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Katrena's end-game feca tank

By YetAnotherNewbie - MEMBER - April 21, 2014, 09:04:43

****This guide is Supppppeerr outdated****************
**Since the last update there have been faar to many changes to core game mechanics as well as the feca class for me to update this in a timely manner. I might have to re-do the whole thing sad***

Hi, i play a feca named Katrena on remington and i have had a few people asking me about my build so i figured i might as well try to write a little guide to my approach at tanking.

I personally feel a necessity for completeness and end up wanting to explain and detail many of the builds choices, and because of this (and because i'm super rambly when i try to explain something) the guide is quite lengthy.

However, for those that want a quick reference without great justifications, i am attempting to write the explanations always below the "quick instructions", in a way that a reader can just scroll by the text and look at whatever information or guide charts he wants.

| This is a attempt to give guidelines to a player wishing to make a feca tank for end game
| content which requires a locker, such as wa wabbit and dragonpig.
| Because i was already very near maximum level when the feca revamp hit and did not
| experience leveling with the current feca myself, i will not attempt to provide instructions in
| which spells or abilities to level first, or item sets for each level. In fact i personally don't
| even advise leveling as a tank at all (at least till around 110-120), and will explain why ahead in the
| introduction.
| Therefore, the guidelines here presented are given assuming the reader is level 145 and has
| access to all the abilities and items mentioned. I leave it to any players whom might wish to
| follow this text's general guidance even though not yet level capped to discern how to adapt
| the information given here to their level.

Strong points of this build:
  • Incredibly high resistances.
  • Very high lock.
  • Sufficient mobility and tools for minimal required map control.
  • Guaranteed chance to block.

What this build leaves out:
  • Damage. A feca following this build does negligible damage to enemies.
  • Weak shields, as a direct consequence of the above. Although good shields are a desirable thing for a feca tank, my experience tells me that without good resistances shields are ineffective and quickly broken by strong enemies (which is what this guide is intent on preparing you for). Our shields has much synergy with our resistances. High resistances, combined with our block, reduce damage intake to minimal amounts and allow even weaker shields to outlast the stronger ones. While our item options force us to chose between lock+block+resistances or damage, damage and thus shields will be secondary in this build.
  • Limited support. The absolute focus is for tanking. Although there are occasional spell choices and playstyle recommendation taking support in consideration, no aspect of tanking is sacrificed to do so in this build.

Here is a screenshot of my feca to give the reader a idea of what he may look like if following this guide (with different variations of the proposed build):

Of course these images are just to understand the concept of tank we are striving for, not to compare these two build options (which i will further explore within the guide). Both were taken in fights where i had food bonuses and (in the second one) a fight mechanic bonus as well, and i had item upgrades from the first to the second so they are not perfectly valid comparisons.

Introduction : brief explanation on what is a tank

[/blockquote]I believe the tanking role is somewhat misunderstood, specially by new players, and although this guide is for end-game characters i feel it is important to explain to any newer reader basically what tanks do, and in what kind of fight they are required, so they do not misuse or misunderstand what i propose here, and get frustrated when trying to put it in practice.

The more experienced readers might want to jump to the next part of the guide ("Character Build").

In wakfu a tank is a character specialized in:
  • a) Positioning enemies in the best way to protect your team and help your team attack them. (Map control)
  • b) Keeping enemies in the desired position. (Lock)
  • c) Being capable of surviving the harder hitting bad guys (preferably with little enough healing so that your healer can breath to heal other group members, as well as avoiding excessive healing resistance in order to survive damage income for sustained periods of time). This is often the only aspect of tanking people think of, and it is really only important if you can do the other two!

It is not surprising that new players do not understand tanks, because they are not needed for quite a while. Sure there are classes such as a cra, xelor or eniripsa that always will prefer to not be near enemies, but they all can take a few rounds of the monsters attack's and in lower levels it is generally more efficient for groups to have just damage dealer characters and maybe a healer and just kill them quickly.

Tanks enter the scene when the game begins to assume players have gotten the hang of playing and introduces more complicated and unforgiving mechanics, as well as enemies with too much health to quickly die and high damage themselves. Some enemies are able to do damage that can kill a damager or healer in a single turn. And even when they can survive, the damage is large enough that healing resistance stacks too quickly and becomes unhealable before the fight is won. Most of these very high damaging attacks are close range attacks or line effects, so if one resilient and brave character can keep them in position, the team can be safe!

Other fights introduce mechanics such as a boss becoming invisible so that unless something is preventing him from moving the damagers cannot know where to attack to kill him (and he still attacks while invisible, so waiting it out isint a very viable strategy).

I believe the first dungeons where it is quite useful to have a lock character would be Wawa (the invisible boss) and Hushed (which has a more complicated mechanic i won't explain here)- both around level 110 dungeons.

I am saying all of this to inform new players that consider leveling a tank from scratch that they might feel unneeded for a long time. Simply because not all of the game content requires a tank (even at very high levels), and much of it is even defeated more efficiently without one. However, for most of the highest level dungeon bosses tanks are not only desirable, but required.

A final remark i would like to make is that tanking is probably the most team dependent role in the game. A team playing with and without a tank play differently, and for a tank to be efficient at all the team has to adapt their play-style adequately (by taking advantage that enemies are locked as not to facilitate their escape or being attacked, and such essential measures).

For example, if you lock a monster with a dangerous line attack in a position and your team stands in line with him, you are not being able to tank. If there are two dangerous enemies and you are only able to lock one, if your team focuses the one you are already keeping away from them rather then the one that is free you will not be able to tank.

For me, personally, the most difficult part of tanking is leading a group so that they coordinate adequately to tanking strategies without sounding bossy or rude. The understanding of the game's strategy of most players (even quite veteran ones) i have encountered was limited to "run up to the closest monster and hit it, in the back if possible". This may make a tanking experience very frustrating when you attempt to prevent damage to the group and they seem intent on taking as much as possible.
[blockquote]Basic game mechanics[/blockquote]As a last part of my introduction i decided to explain some of the game's fundamental tanking-related mechanics, for those new players that may not know already. Though this is a class guide i feel a player cannot preform as well as possible without a basic understanding of these mechanics and will add them for completeness.
  • Locking:
When the tanks lock is equal to the opponents dodge, the chance that the monster has to dodge or be locked is 50%/50%. For each 2 points of lock advantage the tank has over the opponent, the chance to lock increases by 1 (and thus the monsters chance to dodge decreases by one). The maximum chance to lock is 95%, thus 90 points advantage of lock over a enemies dodge are required for maximum possible lock chance.

  • Damage and Resistance:
Each attack has a "base damage" on the spell description. Elemental damage% bonuses that apply to that attack's element further increase the damage dealt to a enemy damage by that percentage. Thus a fire spell with 30 base damage cast by a character or monster with 150% fire damage deals 30 +150%(30) = 30+45 = 75 fire damage.

