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[Guide] Lyia's Summon Osa - (ARCHIVED & OUTDATED)

By the-REAL-Dilancuan May 14, 2013, 07:43:04
Lyia's Osamodas Guide

[code]READ THIS: I have since quit Wakfu and will no longer be updating this guide. I will leave it up for archive purposes but please do not follow this guide[/code]

[code]READ THIS: [update 28/05/2014] Sorry it's been a while since I've updated the guide, I've been having some issues lately and haven't really been as active as I'd like to be.. But here's the promised update.  Please note, the pure summoner portion is going to change completely while the champion build is going to change slightly. Pure summoner is completely viable now and it's actually what I used for a while before moving to Phaeris. Speaking of which, I am moving from Nox to Phaeris, so I am not going to be nearly as active on these forums as I used to be. I'm also not rolling a summoner anymore, but I'll keep up to date with the current summoner builds and update this as time goes on (hopefully).[/code]
[code]READ THIS: [17/03/2014 update] I have decided to update my guide. I'm hoping to keep it somewhat up to date now that I've started playing again. I am no longer a dual summoner. I have switched to a champion build, which you can see in the later part of the guide. If you are a summon osa just starting or want to know which build is better, I -highly- recommend the champion build. Not only is it easier to maintain but you can still do damage on your osa. Skip down to that section if you want to see that build.[/code]
[code] Disclaimer: First and foremost, this guide is meant to be used as a reference for new players. I understand there are several ways to build this class and if your current build happens to be a better version of what I have posted here feel free to let me know. Also, I'm requesting a sticky for this thread.[/code]
I see tons of threads asking how to build the summon Osa or how the summon Osa mechanics work. Hopefully, this guide will answer all of those questions.

How Does Leadership Work?

Leadership increases the number of summons you can have out on the field at any given time. The Osamodas may not summon any creatures higher than their own level cumulatively unless you level the passive Osamodas' Blessing. For example, as a level 20 Osa you may summon two level 10 Gobballs or one level 20 Gobball warchief. Osamodas' Blessing increases the total summon levels you can have out on the field with respect to your leadership.

The amount of summon levels you can summon at maxed Osamodas' Blessing is
[code][Leadership] * 10 + Level[/code] This means that an Osa at level 110 with 9 leadership can summon 200 cumulative levels of summons up to a max of 9 summons at one time. By default, the Osa has 1 Leadership and can only gain more leadership through gear.

What Builds Are There For The Summon Osa?

There are two common build variations to the summon Osa. Each one is a similar build at early levels, but at later levels you can tell the difference between them. I will describe each one in depth and explain why you're leveling what I told you to level.

The Pure Summoner

Build Type: Solo PvE, Group PvE
UB Capable: Can be used in anything except Dragon Pig

Cost of Sets: Expensive
Difficulty: Moderate

This build has completely changed from what it once was. It used to be that you would rely entirely on your summons for damage, that is no longer the case. Now, you will be doing damage alongside your summons. Albeit, not as much as a pure damager, but your contribution will be very noticeable. The idea is to go for a 12ap double boohowl build, which was not possible until fairly recently.

Specialties in this order:
  • Gobup to 9
  • Gobgob to 9
  • Osamodas' Blessing to 20
  • Possession to 9
  • Animal Guard to 20
  • Phoenix Spirit to 20
  • Prespic Hair to 20
  • Animal Link I guess?

Gobup- Why Gobup? It's the soul of your summons. The higher level Gobup is the more powerful your summons are. At max level they will receive 70% hp, damage, resistance of the captured monster and 75% of the original monster's lock, dodge, and initiative. Note, this does not add stats to the summon. It actually decreases the stats because the monster is weaken when it is tamed than it is when it's wild. Aside of that, it also increases the range which you can summon your pets. This allows you to start fights further back and summon your pets near the enemies.

Gobgob- Gobgob increases the number of summons you can hold and it decreases the cost of capturing a creature. This is pretty handy to have considering you will always fill up your gobgob, trust me.

Osamodas' Blessing- This allows us to summon multiple creatures at the same time. The way it works is listed at the top of the guide in the Leadership section. The reason you level this before possession is because you will be around level 40 at this point and that's the same time you get your first leadership gear. You want to be able to summon multiple summons ASAP for this build. At lower levels, you can get away with depending on the AI. Your capabilities as a pure summoner increase immensely when you unlock this skill.

Possession- 1AP to control your pets? Heck yeah! At max level it even doesn't need a Line of Sight. This spell is an absolute life saver. By the time you level this, you'll realize how wonky the AI is. It's usually hard to get your summons to follow strategies and tactics in fights with just the AI. At the point you level this you'll probably have an ancestral crackler and a crackrock or even one of the new warchiefs. You can use this spell to force the ancestral crackler to stay back and heal the other one.

