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Written & Videos Player-Made Guides Directory

By [MOD]Ranuko December 24, 2013, 10:35:33
Below will be a collection of some the written guides on various subjects I have included a description if the title is not obvious. I have also not included any guides that are already indexed in other topics such as the class directory which can be found here. On 16 March 2015 this topic was merged with the Video guide index.

Written guides

Players behaviour, reporting and contacting moderators:

Forum Guides:

Miscellaneous Guides:

Reference guides:
These guides were written in 2012 however they may have some use.
Video guides

Miscellaneous guides:

Quest Lines:

Ultimate Boss Guides:
This is usually only a hot topic if the UB is new however when the UB has been out for 6 months or longer and multiple players are beating them each week it doesn't hurt to share.

Troll fare (Ga Ga Island) mini-game guides:

Dungeon Info:

For a video to qualify for this topic it has to have some annotation or tutorial aspect for example how to kill the Boss, first you would need to run the dungeon gaining access with X key, the boss has X hp I would suggest X team damage or X classes, this is the tactic etc.

Please feel free to message me if you know any videos which could benefit the community in regard to guides.

If you create/update a guide please bumps this thread with a link to the relevant topic. Before bumping this thread please try to ensure that the guide is up to date. Please message me if I have left any guides out.

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I have added the following guides:-

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If I may, I recently posted a sort of farmer's guide.
It contains the locations for every crop, where it's plantable, and %s.

Farmer's Handbook 
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Xavier-Jenon|2015-02-15 12:19:26

I have added the following guides:-

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