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[Quest Guide] Srambad Main Questline

By JerryDB#7022 - MEMBER - September 25, 2014, 21:18:31

Gappaman has given me permission to post his videos.

Firstly you need to level 140 in order to access this questline.
Gappaman has broken down the questline into 8 parts:
This questline gives you get exp and access to the srambad daily quest.

You can do pandora's and the srambad daily quest together for nice exp as seen in this video by Draco.

Part 4 - catch the sram (see below)

Using gapa's video I have included time stamps.

first spot 2:27

second spot 3:19

third spot 3:43

fourth spot 4:04

Part 7 - killing the enu

using gapa's video I have included timestamps

keep clicking until you see speech bubbles
first npc at the start 0:31
go to corridor at the right, fight skeleton 0:42
go to room at 0:57 eat food, go back to main hall, eat food on the table
talk to guard 1:23, click the wine on the table, go to corridor enter the room on the far right play mini game 1:42 win go back to the main hall
click the wine on the table 4:11
click on the enu 4:20
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Thank You so much for this guide it's epic and super useful.
Those Guides should be pinned at the very start of this sub forum list !!!
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Thanks you
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