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[Guide] Introduction to foggernauts

By Aragnus December 06, 2013, 21:26:28
Hello everybody, and welcome to my beginners guide to foggernaut

I am not a high level player. At the time I wrote this, my foggernaut was lvl 53. This was in december 2013, not so long after the class revamp.

Table of contents

0. Resources
1. Class mechanics
....1.1 Summoning blocks
....1.2 Using rails
2. Builds
....2.1. choosing your favorite element
....2.2. Example builds
3. Spells
....3.0. Spell damage per AP and MP used.
....3.1. Fire spells
....3.2. Earth spells
....3.3. Stasis spells
....3.4. Combining spells

0. Resources

Wakfu encyclopedia foggernaut: Click here
Class revamp devblog: Click here
Foggernaut forum: Click here
Equipement revamp devblog: Click here
Spell experience devblog: Click here

1. Class mechanics

Things that set the foggernaut apart.

1.1 Summoning blocks

We can summon blocks at the cost of 3 to 5AP or 2MP. These blocks have hit-points and will absorb 75% of the damage you receive. Your blocks will generally not absorb damage redirected to you. Blocks also block sight. There is no limit to the amount of blocks that you can create, but they cannot be placed too next to each other. At the beginning of your next turn, your blocks will disappear.

If you spend 100 (20x5) points in armor plating passive specialty, then your blocks will absorb 50% of the damage your allies receive, but only if they are standing within 1 range of the block.
Suggestion to the devs: Increase the blocks protection range for allies (to 2 tiles, or maybe even 3). Bonus points if you add a visual effect to the floor within that range of the blocks so allies can clearly see the protection range.

Block HP will depend on the level of the spell used, and will be multiplied by your earth damage percentage. That is why in the beginning of the game your blocks how such low HP. Stacking earth damage and leveling your earth spells will increase the HP of your blocks. That is why foggernauts who focus on earth are the best at mitigating damage. Since blocks will always block sight regardless of how much HP they have, they are still an invaluable tool for those that do not specialize in earth.

A note about damage prevention versus healing: Your blocks essentially raise the maximum HP, allowing a character to take more damage in any single turn. They also prevent damage, which is similar to healing. They will however take damage from AOE attacks, and if you use a block but it doesn't take damage that round then your AP is wasted. This makes blocks a very situational way of managing HP. Therefor the most important usage of blocks is manipulating the AI path-finding and AI targeting.

1.2 Using rails

Image: Foggernaut on rails using motherfogger.

Rails can be used to move 3 tiles at the cost of only one movement point. You will probably need to level microbot to 9/9 and groove to 10/20. This will lower the cost of microbot from 5 AP to 2, and it will allow your rails to cover 4 squares between your microbots instead of 1. It also increases microbot charges from 2 to 6 and it will give you 1 more control, allowing you to summon the second microbot you need to form rails.


Cybot only get 3% hp at lvl 1, and is almost useless. As a beginning player, you will not find much use from this skill. Cybot can build and repair your microbots (and thus maintain your rails). It can also relay your stasis spells, damaging all monsters in front of it. Cybot is difficult to use properly, and wont be of much use until the higher levels.
Suggestion to devs: Perhaps if cybots turn would be right before the player turn instead of after it, then it would be easier to position and use the relay mechanic.
Suggestion 2: Allow cybot to move on rails at the cost of 1MP / 3 movement. I don't see any reason why this should not be possible.
Note: The description of cybot is currently outdated, it can use all its spells even at lvl 0.

Image: foggernaut using a cybot to relay a ray of stasis spell.


Motherfogger allows you to cast stasis spells without having to cast them on a line. I leveled motherfogger to 9/9, to lower its ap cost from 6 to 1. Motherfogger must be cast when standing on an active cybot. The cybot will become deactivated and cant be used twice. You can then only move on rails.

Note: The description of motherfogger is outdated. You will only get the damage increase when you are fighting a monster that has all resistances equal (usually a boss).

Image: In motherfogger mode, stasis shot does not need to be cast on a straight line.

2. Builds

2.1. choosing your favorite element

There are essentially 3 ways to build a foggernaut:
* Mono element: Fire damage or earth damage
* Duo element: Fire and earth damage
* Stasis: General damage (all elements)

Earth foggernaut is a medium range damage dealer and a situational tank (equipment stats: earth damage, lock, block, resistance). Fire is a ranged damage dealer that uses the overheating mechanic, boosting your damage for one turn, but then lowering it by half the boosted value the next turn. Stasis uses the statisfied debuff, increasing stasis damage by up to 100% against that target while also giving a chance to steal 1WP.