Resistance does nothing more then decrease this bonus damage % by the amount of resistance % of the defender. So if that fire attack we mentioned earlier (30 base with 150% fire damage) is dealt to someone with 100% fire resistance, it reduces the enemies fire damage to only 50% (150 -100), and the total damage is 30 (base) + 50% (30) = 45 damage.Resistances cannot reduce damage below spell damage, thus if our attacker casts his spell on a enemy with 300% fire resistance, he still deals 30 damage (base).
  • Block:
Blocking a attack reduces its damage by 30%. This can reduce damage below base damage. Each point of block obtained from character points or items increases the chance to block a attack by 1%. Thus, 100 block means you block every attack, and any additional block past 100 is wasted.

  • Monster AI basics:
For any tank it is important to notice monster behavior. Monsters appear to usually attack in a manner that maximizes their total damage output. Thus, they prefer to attack a target with low resistances over one with high resistances. Not only this, if they have area of effect attacks they will chose to strike multiple opponents over only one (many times even if the single target choice has lower resistances).

This means that a tank, a character focused in having strong defenses, will rarely be the chosen target for enemy attacks. Learning to bring enemies into close combat to lock them down and prevent that your allies are hurt before you can do this is one of the biggest challenges for a feca tank.

A few tips on handling this are presented in the "gameplay" section of the guide, but i am reluctant to comment extensively on all my hunches regarding monster AI because they are just guesses, and i wish to avoid giving potentially incorrect information. The best advice i can give to a new tank in this matter is to experiment when a fight is somewhat safe and try to remember how monsters react in different situations, so you may come to your own conclusions.

The character build

[/blockquote]I have experimented with multiple builds the past months and i see stronger and weaker points in each of them. Because of this i shall, in the following section, quickly cite two different possibilities which i am fond of, "build A" and "build B", and allow the reader to chose the most adequate for his needs. Afterwards, for those not intimidated by reading i will add a description of the motivations of each build.
For sake of curiosity i currently use "build B".

[blockquote]Character points[/blockquote]In this section i shall not account for Kit skill your character may require for your items as this depends greatly on character level, guild bonuses and item availability.
  • Build A
- 100 lock
- 2 mp
- 1 ap
- Complete block to 100
- Rest to int,str, cha, agi (equally)
  • Build B
- 100 lock
- 2mp
- Complete block to 100
- Rest to initiative

Motivation: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

tap100 lock is rather obvious. This is a guide for a lock tank. wa wabbit needs 715 lock, you need all the help you can get. For anyone who is unaware, 100 lock is the maximum lock you can stat.

tap"Complete block to 100" requires a more lengthy explanation. The idea is to make damage income predictable. We always see people saying things such as "I have 50% crits, attacked 5 times this turn and did not get a single crit! Omg this is broken!" or "i have 100 PP and ran Mrs Freeze 5 times and did not get a single Solomonk fragment!"

In my view this is because of a mix of elementary statistics and human psychology. Once a chance for something to happen is good enough, people expect it to happen, rely on this, and get mad if it does not. But at the same time, if you consider a large number of events, the chance of failure is not small at all. Even if a character has 70% crits, that just means that if you attack a infinite amount of times 70% of these will be a crit. There are still 30% that are not. And in a infinite number of attacks it is easy to see that eventually you will get large sequences of non-crits in a row.

The idea is that, if the reader follows this guide in terms of passive abilities and items (further below), they should have around 37 block from items/passive out of a group (97 grouped with 6 people). Completing this to 100 is somewhat cheap and prevents the damage you take to suddenly be higher then expected because of a sequence of unlucky events. The idea is that a feca tank does not ever have to say "omg so unlucky, i had XXX block and got 3 unblocked attacks".

So, we do not want 95% chance or 99% chance. We want 100% block! Of course, 100 is when in a 6 person group, which is when we are doing any content hard enough for it to matter. This means 40 block ungrouped.

tap 2 MP is to help us make up for a feca's very poor map control toolkit. We do not have a panda toss, good and reliable grab/pulls, transposition, self stabilization or abilities to launch ourselves closer to enemies. Feca tanking requires much moving around and having 6 MP is extremely helpful in my experience. And as the items i will suggest below are MP poor (no mp on the optimal BP), i strongly recommend stating 2 mp.

tapBuild A was my first build and it takes more obvious and conservative choices. I took the traditional 1 AP which allowed me to have 10 ap total (6 base, 3 from items, 1 stated). This has visible advantages (increased lock from ap and more spell combination possibilities which will be discussed further).

tapBuild A finishes off increasing all resistances by stating strength, intelligence, chance and wisdom. Although a point to your highest stated attribute costs 3, points to secondary ones cost only 1, so you can obtain 1 of all resistances with 12 points. At 145 there are sufficient points left for about 8 bonus to all damages and resistances.

tap The main difference between these builds is that Build B drops the AP and resistances in favor of initiative. Although this is somewhat situational (for dragonpig this extra ini does not help at all), in some fights and team compositions it can be extremely helpful.
After playing for quite a while with build A i found that unless i was with a very specific group of players whom helped me position myself on the first turn, stayed away from monster cc range, and overall were very helpful, i just couldn't tank.
Fecas cant transposition, we don't have a pull. Provoke is unreliable and requires LoS (line of sight), teleport requires a target and LoS. When you are last in your group and before you the Iop already ran forward monsters spread in every direction to attack your allies you wont be able to "fix" that battlefield anytime soon.
High ini is to help you on your first turn. If you can go before most (hopefully all) enemies and allies, you can get into enemy starting formations and organize them around you before allies and enemies alike are blocking your path and sight. Even if they are too far, just by being in front often helps you be the target for the cc monsters that cannot reach anyone else.

I currently stat more then 100 ini because i feel this is important to make up for fecas greatest fault (horrid map control) and i believe that this is what allows me to be a efficient tank when grouping with many different teams of characters and players. For this reason, i highly recommend build B to any player that feels safe enough with his lock and resistances to be able to afford to lose a bit, and plays with different groups of players. However, if you have a crobax with high ini or a air sac friend (or some class that has strong positioning abilities) you always play with and you feel you can efficiently tank with a low ini, build A is slightly stronger.


Specialty points
I use currently:

Of these, the fundamental are:
  • 7 glyph or armor
  • 9 tele flux

  • refraction untill you get 100 resistance from it
  • 20 untouchable
  • 20 stabi aura
  • 20 fecamaster
  • 20 ironclad

Peace armor, provocation and additional points in glyph or armor are optional and will depend on play-style and spell choices of each player.

Following are a few remarks on the less obvious specialty choices. These are the specialties i believe i had some minimally interesting insight or information to add to. I feel very self explanatory specialties such as untouchable or ironclad do not mandate any increase to the guide's length.

