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[Guide] Mango's Air/Earth Iop Build (OUTDATED - DO NOT USE)

By Brokonaut November 14, 2013, 05:44:20
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Jangho|2014-02-24 04:47:47
hey so what I'm confused about is your skills. So Jabs and Shaker which one? or both? I don't see a point in leveling up both. For more dmg Shakers really nice but Jabs are strong as well and also stacks up chances for POWER. Wouldn't it be better just to use one since they are pretty much the same.

They do the same thing, but they're different elements. The point of having the both is to have elemental diversity so if you run into something with high earth resist, you use Jabs, and if you run into something with high air resist you use Shaker.

Shaker has the highest DPT in the end, but less hits. If you don't have 100 Power and are against an enemy with near-equal air and earth resists, use Jabs to build up your Power faster. If you're against an enemy with near-equal air and earth resists and you have 100 Power, use Shaker.

Some enemies will sometimes be reactionary towards attacks, whether negative or positive. It may call for you to use cheaper attacks plentifully, or more expensive attacks sparingly. The differentiating AP costs are for that as well.

• Mango
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PeterKJ|2014-02-25 11:44:38
Hello Mango! Can I ask you to verify my build? smile

Click here

I see you statted the 2 AP already. As I recommend with anyone else, prior to endgame gear you may want to consider staying 10 AP. The 250 points could help you out a ton. You should also focus on getting a general damage off-hand in the near future (the most appealing one being in 3 levels, The Bloodthirsty from Milkar the Moowolf).

Without editing your items, I've re-configured your stat point allocation and spell XP allocation. See here. I pulled XP out of Devastate because without being a 12 AP build, Devastate is probably the least appealing of the earth skills due to the inability to Jump before double casting it. The same could be said about Rocknoceros, however it's pretty important to keep that ace in the hole in case you need a little bit of range.

My alternative to both of these is to level Impact and ignore both Rocknoceros and Devastate, however that'd leave you without a damaging stun skill. It would on the other hand allow you to evenly allocate your spell XP and yield I'd imagine another 20% or so damage and resist in both elements. Impact is actually really good, and has both range (that can hit around corners) and a flexible AoE.

I don't want to make this impression that 10 AP builds are not worth it, because I'd argue that prior to getting endgame gear it's better than 12 AP builds. You just lose too much stats having to use a Ring of Satisfaction and losing 250 stat points for the second AP.

Obviously the Makabrisdom Ring is to help you level but you'll definitely want to gear a damage ring for that slot as well.

• Mango
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Hey Mango.
I played this build on APAC at the start of the year and it was so much fun. Now that I've just returned to Wakfu, I have just a simple question about your opinion on Iop.Is Earth/Air still as great as it was back then, or do you believe that you can now tribridize for a more optimal Iop?
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