2.1.1 Your spells and spell mastery

According to the devblog:
"you will be able to have up to 6 spells reach maximum level in multi-element (2 per branch), or 4 in mono-element starting from level 100 (and the same at level 200)."

Spell mastery damage and resistance bonus:
For each character level you can get up to 1% bonus damage and resistance if you level all spells in one elemental branch (mono element). If you level two spells in each elemental branch, you will be able to get a 65% damage and resistance bonus at level 100 (0.65 per level).

Read the devblog for a more detailed description of spell mastery.

2.1.2 Equipment

You also have to think what kind of equipment you will use. Stasis requires general damage sets,
since stasis damage bonus is calculated on the average of all elemental damage. If you don't use stasis much, you can instead use a fire damage set, earth damage set, or a fire/earth damage set. Mono and duo element sets are generally cheaper and have slightly better stats.

To find apropriate items for your level check wakfu-elements or wakfu wiki.

2.1.3 Active and passive specialties.

Fire damage relies on fogginator, fire and oil, and critical turbo for damage dealing and better range. Earth damage uses fogginator, critical turbo, armor plating, and stasis shield.
Stasis builds can also use motherfogger.

2.1.4 Ability points

You will gain 5 points per level to spend on your abilities. These can be used to increase your AP, MP, critical hit, range, etc.

At level 51 you will have 250 points. That means you can have +1AP (150 points) and +1MP (100 points). You could choose 1MP at lvl 21, or wait a bit longer and get 1AP at lvl 31, and then get the other one later.

Wakfu wikia page with more information on ability points.

2.2. Example builds

Fire build:
(3/5 fire) Fire thrower, steampalm, blazing fire
(2/5 earth) stomp, shebang

Use fire thrower and steampalm to nuke from range. Stomp and blazing fire to dump you MP points in whenever you can and to finish of low hp targets. When you get locked, use stomp, blazing fire and shebang. Remember that you can still use the other utility spells such as flame fervor if needed.

Max 'fire and oil' and fogginator to improve the heat mechanic and the range of flambe, fire thrower and blazing fire by 2-3 tiles.

A note about fogginator: It simply reduces your water damage, and increases earth damage based on your level and the level of fogginator. You do not need water damage, and your water damage can be reduced below zero by using this skill.

Earth build:
(3/5 earth) Shebang, bombardement, stomp
(1/5 fire) steampalm
(1/5 stasis) ray of stasis

Use bombardement to create blocks and deal single target damage. AOE with steampalm at long range, with shebang at close range. Ray of stasis and stomp to dump your MP points in whenever you can, or when you need single target damage without AOE.

You might want to look into armor plating to improve the functionality of your blocks. Fogginator could give you up to 150% earth damage for one turn at the cost of 1WP.

3. Spells

General remark: 2/5 fire spells and 4/5 stasis spells have to be cast on a line. However, some of them do area of effect damage, increasing there range. Earth spells do not have to be cast in line but generally have lower range.

3.0. Spell damage per AP and MP used.

3.1. Fire spells

Flambe. 3AP. Good damage. Must cast on a line, and will hit the two tiles behind your target.

Fire thrower. 6AP. Most often used in fire builds. This spell has to be cast in a line but it has a 5 tile wide AOE, allowing you to hit targets in the lanes 2 tiles to your left and right. The range can also be increased trough stats and equipment.

Blazing fire. 2AP 1MP. Can only be used twice per turn and can rebound to an additional target. This could be used to hit a target that is not in sight but close to another enemy. It is one of the two fire spells that can be cast on targets standing next to the player (range 1-3).

Flame fervor
. 4AP 1WP. Does good single target damage and allows you to move behind the target to backstab it (AOE attacks do not receive a backstab bonus). It costs one wakfu point cast in addition to its AP cost, therefor it can be used at most 6 times during a fight. (Note that it is possible for the statisfied debuff to steal a WP, allowing you to gain more than 6 WP for a fight).
Suggestion to the devs
: Change cost to 3AP 1WP, and reduce the damage proportionally.

Steampalm. 5AP. AOE spell that will hit every tile within 2 distance from your target. It does not require line of sight to be cast and has a decent DMG/AP ratio. However it needs to be cast at range 5, and this range cannot be modified.

3.2. Earth spells

Pummel, 4AP. Decent damage or a block, not much special. Needs line of sight.

Stomp, 2Mp, can only be used once per turn. Excellent damage.
Suggestion to the devs
: Would be great for solo earth builds to be able use this twice per turn, but only once per target.

Hammer claw, 5AP. Range 3 no line of sight pull. Expensive with slightly lower damage / AP as your other spells.
Suggestion to the devs
: Increase range by 1 so it becomes 1-4 to make it on par with the other earth spells.