----------------------------------Remarks on specialties-------------------------------------------------------------------
tapRefraction reference chart:

For those too lazy to grab a calculator to see how much lock they need to have to get 100 resists from each level of refraction {(refraction%)*(CurrentLockammount) = TargetResistanceAmmount}; In other words, for 100 final resistance, (targetLock = 10000/refractLVL), or (refractLvl = 10000/lockTarget), here is a small chart:

level 9 (13% of lock) - 770 lock for 100 resists
level 10 (15% of lock) - 667 lock for 100 resists
level 11 (16% of lock) - 625 lock
level 12 (18% of lock) - 556 lock
level 13 (19% of lock) - 527 lock
level 14 (21% of lock) - 477 lock
level 15 (22% of lock) - 455 lock
level 16 (24% of lock) - 417 lock
level 17 (25% of lock) - 400 lock
level 18 (27% of lock) - 371 lock
level 19 (28% of lock) - 358 lock
level 20 (30% of lock) - 334 lock

I am not including levels below 9 because no-one can reliably have more then 770 lock to consider taking less levels.
It is worth noting that the feca master bonus lock does affect and increase refraction's resistance bonus, but only after your first turn in combat.

tapTeleportation Flux may seem less important then some of the more obvious "tanky" spells for a starting feca, but I feel it may be useful to comment just how vital this ability is for us. It is our sole one and only reliable map control ability. This is the spell you will usually use all your WP on, every fight. In the "gameplay" section we shall discuss how it is often used. For now i would just like to inform that when you use this spell to teleport in a way that the "carried" monster (or ally) would land in a occupied square, they will always select a new square adjacent to you *clockwise*.

tap Provocation was one of the abilities we most anticipated when the revamp was announced and probably the the greatest disappointment. The idea to spend 3 ap to force a monster to attack you is very interesting. The key word here is force. It doesn't. What this spell does do is "make pretend" to the provoked monster that your resistances are lower then they are in fact, but monster AI is unchanged. In practice you spend 3 ap to "maybe increase the chances a monster attacks you, but which may be wasted".

Wasted either because you did not have enough knowledge of the monster you taunted or situational reading (he had some aoe attack and of course he would prefer to use that on the two allies way back over there), or just because you were unlucky. I have had quite a fair share of provokes cast on enemies with only a single cc attack well within their move range, no obstacles or allies in the way and that just chose to go around me to hit a ally.

To put it simply, i do not like this ability. I do not like to potentially put a allies life to chance. I think it is very poor game design that there is a ability that has a possibility to do nothing in return for the expended AP. But i still take it.

I tried not to use this for a time and i just missed it. Sometimes it works, and quite well. And sometimes you are out of WP, stabilized, or just cant move enough to teleport all monsters where you want them, and it feels to me like its better to spend 3 AP to maybe get them to come to me then just putting up a shield against a attack that has no chance to kill me anyhow. Our map control is so bad that i am willing to use this.
It is also quite useful to make a enemy attack you rather then the air Iop that also insists in coming to CC with the most dangerous monster on the field.

*A last remark about this ability is that it appears to sometimes include the "pvp effect" (50% damage reduction) against some of the monsters. This is *probably* a bug... I think. Because I (and apperantly a better part of the community) are unsure wither this is a buff or a bug (most of us kinda wanna believe its deliberate because we think this ability needs some love), i do not feel safe to in my guide rely on this additional effect when considering the usefullness of this specialty. I do not want to encourage bug exploitation.

tap Peace Armor really looks great. And it is. But it really has nothing to do with tanking (by the definition we gave in the introduction).
Peace armor in the end is just a support spell, not unlike a sadida or osamoda's shields or a eniripsas transcendence. And as much as it could be useful and i would love to have it,
a) We don't have enough spare points to level it past 5, so it will cost 2 wp and have poor range.
b) We frequently are surrounded by monsters in the front line of combat. Chances are if a ally needs a peace armor we will be nowhere near him nor have LoS to give him it.
c)This costs WP. Remember our only good map control, teleportation, also requires WP. Intending to use both can be a strain to your WP and even compromise your ability to tank.

I put my "spare" points in this just in case a ally is almost dead by the time it reaches my turn in a fight he cannot die in any way or we will lose, within range and LoS, and i have enough WP to cast it.
I think i used it once in like a month, and regretted it later on the fight (he could have been eniraised, and he was a big suicide and died soon after anyhow). Although it is currently a specialty i do have a few spare points in, i consider removing them myself whenever i restat again.

tapGlyph or armor
Just wanted to explain the 7. At level 7 glyph or armor already costs only 1 ap (the minimum it will cost). The following levels will only give it the ability to be cast without LoS and one more range.
As our own spells usually require LoS and do not have a very long range, the last two points are quite optional (perhaps even a better one then a few points in peace armor).

-------------------------------------(remarks on specialties)-------------------------------------------------------------------

Spell selection

I personally find feca spell leveling interesting and tricky because we its not just spell damage that we must consider, but glyphs and armors with benefits that scale with levels, as well as the quality of our shields.
It is also important to note that for fecas, spells we use are not always the same as spells we level.
Drip gives a great armor which we use *a lot*, but this armor does not scale with level in any way and thus we do not level it.
At last, we must remember that spell levels give damage and resistances. This will be a large consideration when allocating our spell levels!
Because of these reasons the suggested spell levels in this guide are a bit wacky. They will be further explained below, but are by no means the only viable option.

fireFire spells:
To me this element presents the easiest choice. As we are taking these spells mostly for resistances, and our damages will be quite low, i dis-consider spell damage when choosing these spells. For the fire tree the obvious choices for armor effects are Volcano and Meteor. These increase your support toolkit available when direct tanking actions are not strictly necessary.

  • Volcano can allow you to reduce enemy resistances either by casting it on yourself (to reduce the resistance of all enemies adjacent, or by casting it directly on a target. The prefered method may depend on initiatives, the number of enemies, and if you want to place a additional armor on either yourself or your enemy. It is relevant to notice that volcano armors do not stack, so armoring both a opponent and yourself will not give double effect.
  • Meteor is simply a critical boost at the cost of some block. It can be quite a significant increase (9-10% at our current maximum levels), and the large block reduction will not be detrimental to a damager that you are successfully protecting.
Because i see these as the only interesting choices, my build takes levels in these spells.

waterWater spells:

Water element presents us with more interesting choices then Fire. There are four interesting glyphs and armors to chose from.

