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[Guide] UB Indepth Guides (Magmog Added)

By EskimoF March 29, 2014, 23:25:59
I noticed a large lack in video guides for UB's that were voiced and indepthly explained them, so I decided to fill that gap.

Instead of just linking them as I make them (currently we have one of 3 planned videos uploaded) I also want to write down key notes of each UB, something to quickly refer back to if you forgot something from the video that you wanted to double check.

The team that work on these videos and strats are myself (I mainly go by Usatei), Aerystelle, Prometheous and Seniv.

Magmog the Gobbalrog

Video link: Click here

Key notes about Magmog; Click here Bandwith Friendly Version: Click here

Future plans:

We plan on bringing you next a Black Crow guide in the same format as the previous, we will explain all the mechanics in play and how the fight generally goes. I want to wait on more feedback on the Magmog video to know where I can improve.

After that, we will be making a Dragon Pig video. This will be different from the others because it will focus on the strategy that we use, rather than dragon pig as a whole, the reason for this is because I don't feel we can confirm all of our theories on his hidden mechanics and patterns to set it in stone just yet. When we do however, we will make an indepth guide to him.

After that, I really want to make a Master Shhudoku guide, I love that dungeon.

I'd love your guys feedback! I'm looking to improve the quality of my work.


Edit; I was going to post everyone in one post, but there seems to be a limit and it removed most of it, so I uploaded all of the keynote information to Pastebin. 
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Thx for the guide. For this and for the next guide maby you can add some information around the boss itself: where to find (wich map and where on that map) and stuff like wich lvl is minimum for the grp ans so on?? That would improve the guide for newer players enourmusly... greetz
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