Shebang. 6AP 1WP. Self-targetted AOE range 2. Decent damage.

Bombardment 3AP. Good damage, gets even better if you can use it to make blocks the first two casts. Needs to be cast 4 times to complete the cycle and do it's full damage, but it can only be cast twice each turn.

3.3. Stasis spells

Heart of steam 5AP. Good damage per AP, requires line of sight, must be cast on a line. Same amount of statisfied per AP as most other stasis spells, just uses more AP. IMHO stasis shot is slightly better, as it does not require line of sight and has a better range.

Ray of stasis. 1AP 1MP. Must be cast on a line, requires line of sight. Excellent damage. Limited to two times per target.

Stasis shot. 3AP. No line of sight, must be cast on a line. Good damage. Unlike heart of steam, this spell cannot be cast on targets that are locking you.

Stasis strike. 5AP. Range 1 AOE, must be cast on a line, needs line of sight, lower statisfied stacking per AP.
Note: This spell does not have any push or pull effects. The description is outdated.

Aynaloxide. 6AP 1WP. Range 2 AOE. Lowest stasisfied per AP.

3.4. Combining spells

When thinking about which spell to level, we should also think about ways that we can combine these spells. It is possible to combine many spells in many ways. At the beginning of the game there are only a few possibilities. However, the number of possibilities increases rapidly as you gain more AP and MP to spend.

A few general remarks:
* Lower AP cost makes spells more flexible in their use.
* We would want to try and maximize damage by spending as much MP in damage as possible. This is why I consider leveling the spells that consume MP in your chosen element pretty much mandatory.

Stomp can be combined with many spells, because it does not consume any AP. This makes it very useful for fire and stasis builds. The most MP we can spend in one turn is: Ray of stasis x2 (per target, often one or two targets) + stomp + blazing fire x2 = 6 MP. More realistically, we will not be able to use more than 4MP. Quite often we will only have leveled two different spells that use MP. For example, 2x ray of stasis + 2x blazing fire would cost 6AP 4MP. This combo could provide a fire build with excellent single target damage at range 1. If you are locked you won't be spending that MP on movement anyway.

Just some examples of possible combinations:

2x Bombardement + stomp or
1x Shebang + stomp

2x stasis shot or
1x Aynaloxide or
Heart of steam + ray of stasis
Stasis strike + ray of stasis

2x flambe 3AP or
Firethrower 6AP or
Flame fervor 4AP 1WP + blazing fire backstab 2AP 1MP or
Steampalm 5AP + Blazing fire 2AP 1MP

Flame fervor + flambe
Steampalm + blazing fire
2x blazing fire + flambe

2x Stasis shot + 2x ray of stasis
Aynaloxide (6AP 1WP) + ray of stasis x2 (2AP 2MP)
Firethrower + blazing fire
Flame fervor + 2x blazing fire backstab

3x stasis shot
shebang (6AP 1WP) + Bombardement (3AP) + Stomp (2MP)
= 9AP 2MP 1WP

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Score : 1671
Nice work. A true guide to the class that does not try and tell me how I have to build my character.
Score : 50
Goblin-Cleaver|2013-12-07 09:27:59
Nice work. A true guide to the class that does not try and tell me how I have to build my character.

This. This is an actual guide instead of a build guide.
I love the way you give example builds so we have a general idea of what we can work with.
Score : 3837
Nice work!

THIS is how a guide should be written biggrin.
Score : 17

Thanks for the awesome guide,

please add in possible new combo with fogginator active ( -1ap cost for statis spell )

is it possible to summon more than one earth block??
if yes, how does they work in absorbing damage taken?

also, how does earth block + block status works?
and how does earth block + stasis shield ( cant remember the name lol, its the specialty spell that absobs damage from friends) works?

also, can i post/link this in wakfu apac fogger forum??
Score : 638
Those are some very good questions.

1) Yes it is possible to summon more than one block, but then cannot be next to each other and they cannot block a narrow passage (there must always be a path).

2) Blocking I have no tested yet, but in theory, when the player blocks it reduces final damage by 30%. Your earth block will then absorb 75% damage.

For example:
100 damage without blocking,
-30% (player blocks) = 70 damage
=> foggernaut: 25% of 70= 17.5 damage
=> earth block block: absorb 75% of 70 = 52.5 damage

3) Blocks generally do not absorb redirected damage. If you are using stasis shield, then you will receive an additional 7% damage than your allies receive. This damage will not be reduced by your earth blocks.

You are free to use, abuse, reuse, and link this guide, and do whatever you want with it.
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