  • First are the two water shielding spells, crashing wave for a armor, and steam for a AoE shielding glyph. Although our water damage will be quite low to create strong shields with these spells, and although earth spells will surely give us better shields for the invested AP, these have a couple of merits. Firstly, it is a option of shield we can also give to allies. Secondly, these last for two turns, so they present the possibility of "storing" shields for the next turn. For example if fighting black crow (not that a tank is very helpful there, but just take in the example situation i came up with to illustrate the potential usefulness of these spells) and he flies up on the ground phase, you will have a turn where you take no attacks and have no enemy to attack. If you have these water shields you can shield yourself (and/or allies) with the water shields that last 2 turn for when he comes back you are already per-shielded without spending any of that turns AP. I personally really like steam glyph as it does not use up a players armor, and because of its potential aoe shielding.
  • Another option is bubble. This spell can increase a allies range or reduce a enemies by up to two in our current max levels. This is one of the few spells we may take that do not require LoS, and thus may motivate a feca tank to take the 8th point in glyph or armor. Hypothetically this armor can be very interesting, specially to force ranged enemies to need to come closer to the group (and hopefully to you), and make it easier for you to lock him. In practice, however, i tried testing this spell and i used it very little. The blinding strategy ends up more unreliable even then provoke.
  • At last, there is the avalanche glyph. It looks quite attractive. A large 2 range radius glyph that removes 2 ap from enemies (at high levels)! The 2 ap though has either a display or implementation bug, because it shows as 2 ap (no conditionals) but appeared to only remove 1. I believe it is likely the second is a chance which increases by level (as the first before it). The other main problem with this glyph is it is so expensive. 5 ap for the spell plus one for the glyph, the total cost is 6. It is very unlikely you can affect enough enemies to remove more AP then you spend casting it, and i personally never really found myself in situations i felt this was a particularly good use of my AP.
I currently have bubble and steam. As i have stated, i rarely use bubble, but on the other hand when i had crashing wave i did not use it very often as well since earth spells provide stronger (immediate) shields and i often prefer to give a ally a different armor if i may. I believe any two out of steam, bubble and crashing wave are solid water spell choices.

Drip deserves a special mention here. Although this spell is a poor choice to level, if i had to play with only *one* feca spell (not specialty though!) i would chose this one. The ability to make ourselves unlock able for a move is what all our map control is based on, and giving this armor to a ally in a tight spot can be a life saver. More will be mentioned in the gameplay section, but i wanted to already alert the reader that although you do not level this spell, it is absolutely vital to a feca tank.

earthEarth spells:
Perhaps the earth element presents even more challenging decision making then the water tree. As should be expected since this is the tanking element, many of these spells are quite attractive. When analyzing these spells i shall assume the reader understands how the shields from feca absorption can be compared from spell to spell. Further reading on that matter is on a separated section below and is advised to a reader who is insecure as to how these shields work.
  • Feca Staff - In the end, the AP given from this glyph is our best support, as nerfed as it has been. I briefly tried a build without this spell leveled, but found myself missing it in times i didint have that much to do in terms of tanking. It is worth noting that 100 is a key level for this spell because it brings the glyph from 99% chance of 1 AP to 100% chance of 1 ap + 50% chance of a second. It is a huge leap in strength.
  • Fecabo - The armor on this spell does not depend on the spell level, thus we have little motivation to increase it. The best reason there is to level fecabo is because it is our 2 AP spell, and therefore it is much easier to use all (or nearly all) our AP in any situation with fecabo then with say Fecammer. And of course, not wasting ap is not wasting shields.
  • Defensive Orb - This spell's armor gives us two interesting choices. The obvious one which everyone seems to think of right away is when it is level 100+. At maximum effect Orb Armor will delay all damage we take until the start of our next turn, and can be used to "buy more time" for a healer to reach us or for the damage dealers to finish a fight when we are in a very critical situation. The second possibility is to leave this spell at level 50, deliberately. This would make it "divide" the damage we take, half now, half on the beggining of our next turn. It is a very interesting possibility when a fight has phases with high damage intake followed by a "break". Black crows land phase comes to mind, more or less (that fight doesent quite need a tank so its just a example). I personally tried to use Orb at level 50 for quite a while but did not encounter many situations in which it could be useful and switched to the more obvious approach.
  • Feca Blades is perhaps one of our most underestimated spells. I think it is because most players look at the -damage% on blade armor and assume it is the most horrible thing in the world. Although i would not recommend ever using this armor on a ally, It can be quite powerfull on yourself. At the level cap this armor gives 58-59% resistance. This is quite a bit. While it does also make your own shields weaker in some situations the resistance gain more then compensates this shield loss. Against dragonpig's phase 3, for example, almost all your shields actually come from the dedicated shielding character. By increasing your resistances you can reduce the damage from alll of DP's atacks, greatly optimizing the use of this allies shields.
  • Fecammer is one of the spells that i found most frustrating to try to use. Its AP cost is so high it makes it hard to spend all your AP whenever you need to do anything besides shield yourself on that turn. Additionally, the glyph seems very promising but in my testing seemed very ineffective save in select situations. the glyph costs 6 AP (5 from the spell +1 for the glyph itself) and although the possibility of removing 3 MP of a monster is nice, most monsters have enough MP to still move anyhow. For tanking its just more effective to provoke and teleport and locking a enemy down then trying to drain his MP. This ends up being a very situational ability only useful against low MP and untankable enemies like Hagen Daz or the Wobot Boss from Wa castle.

I do not believe there are spell choices in the earth tree that are clearly much better or worse then others, therefore i do think any player with enough experience tanking on his feca is quite capable of making his own spell selection.

I will explain my personal choices to share my reasoning on their selection:
Because the earth spells were all very interesting, this is where my spell level allocation was most unorthodox. I chose to sacrifice a bit of shielding by taking lower spell levels to open a wider toolkit of armors. By leveling staff to 100 my AP glyphs are quite decent, and i maxed blades for at least one good shielding spell and maximum blade armor resistance effect, which although somewhat situational has proven to me as very valuable in the hardest of fights.
I gave Orb some extra exp past 100 (armor effect) to increase its shield effectiveness. Although arguably this exp would be best used on staff (which gains better chances for the second AP from the levels), since staff can only be used once a turn i felt increasing orb's shields was higher in priority then improving my support AP glyphs.

The shield loss itself is not so large. When respecing i tested on a dummy and i gained around 410 shield with 2 orbs and 1 blade (max level), and 370 shield with 2 orbs and 1 blade with orbs at this build's suggested level. I personally feel that +-40 damage worth shields is worth having a larger toolkit, but this is admittedly a personal choice. It is also worth noting that the higher your damage%, the larger this shield loss is. Therefore if anyone intends to make their own build with more focus on damage and shielding, i strongly recommend maxing all earth spells you intend to attack with.

------------------------How feca absoprtion works:-----------------------------------------------------------
| When we cast earth spells we gain a shield based on our earth damage and the level of our spell.
| Just as damage, our final shield strength is based on the base damages of our earth spells
| increased by our damage %.Most players know this but i have seen players post on the forums
| things such as "I use fecammer because it gives most shields", and this alarmed me that maybe
| other players misunderstood how to compare the strength of the different spells. Thus i felt i should
| give a short explanation.
| In essence, all give the same shields. It is true a fecammer (5 ap spell) gives more shields then a
| fecastaff (1 ap 2 mp spell). But if you divide the amount of shield it gives by the AP it costs, all
| spells are roughly the same (again, considering they are at the same level).
| Higher cost spells might have slightly higher shields because their shield amount increases more
| often then lower level ones (to maintain the same shield/AP ratio). For example (hypothetical, made
| up numbers), if fecastaff will increase its shield from 9 to 10 at level 101, at level 100 fecammer will
| give a slightly stronger shield then 5 times a fecastaff because it will already be at 49 shields
| (nearing 50 to be 5*10).
| But, on the other hand, lower cost AP spells are easier to combine to spend all your AP when you
| have to use a spell outside your planned "shielding combo". And unspent AP is a waste of shield
| potential!