Animal Guard- Sometimes, especially at later levels, the enemies will work their away around your minions and start attacking you. This spell at max level has a 40% chance to give your summons 5MP, 80% resist, and +40% damage any time you are attacked. If it procs more than once in the same turn, it will not stack. When combined with possession, it's a great way to turn the tables in the fight.

Phoenix Spirit- I personally prefer this over prespic hair because you can only have a max of 5 summons per fight no matter what. That means if you have 2 summons out and they both die then you only have 3 summons left. More often than not, I find myself with only 1 or 2 summons alive towards the end of difficult fights. As a pure summoner, once your summons are dead so are you. This gives your summons a 40% chance to revive at max level. It's nice to have, but not worth leveling any sooner.

Prespic Hair- It's nice to have I suppose, but not really a core ability. The damage it reflects is not nearly enough to make a huge difference in fights. Enemies prefer not to target your summons, usually, and people in pvp tend to go around them. This is the last buff you'll get because it's still better than animal link. At this point, you should have enough spell points so go ahead and get it.

Animal Link- This is probably your worst buff. It grants you a percentage of your summon's health as heals when it dies. Your summons shouldn't be dying that frequently and the heals aren't really anything to write home about. Go ahead and get this because it's still better than getting dragon passives.


There is a lot of debate about what's best to level when it comes to your abilities, but as far as a pure summoner goes this is the best.
Stat them in this order:

1 Range
You're getting range first instead of AP because all of your spells are in multiples of 2. The only reason to have an odd number of AP is for Possession when it is level 9. You won't have that until about level 61 anyway so there is no reason to stat an AP first. As far as gear goes, you won't be getting any AP from gear until later levels.

1 AP
About now you should be level 61 and have possession close to being maxed if not maxed already. This will allow you to pull off combos such ass Boohowl + Possess or double summon + Possess.

As a summon osa, your job is to kite. You want to keep as far away from the enemies as possible while still being able to buff and control your summons. Having both an MP and a Range stated is the best way to do this.

You want to snag a second AP. Why? Because at end game you'll have one relic and that's it. You won't be able to squeeze woboots or genetic epps into your gear because it'll ultimately make you weaker. Think of it like this: You can stat AP but you can't stat CMC. Unlike other classes, the second AP is much more beneficial to you than any other stat. Crits are nice to have but you really want to be able to squeeze into your end game set without having to sacrifice CMC for an AP item. Trust me, it'll make a world of difference. However, you should be fine with 10 or even 9ap until end game (120+).

After this, whatever you spend your extra points on is up to you. I went for crit and 1 kit skill to wear my 149 items since my guild has 3 kit. You may have to stat 2 or even all 4 kit to wear your gear at 145.


As a summoner, you'll really only need one spell maxed, and that's whip. Oh how wrong I was. This is far from the truth. You only want whip to 120. At this point, one crit whip + one non-crit whip maxes out the cmc you get. You'll want to max boohowl and mooing. Boohowl is going to be your bread and butter. It gives an insane amount of CMC. It also doesnt cap out. If you crit twice on boohowl, that's over 400 cmc on top of your gear which should net you about 200 cmc. Your summons will be getting a 600% damage buff on top of its normal damage which is usually around 200 anyway. Most classes don't even dream of 800% damage.

Why did we level... ?

  • Mooing- This is one of the best damage dealing spells in the game. The base damage of this spell is freaking ridiculous. You will have decent fire damage % at the end of this build, so you might as well make the most of it. Also, if your summons are taking hits then this spells gives them an insane amount of resistances. All around a great spells.
  • Whip- This spell grants a damage buff to all your summons. It caps out at 240% cmc though so now nearly as good as Boohowl. But, if your summons are separated or you're only summoning one summon this turn then it's a perfect spell to use. At 12ap you could summon -> whip -> whip -> possess. I do this rotation often if I'm playing the role of a healer and summoning a shawpshootew.
  • Boohowl- This spell is the best spell you have. When you cast this, it's as if Osamodas himself comes down from the heavens and tickles your summons into demigods. Seriously though, this spell has high damage, gives a damage buff, and it's an AoE. That means, unlike whip, you can damage AND buff your summons. Literally perf.
Why not level... ?
  • Magpie- Heals are modified by your fire damage, which won't be great. If you find yourself using it often, go ahead and get it instead of doing what I did. I just rarely use it.
  • Gurgling- The base block value of most summons are low. Maybe a good filler spell when you have extra AP, nothing more though
  • Croak- Awkward range, only gives crits, least used spell in the Osa's arsonal

Levels 1-15: You want to use red piwi and red googoo. You should fly through these levels rather quickly.

