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[Guide] Owlite's guide to air/water Masqueraider

By MiniMikeh - MEMBER - December 05, 2013, 19:25:55
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Very well-written guide, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with the Masq! I've got some questions aswell if you won't mind :

What do you think that would be the best order to level your abilities? I've seen you said Fugue + Classerole to be the best move until I get the extra AP (so I guess for stats the best is to save for the Ap aswell), but I can't figure out which would do me the best to level first (thought of Mask Master or Masked Spirit or even the Air Mask itself).
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Oxygenz|2014-02-12 01:50:55
Very well-written guide, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with the Masq! I've got some questions aswell if you won't mind :

What do you think that would be the best order to level your abilities? I've seen you said Fugue + Classerole to be the best move until I get the extra AP (so I guess for stats the best is to save for the Ap aswell), but I can't figure out which would do me the best to level first (thought of Mask Master or Masked Spirit or even the Air Mask itself).
Okay first I want to apologize for the late response I am usually quicker then this but i've been a bit tied up as of late.

Specialties ah yes the big question which I knew would come eventually and I should have put in the guide in the first place (Knew I was forgetting something!)

In order I personally would do the following

Mask Master -> Artful dodger -> Burst of Wakfu -> Charade -> Masked Spirit -> Classic Mask -> Carnival -> Dance of Death

The last two may be switched around this is just how i'm doing it personally

Mask master gives you dodge hp return on kills which is nice when leveling and crit damage its a great starter. Artful dodger allows you to benefit from the dodge from mask master and from all dodge gained from gear. Burst of wakfu is obvious more Ap for any wp used, charade is a wp regen literally anything involving regaining wakfu points is a must as this is very very rare in terms of class abilities and its very powerful. Masked spirit is your best friend and your soul mate (your lover to if you're into that sort of thing) your mask is well your mask it's what you put on at the start of every fight. and carnival and dance of death are the last two that are in the "nice to have" category which is why they are last.

I hope this helps! Sorry for the wall of text there I coulda just left it at the list and been done with it but I wanted to add my two cents to explain my thinking process a bit. Think of it as when a math teacher goes "show your work!" haha.
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Hey Owlite. I wanted to ask you how you reached 10 ap with your posted build without statting AP? When I put it into Wakfu-Elements' builder, I only get 9 ap.
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solomonk gives an ap allowing me to reach 10 without an ap cape or stat

depending on which build youre looking at with lenad neemoi cape i didnt stat ap

with gwand viziew cape i statted one

-i hope that helps!
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Hello Owlite!
Since Masqs got a free respec this update I was thinking of rolling Air/Water, but currently I'm a lvl 81 pure water masq, and I'm worried if i roll air/water i'll have a hard time leveling, or is 81 an ok level to roll air/water? And i was planning to stat 1 ap 1 mp, but i can't choose between dodge or crits to max first. Any advice would be really appreciated smile 
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As long as youre doing okay on gear I don't see a reason why you can't pull it off as that was the level that I started as air/water

I did 1 ap 1 mp max dodge 10 kit 8 crit and 12 agi/chance at 140

this still puts me at 42 crit and almost 700 in both elements with 10/6

kit is optional I just like having access to high gear
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bro owlite,,my pleasure to reply this thread..
im now lvling masq.. almost 120 lvl char.. i up AP and MP already.. Is Chance useful for masq?
im still confuse about what up next between dodge and crit.. or agi and chance..
btw,, im crit type of this build..
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i'm gonna go ahead and give you advice in a way that is basically me assuming you didn't stat 10 kit skill like I did.

Since you say you want to favor crits i'd personally do the following:

1 Ap, 1 Mp, 100 dodge, xx crits if possible max it

the dodge is important with dodge maxed AND 10 kit skill I still had enough points to do both the ap and the mp and 8 crit and 12 in each chance and agility so cut the kit skill and the chance/agi and youll have plenty of points to get crit close to if not right at max

my reason behind my build in particular is keeping myself above 40 crits as long as im at 40 I dont really care all that much and with artful dodger backing my damage percents up I don't see 10 kit as a waste of points if anything its a benefit since I can get the increased stats from higher level gear

sorry for the long post basically tl;dr version is:

1 Ap, 1 Mp, 100 dodge, then max crit
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Hi Owlite, you stated four spells to max namely Spitfall, Fugue, Classerole and Classablanca. Can I ask what is the other spell that I should max? Cause from what I know, I can max up to 5 spells right?
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This is what mine look like

As far as I know you can only max 4 as a hybrid single element builds can max 3 in the same branch while hybrids can max 2 in each branch making it 4 spells

@[email protected] unless i'm missing something?
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Oh I see, thanks. smile 

BTW another question, Is Oyster + Black widow will give me a good damage?
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As far as how many spells you can max, it goes as follows:

Mono Element
- Able to max 4 spells in a single element. (Total of 4 maxed spells.)

