (2)turn it into a gold mine for 1MP, step on it for 1MP, (3) attack 4 times and (4) summon the Dhreller, all in turn 1.

By level 90ish, your Enutrof may have 10AP 5MP 7WP +2 Range by using the Vampyro set, the Trool Spikes Shoulders and the Vampyric Wand.

Therefore, a 12AP Enutrof should be able to do the trick every time.
Move onto a mine, make a mine (1MP), move to the mine (1MP), Water2/Water3/Fire2/Fire3 x6 (2APx6).

2. Range

Most of your spells will benefit from a longer range.

3. % for Fire and Water damages
What else?

4. Prospecting/Wisdom
Since you derive the loots and the experience from respectively Prospecting and Wisdom, gear that gives you the extra points are valuable but not necessary.

This guide is unfinished, as I still have room to level up my character and I might find more things to add. In the meantime, feel free to comment or share your experience as prospecting enu.

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Thank you for a guide, I like it smile 

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Thanks for the guide.

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This guide is 3 years old and this class was revamped atleast 2 times in thus 3 years, so probably there is no actual information in it anymore.

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This is outdated.

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