This is the set i consider to be the optimal no-relic set a tank should aim for. It requires only 3 stated block for 40 block without group (which is 100 block in a 6 person group). It only requires no Kit Skill if you are in a guild with max Kit bonuses, however there are other viable shield options for those without these bonuses and that do not wish to invest points in Kit (i personally don't spend points in Kit if i can avoid it).

It is always imporant to check these wakfu-elements links keeping in mind they do not account for many of our bonuses. 140 resistances from passives, rune bonuses to lock and resistances, guild bonuses to resistances, lock, health and damage, and clan bonuses to health and damage are not accounted for. If you wish to consider a character with maximum bonuses adding 230 resistances, about 70 health, 30 earth damage + 60 all damages and 100 lock + AP*10 additional after the first turn will give you the in game result you can expect.

Slot my slot analysis:
In this analysis i will list the usable items for a endgame lock tank from best to worse, and possibly make a few comments in the end.

In many of these item decisions a reader might think "Omg this item she put in second place is clearly better then the first, its just aliiiittle lock you lose!". The point is, this will happen many many times. We only get the 715 lock we need to lock Wa wabbit if we really pick high lock options. A little here and a little there add up and in the end a player with much different item choices will find himself with 50 or 100 less lock. A different item build will be explored further down so we can analyze the differences.
  • Head: 1) The cap 2) Hagen Daz helmet Now that a better alternative to Hagen amu has been released hagen helm has lost prevalence to the cap as best tanky helm! Other helmets might be "acceptable", such as MARC II helm (which is nice to have around case you need more control for some fight), but ultimately they give too little block or lock to overall be a solid choice for the default build.
  • Epas: 1) Magic cawwot Epaulettes 2)Hagen Daz Epaulettes 3) Tormented Epaulettes Magic cawwot is best by a longshot and any replacement should be a temporary stepping stone untill you get one. It's 50 lock, 5 block and 19 resistance are well ahead of either alternative and it has ini, which is quite valuable as explained in "Build A".
  • Cloak: Cape Credite 2) Blueberry 3) Troglodyte poncho Poncho is the only one with earth damage, but both others have significantly more lock and the new crafted cape is a clear best with 6 block on top of blueberry, as well as higher lock and resists.
  • Amulet: 1) Royal guawd Talisman 2) Hagen daz Amulet There are a few other amulet options with lock, but these are by far the best choices as they have other interesting stats (resistances, block, earth damage, etc).
  • Rings: 1) Anwabbit 2) JARNO 3) Rocky Fist 4) Boohemoth ring There are some additional options with lock but no block such as the new Floral ring, but i do not recommend these (unless you already has excess block and cant get a anawabbit) as their lock is mediocre and the block must be made up for, even though the floral ring does have nice resistances. Boohemoth has only 15 lock, trailing behind the others,but it's Kit skill can be a nice asset to use items ahead of you when leveling or to be able to change to a higher level item set without needing to stat kit skill.
  • Chest: 1) Magic cawwot 2) Milkar Fur 3) Old Leonald Kimono 4) Hagen Daz Armor 5) Imperial Summoner armor 6) Tormented Breastplate Unlike the amulet, there are many good options for breastplates. Magic cawwot is the best, no surprise, but Milkar Fur is pretty incredible for its level, nearly as good as Cawwot BP in most tanking stats and only lacking ini. Old leonald is the exact same as magic cawwot but weaker. Its a nice budget or leveling choice. Imperial sumoner has control, which can be interesting for a feca, but ultimately has little resistances and lock to be a solid choice. Hagen daz and tormented both give MP, which could spare us from stating the second MP i recommend. However, their resistances and lock are quite terrible. Tormented's terrestrial transfer ability may seem interesting, but it will cost you about 80-100 earth resistance, which i find somewhat crippling specially considering many of the hardest hitting monster abilities are earth, counting that its what the tank can take.
  • Belt: Chode 1)La Zwombbiture 1) Turq Tutu 2) Wobotic Backup Undewweaw 3) Blow-up Shorts 4) Belt of contagion La Zwombbiture is a lock upgrade over Tutu (from 20 to 40 lock + 1 rune), and has 4 block and nice health. However, tutu still has higher resistances and that extra control. The new Chode AP epic belt has no block and lower health bonus then tutu or wombbiture, but 20 lock + 1 ap (converts to 10 more lock with our feca passives, totaling 30) make it a interesting choice, falling only a bit behind Zwombbiture in lock. Its a great option if you are already passing 100 block with untouchable + items (easily done with our recent block cape and/or asse shield relic). The other options fall behind these three and are leveling/budget options that should be treated as temporary.
  • Weapon: No real secret here. Toxispike is the best tanking weapon as it is the only lock+ap one handed weapon in the game. I keep a Makabra staff as well. It is a cheap (no lock) alternative for when not as much lock is required, with better health, ini and resistances, and a bonus control, can be more useful. Any 1 handed weapon with AP can be a temporary fill-in while you try to get a toxispike. As far as 2 handed weapons go, Chop-Chop is a nice leveling/temporary option (much better then the outdated Tauxic hammer), with very attractive stats. However, its lock fall well behind a good shield+toxispike combination and it's resistances are much worse then any decent shield's. Therefore i do not recommend it as the endgame choice for a tank, which should strive for a toxispike+shield combo.
  • Offhand: 1) Wo shield 2) Imperial defender 3) Pompom Shield 4)Mogmatic 5) Khiels Aegis 6) GG shield Some might disagree with this order, and feel free to try different shield choices if you do. Wo shield is the clear winner as it has 6 block, highest lock and good resistances and hp. Defender is somewhat behind in all regards, but it maintains 6 block, is much easier to rune and does not require Kit skill to use. Pompom Is a biiiit superior to the imperial although nearly as hard to rune as Wo, and not as good. Mogmagic has nice health and resistances, but no lock. Khiels is perhaps the best "budget" or temp shield, but lack of block requires that it be replaced for something better. GG shield has excellent resistances and health, but only 4 block and no lock. Although many may be impressed or excited about this shield, i cannot see a shield without lock and with only 4 block as a solid endgame choice, and since this shield is expensive and somewhat difficult to get if someone does get it they intend to keep it, which i discourage.
  • Boots: 1) Magic cawwot Boots 2) Cactaboots Magic cawwot is a clear winner, with amazing 5 block and 50 lock on a boots (with 2 max runes this item alone gives us 90 lock). Cactaboots would be the next best pick with 3 block and 20 lock. Tormented boots has nice lock and a interesting ability, but no block and bad resistances unless under walls. MARC boots can be a nice option while leveling or on a budget, but Magic cawwot is really the only solid pick here.
  • Pet: 1) Bow Meow 2) Golden Croum 3) Araknomecha 4)Gobbly 5) Milimoowolf 6) Angora Bow Meow 7) Striped Bow Meow The order i put the pets in is not all that meaningful. A bow meow is the most imporant pet as it is the highest lock option (and it is nice it is quite easy to obtain), but it is very desirable to have other options to switch to when as high lock is not required. Angora is a great side-pet for initiative manipulation. Other pets can offer resistance or health increases when neither lock or ini need to be as high, or even block supplementation if you need to switch a item to a lower block alternative.I personally keep a Bow meow, a milimoowolf, and angora and striped bow meows. This is mainly because i have not come by the other alternatives yet, i am quite a pet collector.
Sidenote - The importance of runes:
As this guide is for End-Game tanking, i think it is adequate to just state that runes are often underestimated. Players many times are happy to pay 2 million kamas to upgrade their rogmourne to a hushed scepter, but are bitter if they need to pay 100KK on a rune. Which is quite a contradiction. The rune-ing items properly can potentially give as much a stat increase (many times more!) then a actual item upgrade. On my proposed item set, the difference in lock and resistances from completely unruned to completely runed are very large! 60 lock (3 rune slots: 2 boots 1 belt) and 70 resistance (3 bp, 1 epa, 2 cloak, 1 ammy). Although rune-ing can be expensive and difficult at higher level and rarity runes, i dont really see any reason not to at least rune items up to +5, even when on a budget. Green runes are always affordable and with only these you can already gain 35 additional resistance and 30 lock. Runes are very important and are often the difference between a impressive character and a standard one.