Duo Element
- Able to max 3 spells in one element and 2 spells in a second element. (Total of 5 maxed spells.)

Tri Element
- Able to max 2 spells in all 3 elemental trees. (Total of 6 maxed spells.)

The above only works on maxing that many if you have EXACTLY zero levels in all other spells. This is not something, at lest that I know of, that any one will do as it is nice to have access to your other spells incase of need of one that say, helps with movement or positioning (thus not needing to be maxed but a level needed to use). Therefore, normally one of those total maxed spells will be a level short to be able to put a level in everything else.


On the topic of your Masq (which I think this is a wonderous build buy the way and decently detailed on the important parts), I have some questions about your specialties.

Specifically in post #42 where you list the order of specialties.

While I agree with most of them, I am curious about why you could pick Carnival as a specialty to level (even if it is second to last). Mainly because you've not leveled any other mask, so placing the Coward or Psychopath mask on a ally wouldn't do much and you wouldn't give someone else your Classic mask because you then wouldn't be able to wear it yourself (and as you've stated in your guide, you will be spending the majority of the time in this mask with your build).

Just wondering on your two cents on that subject.

Also thoughts on Dance of Death. While we are no wear near the cap, once there, if we are to be maxing out your spells, Dance of Death then will not be helping there as spells will not exceed the 200 cap. At that point would you suggest (yes again I know it's far off) not maxing spells and keeping them at 190 so that you have more spells that are higher level? and use Dance of Death when you need that extra burst, or would you still max those spells and only use Dance of Death when you use lower leveled spells (which doesn't seem like it would happen often).

- Kat
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Belphegor09|2014-04-23 15:23:48
Oh I see, thanks. smile

BTW another question, Is Oyster + Black widow will give me a good damage?
I used oyster/black widow for quite awhile it's okay for a lower level set smile

@ kat

specialties and the subject of carnival

After maxing everything else theres only a couple options. The two masks that are left, carnival and dance of death.

Psycho mask I will never use and it is not really a mask i'd wanna throw around with carnival because giving my guild negative resist is not exactly something they'd appreciate.

Coward mask the bonus you receive from it requires dodging to activate most people that are not masks are not going to go out of their way to do this to get some free heal % while the mp is nice for me when getting backstab it's not optimal for other people in other words basically none of the masks except air and fire (if youre a fire mask that is) are worth leveling at all.

When I play with people believe it or not lately a lot of my time is spent in my coward mask for healing people with classic mask being a close combat option if I need to burst down a monster quickly and it's close by or if it's air res is considerably lower then its water res.

I group with an air/fire iop and an air/earth rogue and when I get the chance to they appreciate getting a classic mask thrown on them every once in awhile making carnival kinda nice to have.

As far as dance of death goes again it's literally the only thing left to level lol it's either that or one of the other two masks and I already went into detail on my thoughts about that
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Thanks for the reply and it makes logical sense. If I ever actually play my Masq I always liked water and was originally going to go a mono build, but this seems very interesting and versatile. I shall have to consider it.

- Kat
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I honestly wish that all three masks were combined into one thing to give us more specialties but oh well :/

but yeah I feel like now that air/water has the gear to back it up sort of now it's def worth giving a shot (:

I hope you enjoy it if you ever choose to go for it
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Hello again Owlite!

Ive been following this guide and its been really fun, so thanks for that. Ive been doing some PvP recently and seeing you're videos has been helpful, but i don't know how i should approach srams that go invi, I've been asking around and the way to deal them was to use AoE and hope i get lucky, but air/water masks don't have AoE, I was hoping to get any tips on how you fight with srams. Thanks in advance!
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I keep hornito on one of my upper bars for things like invis srams, the invis chafers, polar cracklers etc etc

in fact it looks like this in case anyone was curious

it's expensive but its literally our only option other than fracture... basically I hate fighting srams lol
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Hey there, thanks for the guide and all, but I was planning to live my Masqueraider to level 60. Am I supposed to follow the guide until I reach this level, or do you have any idea if I have to increase other stats?

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Sorry for the late reply been working on a few things lately that have me a little busy

Okay stats i'm not sure if i'm understanding your question correctly but i'm assuming you want me to tell you what to stat from 1 - 60 and in what order etc etc

You're aiming for 1 Ap 1 Mp 100 dodge rest crit


Classic mask, Artful dodger, Mask master, Burst of wakfu, masked spirit, charade

stat ap first and then the mp then the 100 dodge then crit

I hope this answers your question =] 
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But since AP-MP already costs to level 51, then I just have 9 levels to dodge which are 22 dodge points..

So should I balance between crit and dodge?
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