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[Quest Guide] Enurado Main Quest

By JerryDB - MEMBER - September 25, 2014, 21:24:23

Gapaman has given me permission to post his videos.

Firstly you need to level 145 in order to access this questline.
Gapaman has broken down the questline into 3 parts:

This questline gives you get exp and access to a enurado daily quest.
This questline also gives you the IDC (quest item) which allow you to collect the kamas chest link here.

Part 2 - mini-games (see below)

I would advise saving the phoenix outside the quest location as one of the mini-games uses death lazers.

Room 1 code 13:40
Room 2 code 18:20
Room 3 code 8:01
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Thank You so much for this guide it's epic and super useful.
Those Guides should be pinned at the very start of this sub forum list !!!

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Hi, I have a problem with the first part of the quest: the fight don't start!

Please Help me!

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thanks, that was immensely helpful!

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