Relic options:
1) Meridia Insignia
The easiest choice of a relic for a tank. This relic does not take the item slot of any item with lock, and thus is the only relic option which is not a lock loss. It is pretty much free 10 resistances and 70 health, with some nice other bonuses (crits, damage, etc).

2) Powerfull dazzling belt
Although PDB does not have the lock Tutu has, the AP it gives us becomes 10 lock thanks to feca master passive, so it is only a 10 lock loss in comparison. And we gain 1 AP, 1 resistance and get to keep the control! Unfortunately we do lose 4 block in comparison to the Tutu which we will likely need to make up for with points. This relic does not really give us any significant tanking power (we even lose some with the lack of block), but it is the only AP relic i believe we can use without crippling ourselves, and thus deserves mention.

3) Asse Shield
The relic shield. The supreme item for any tank. Or at least it should be. Ankama committed the aggravatingly stupid mistake of not putting lock on this relic (and it has range, as if we care) that no one except a tank would really consider picking over one of the damage/ap options (remember, we can only use one relic at a time). I am personally very very very dissapointed that this has no lock and still hope they will fix this item, which in my opinion could give additionally 50 lock, 100 more health and 5% chance to dodge a attack and still not be overpowered. Still, it is the only item in the game that allows you to have 8 block on weapon slots, and has incredibly high resistances and a very good health. If you can get enough lock to wear this and still lock what you have to, its a great item.

Any other relic would be either a waste on our tank (dubious gains for the items cost and rarity) or flat out bad (worse then the non-relic alternatives). This is because they are items without lock replacing items with lock, they frequently spend most of their item budget on stats which we do not prioritize, many times even sacrificing the ones we do! The next best possibly is Nettlez, because 6 block on a cloak would be nice (ours has none!!!!) but then again, we are very close to max block anyway, chances are this would just get wasted.

Possible alternative build
Ever since the the tormented items were released i have been considering trying to adapt my tank into a option with higher damage. Around this time the alternative lock cape with damage was released, we gained additional ring options and the tormented items have decent amounts of lock and sometimes interesting additional abilities.
This alternative build even opens different possibilities. Rather then a balanced spell level distribution in the three elements, a player could focus more (or even exclusively) on earth spells and trust terrestrial transfer to help balance out resistances. However, as one can see comparing the above item set to our core proposition, there are very significant losses in block and lock, and resistances don't necessarily become worse, but they are changed in a way we must consider.
Our block drops from 37 from items to 28, making it little enough for me to be unsure if it is worthwhile investing so many points (12 block) to buy enough to have 100 in a group. Our lock drops by roughly 100, and thus in combat with fecamaster bonus we would have 667 with max runes and guild bonuses.
Still, if a player can get to this number (ie, have maximum possible bonuses), he can use a 45 lock food to hit 712 and be just 3 lock shy from locking wa wabbit with 95%, so i cannot discard this as a non-viable end-game build.
As mentioned, resistances change around. Earth resistance will drop considerably, but the others may be even a bit better if compared to our proposed set.
All this changing around and stat sacrifice would be to obtain approximately 500%-550% earth damage on our tank (varies a bit with nation bonuses, can be increased with foods, etc). This damage increase would obviously, increase our damage (although against some opponents 500% is still just base damage dealt). But, more important to our tanking perspective, is a very significant increase to our shielding. Considering max level (145) earth spells and 10 AP spent on shielding, this would increase our shields from +-450 a turn (we can get about 110 base shield damage with 10 AP cast in level 145 spells, 110+300%110=440 - 300% is a conservative estimate for our low damage percentages. Fully runed for damage this can be raised to +-350, and with a couple of item choices such as using 2x rocky fist or even just food bonuses, it could reach 400%) to 660% shields a round.

To me this is clearly not worth it.
The sacrifice of 100% block really should not be underestimated, and will be noticed by any player attempting to use both builds. The reduction of earth resistance is a pretty big blow because many high hitting attacks are earth, counting that it is the element the tank can take. And even if the tormented bp is not used in favor of a hagen daz for example, overall resistances from this set will be considerably lower.
This alternative item set has much less imitative making it difficult to stat enough to play before enemies as proposed by build B.
And locking some enemies viably requires not only max rune-ing but food bonuses as well, even when using the complete set.
And all of this for 200 more shields a turn. 200 shielding a turn is a significant increase! With our high damage reduction from resistance and block it is capable of absorbing a number of additional hits! But our blocking and resistances are somewhat sacrificed, diminishing its effectiveness.

Any player is welcome to try a build like this, even switching items, spell levels, or anything he believes can be improved on top of the given example. But to me it is clearly inferior if you are attempting to make a dedicated tank character.
The stats available on existing tank items make me believe that ankama realizes that allowing tanks to have high damage simply makes damage dealers obsolete. After all, why bring a damage dealer if a tank could deal the same damage and be near unkillable. And i do not think they intend to change this anytime soon. Quite a few items with lock have been recently released, but they all have inferior stats in some way when it comes to tanking in endgame. I think these are released to give alternatives, or make lower level tanking builds with higher damage possible. But for end game tanking there is really no secret, take magic cawwot set, blueberry, a shield and have low damage.

Gameplay (To-do)
how to move glyphs. When they activate.
Basic combo moves: teleport grabbing + drip, using each armor/glyph, remarks on provocation use, attention to monster abilities when positioning (pushes, etc),
When fecablade armor is nice.
When steam glyph or wave armor are nice.
ADD ITEMS: Click here
Click here
Click here
+ finish descriptions/formatting on newly added items
(??)rant on non-tank friendly monsters/mechanics (stupid cactus, lead legs is stupid). Stuns, pushes jump always, teleports and stuff like that should always have some mechanic in which with good gameplay you can avoid them and, well, tank stuff.
Reactions 26
Score : 1409
Damn, thanks to this I was able to clearly see the difference between casual and main feca user. Feca is not my main and I've stated GorA and Refection to the max, without even considering if I really needed it biggrin I must thank you just for this small bit of enlightement.
And about provocation - assuming that pvp feature in pve is not a bug, it is the best feca's spell for bosses. Poor wa wabbit hits allies for 400dmg on crit when provoked. Lets hope that this is this spell's improvement that devs mentioned in one of hotfixes.
Score : 622
semcorda|2014-04-21 10:57:12
Damn, thanks to this I was able to clearly see the difference between casual and main feca user. Feca is not my main and I've stated GorA and Refection to the max, without even considering if I really needed it biggrin I must thank you just for this small bit of enlightement.
And about provocation - assuming that pvp feature in pve is not a bug, it is the best feca's spell for bosses. Poor wa wabbit hits allies for 400dmg on crit when provoked. Lets hope that this is this spell's improvement that devs mentioned in one of hotfixes.

I said nooo peeking till its dooonne! angry

I wrote the guide only considering what i knew was intended. Indeed, if provoke intentionally reduces damage against monsters it becomes a very powerful tool, but i don't want to tell people to spec a certain way if it might be a bug and the best spec might chance.

The part about glyph or armor was actually already mentioned in JerryDB's guide, first in the comment section and the incorporated to the guide

And i don't really like labeling characters i like equally as "main" and "alt", but my first character is a Eni tongue
Score : 864
Hey, first off you said no peeking but from what you've said so far you clearly have great insight into feca's, i learned alot from reading your "incomplete guide". Anwhosies i noticed you hadn't mentioned anything about inversion, nor did you plan to mention anything, thoughts on this spell?

I know as a tank, its not that great, but i honestly see feca's more as a support tank.
Score : 622
AdmiralWhiskey|2014-04-21 18:27:31
Hey, first off you said no peeking but from what you've said so far you clearly have great insight into feca's, i learned alot from reading your "incomplete guide". Anwhosies i noticed you hadn't mentioned anything about inversion, nor did you plan to mention anything, thoughts on this spell?

I know as a tank, its not that great, but i honestly see feca's more as a support tank.
Well, i had left it out because it is quite a non-tanky ability and i did not expect anyone to expect me to even mention it. I can, of course, share my thoughts in regard to using this ability as a tank.

Basically i would not recommend it for two reasons:

The first and most obvious is that you lose resistances to give yourself or a ally damage, which is in the opposite direction of what we prioritize as tanks.

Of course, I can conceive many situations in which this may be useful. If your enemy already has a damage much lower then your resistance anyhow, you can afford to lose a chunk without causing a larger damage income. This could even be a survivability gain if you inverse yourself to obtain greater shields. Or just inversing someone else as support.
But... How much help is this really? Monsters that cant even overcome your resistance by a large enough margin so that you may safely inverse are probably very weak anyhow. I believe your team would defeat them without this ability, it at best just makes the fight slightly faster.

And then there is the second reason i would not recommend taking this specialty, not enough points.
Im adamantly convinced that other specialties can be key abilities to winning fights. Even provoke, a ability which i manifested much dissatisfaction towards, would prove much more useful to tanking then inversion, which as i attempted to state above, would have very limited efficiency and importance. And i believe that if you are fighting content that requires a tank, a optimal tank is more helpful to the group then a mere damage bonus.
Thus we would not have enough specialty points to level inversion to a high level. Although the bulk of inversions damage bonus comes from our character level and not the specialty level, the ap and specially WP cost of unlabeled inversion would make using this specialty crippling.

As the "support tank" view, i share it in part i believe.
Whenever i am tanking comfortably enough (i have all the monsters i deem necessary locked around me and do not see the damage intake as a threat to my character) i support as i can, reducing their resistances, giving allies crit armors and AP (when i have LoS). But i would never sacrifice any tanking capability in my core build, or actions in a battlefield i do not yet consider "safe", to do so.

And i do not sacrifice actions because when i am brought to a group with my character that is a tank my reasoning is that there is a implicit contract saying i was brought there to tank, so that is what i do primarily to the best of my ability. If they wanted a support they would have invited me on a character that actually is built as a support.

I do not sacrifice build aspects because they are needed in some content. Wa wabbit castle can really punish the tank. Dragonpig hits kinda hard in phase 3. Even if there are enemies against which a build less dedicated to tanking could easily fulfill their role, this guide's proposition is to make a tank that can tank anything the game has to offer which can be tanked, so i would not consider doing so here.
I am not aware of what content you usually run, so this part about needing as much resistance and survivability as you can get can get a bit abstract. Ill try to give a couple of more concrete examples:
  • In dragonpig i am nearing a point in which i think i can tank the boss without a healer, only with the shielder (with 30-50 more resists i think i can do it safely). In traditional groups both are required because although the damage in the beginning of the fight is quite moderate, in the last phase he deals such massive damage (1200 collision damage which is not lowered by resistances + a sequence of say, 8 attacks - i honestly dont know, i never counted) that you may need the shields simply to survive, and even if you can survive without them you need to have no healing resist so that your healer can bring you to full health for the next attack. Becoming "tanky" to this point is a great asset because, as any dragonpig mangler can tell you, this fight takes almost one hour. Being able to bring another damage dealer to make it faster can be reaallly nice.
  • In wa wabbit castle, although you tank the most dangerous monsters (cavaliews), there are some monsters with pretty decent damage you just cant tank (wobots), at least in the normal sense(running up to him and locking him) because of a instant kill mechanic he has. And there are just too many monsters in each room to tank anyhow. Even a great group will not be able to kill all of these untanked monsters before they damage the group. In my preferred composition there is only one Eni with no side healer (more healers make the dungeon slower and might allow the dangerous wobots to live too long and get too close), and i often end up spending the entire fight without receiving any healing simply because the Eni is busy saving our teammates lives. If i die and those cavaliews i was locking run free the fight is lost, there likely wont even be time to eniraise. Extremely high resistances from a very dedicated build are what allow me to do this successfully.

Im sorry for the lengthy reply if it was a bit excessive.
Score : 191
i rly like ur guide and wounderfull details!

so u need a sacri in the group to stop the dp porting?
Score : 622
Noxopox|2014-05-06 18:52:43
i rly like ur guide and wounderfull details!

so u need a sacri in the group to stop the dp porting?
Thank you!

Not sure i understand the motivation of your question though.
I am sure there are many ways of doing DP, but my current group has no Sac.
Are you thinking of the belligerance teleport?
Score : 1409
YetAnotherNewbie|2014-05-06 19:42:46
Noxopox|2014-05-06 18:52:43
i rly like ur guide and wounderfull details!

so u need a sacri in the group to stop the dp porting?
Thank you!

Not sure i understand the motivation of your question though.
I am sure there are many ways of doing DP, but my current group has no Sac.
Are you thinking of the belligerance teleport?
I'm not sure what Noxpox meant either.
Afaik, there are 2 options - dp's "escape" teleport or his attack teleport. Both can be avoided by belligerence manipulation. Attack teleport is, however, more complicated. My guildmate has found somewhere information (digged through forums or asked someone from early dp teams) that dp randomly uses attack that ends with him standing 2 cells away from target. It triggers only when character in cc with dp is the character with the highest belli. Solution is to have pandawa carrying characer with the highest belli, making tank 2nd in the belli amount. Because dp cannot reach carried char, he does not use "escape" teleport, and because tank isn't 1st in belli order, he also cannot trigger attack teleport.
However, before we got this info, we did dp without panda. DP used this atack teleport only 2 times in the fight (got put back to feca's lockzone by xelor), so it seems to trigger rarely. Still, it is some random threat to lose the fight.
Score : 622
Well, this thread is supposed to be about fecas and not specific boss strategy, so i wont get very deep into the subject.

Just to not leave the question completely unanswered:
1) A feca tank *will always be highest Belligerence*. Guaranteed. No questions asked. Doesn't matter how much your DDs can deal in damage, how much your Eni heals or how much AP they have. We can just self-teleport, self give AP, and use extra AP's worth applying-removing armor for extra belligerence. I always put myself at 200 in the first turn and no-one ever reaches me again. I actually almost killed my group by almost hitting 500 belli without noticing.

2) His CC jump attack lands 3 squares behind the target. If you occupy this space, he wont do it.

Basically, If the tank has the highest belligerence (which you have since you are a feca and fecas are awesome) and no other players are ever CC with DP (CC DDs are never a good pick anyhow in terms of tactical arrangement), all you have to do is put something (coney, a beacon, the shielder, the edge of the map, *anything*) 3 squares behind the tank and DP cannot teleport. Ever.

You don't need a sac or a panda to control this (im not even sure if they can). And even if you mess up, if its on a turn DP is not bound-immune your feca should keep him in place anyhow with stabi-aura.

Now, please keep the thread related to Feca builds!
Score : 13905
YetAnotherNewbie|2014-05-06 22:47:41
We can just self-teleport

Ohhh yeah.ohmy 
Score : 6711
Awesome guide newbie!!!! Glad I am one of the few fecas that leveled Provocation. smile

Score : 1409
YetAnotherNewbie|2014-05-06 22:47:41

1) A feca tank *will always be highest Belligerence*. Guaranteed.

2) His CC jump attack lands 3 squares behind the target. If you occupy this space, he wont do it.

Ok, not a dp thread, but this is strictly related to feca gameplay. I will finish dp talk with just these 2 notes.

2. I wasn't talking about his throw attack, but his self teleportation attack. The one when he creates 3 images of himself and ends up out of lock zone. As I said, it triggers only when cc char has the highest belli. Apparently you haven't encountered it yet, but believe me, it exists.
1. You are right, but because of point 2 I keep belli on my feca on mid levels, enough to be comfortable for dd's, but below enis (who is carried by panda).

I did dp wihout panda, so it not some extreme threat, but still, if there is panda available, why don't limit the risks of dp's escape?
Score : 1172
semcorda|2014-05-07 06:19:42
YetAnotherNewbie|2014-05-06 22:47:41

1) A feca tank *will always be highest Belligerence*. Guaranteed.

2) His CC jump attack lands 3 squares behind the target. If you occupy this space, he wont do it.

Ok, not a dp thread, but this is strictly related to feca gameplay. I will finish dp talk with just these 2 notes.

2. I wasn't talking about his throw attack, but his self teleportation attack. The one when he creates 3 images of himself and ends up out of lock zone. As I said, it triggers only when cc char has the highest belli. Apparently you haven't encountered it yet, but believe me, it exists.
1. You are right, but because of point 2 I keep belli on my feca on mid levels, enough to be comfortable for dd's, but below enis (who is carried by panda).

I did dp wihout panda, so it not some extreme threat, but still, if there is panda available, why don't limit the risks of dp's escape?

I did DP with newbie's feca smile it was awesome! And she's great in other dungeons too. I even based my feca builds from watching her feca tongue.

Oh, and about the DP creating 3 images thingy, it only happens if u have really high beligerence on ur tank, like maybe about 400+ at the start of DP's turn. That's why she said she almost killed the team with her high beligerence xD. Oh, and for point 1, with a good shielder u don't even need to heal the feca in phase 1 and 2, and the eni's beli won't catch up enough to the feca's in phase 3. wink

Oh, and naiiiiiii ari!
Score : 13905
NillaSteph|2014-05-07 07:00:42
Oh, and for point 1, with a good shielder u don't even need to heal the feca in phase 1 and 2, and the eni's beli won't catch up enough to the feca's in phase 3. wink

You don't need to heal in phase 3 either... because using some burst dmg strategies or a high initiative Feca you can skip phase 3.
Score : 1409
Gynrei|2014-05-07 15:44:15
NillaSteph|2014-05-07 07:00:42
Oh, and for point 1, with a good shielder u don't even need to heal the feca in phase 1 and 2, and the eni's beli won't catch up enough to the feca's in phase 3. wink

You don't need to heal in phase 3 either... because using some burst dmg strategies or a high initiative Feca you can skip phase 3.
Right, but I suppose you would need high lvl rouge bomber. Or maybe you meant using orb armor? I think that YAN will mention this great armor in gameplay part of this guide
Score : 13905
Yeah, i used to run DP with some average DPS. My Feca was the shield class and went first. We'd stop DPSing right before phase 3. Place Orb on DP and then hit him hard. DP stays on phase 2 for his turn and takes all that dmg afterwords. This gives us our current turn plus the one before to bring him down. You can even add a third turn to zerg him by Orb'ing the tank this turn if you think he might die in phase 3.

I've used Orb to skip many dangerous boss phases in the game.

There are plenty of burst classes in the game. I've never actually tried the rogue bomber myself.
Score : 1223
Maybe share ur support feca now?
Score : 13905
XHakenX|2014-05-07 18:36:13
Maybe share ur support feca now?

It uses roughly the same spells as in Katrena's guide. I just use those tools for offense more than defense. I don't want to derail her guide by going into it. I've mentioned different aspects in the Feca class forums.

The class is still relatively new and we've only been living with the post staff nerf for like a month or two.
Score : 6711
Fecas are the best!!!!

Score : 622
NillaSteph|2014-05-07 07:00:42
Oh, and naiiiiiii ari!

Naaaaaaaiii Sillie! biggrin *waves*

Oh, Sillie, i left you a message in the forum ankabox thingy!
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