Levels 15-30: Tofu set. "B-But Lyia-chan, w-why not Gobball set? It's fire!" Yes, it is. But it also gives you +1AP which is useless to you. At early levels, you are going to be using your summons as a conduit for your damage. In this case, you want tofu set for the mp. This will allow you to kite easier. Also, you need levels in your air spells anyway so you can use them as temporary damagers if you want, particularly whip.

Levels 30-48: Royal Tofu set is great. You get some fire damages and an mp, more health, more init, it's all around better. Pretty much a complete upgrade. As far as a weapon goes, you can use a pilgrim staff for your first +leadership.

Levels 48-61: Yay, you finally get your first real osamodas set. You will wear everything in the Celestial Tofu Set with the Royal Chafer Crown and cape with a unique ring. At level 50 you can wear a kokotop. Because the top is a craft, be sure to find a perfect one. You can look up the stats of the perfect on on Waku Elements. For the boots you want to wear Polnuds and for the weapon you want a perfect Toh'Lo hammer. Click here to see the set on Wakfu Elements

Levels 61-100: Ahh, you've finally made it to the second best set you can get before having to claw your eyes out for seal crafts. The only thing changing here is you're wearing Alpha Predator instead of Royal Chafer. You're also going to be wearing boowolf boots as soon as you can for the additional summon damage. At level 78 you can weak the Nu-Clear Cudgel instead of the hammer. It gives you a leadership and a pretty hefty summoner damage buff. Click here for the set on Wakfu Elements.

Levels 100-120: Here's where it's changed. The new set you're looking at lets you dodge around that pesky lardous set. You also don't have to farm anything from UBs. (yay) You do, however, want to be getting your second AP around this point if you can since this set is geared towards 12ap. You want to aim for something along the lines of this for your set: Click Here

Levels 120-145: Now you can start trying for the true end game set. This is currently what I use. Replace pieces as you see fit, but don't drop the sat ring until you either have a powerful dazzling belt or a gelano. This set should net you about 280% cmc with fully runed gear. That is insane compared to what used to be possible. Without further ado: Click Here

Ultimately, the summons you use are entirely up to you. There is no end-all-be-all for summon choices. It all depends on your play style and what you prefer. These are just suggestions

Levels 1-15: Stick with gobball. This is your best tank for this level

Levels 15-20: You have the choice of using the rat or gobbette. The rat hits like a truck and the gobbette heals. Whichever you prefer, both work well

Levels 20-30: The Gobball Warchief is absolutely brutal. Basically the gobball on steroids. He can
charge the enemy with a chance to stun and he can take massive amounts of damage.

Levels 30-40 Get the blibli, then the aggressive blibli. They can keep the enemies away from you and still do massive damage. An alternative would be the scaralady since she can hit in an AoE and heal you.

Levels 40-50 You're close to getting your summon gear, but you're not there yet. You can glide through these levels with just a crackrock. That guy does massive damage. The Crackler at level 45 makes a better tank but does less damage.

Levels 50-60 Here is where it gets fun. At this point you should have Osamodas' Blessing leveled and have your summoner gear. You should have 5 leadership and about 105% summon damage. You could summon two ancestral cracklers, an ancestral crackler and a crackrock, a spear shark and an ancestral crackler, and much much more. There are also new warchiefs out that you can get in the Wild Estate. I have not tried them myself, but I've heard they are pretty good for the level. Mix and match, find out what works best for you.

Levels 60-70 You will get your boowolf around here. It will be your best tank until you can get blimprats at 72. Use the boowolf with your other summons or you might be able to pull off 2 boowolves.

Levels 70-85 Blimprat with a boowolf is pretty snazzy. The only downside to this is you don't have any ranged attackers. If you can pull off a blimprat with a crow, that'd be ideal. Normally that would be hard to do until at least 83. Play around with the crows in the kelba and the rats at the monastery.
With the changes to the way healing works, I suggest getting a crowbeak and holding onto it forever. It can heal a ton when you double whip it, it can also heal everyone on the map. The only downside is it can only heal once every three turns. It's pretty useful for this level though.

Levels 85-100 Whispers! You can finally capture whispers. These things are beasts. The infantries make great tanks, the crossbows are wonderful dpt, the standards are decent healers. You can couple these summons up with your rat or crow and feel unbeatable. If you want a more powerful summon between levels 79-85 you could always pick up a borbat in forfut. They are pretty nice, but whispers are much better.

Levels 100-120 You're getting close to the good stuff now. Here, I suggest using jellies until you can summon 2 ocushus. You can still use one ocushu if you need a tank though. You could also get away with the chafers. The ocushus are really good support summons. They can give AP and heal, they deal most of their damage though by starting their turn next to the enemy which can be pretty awkward but once you get the hang if it these things are mean tanks. Oh, they also have really good lock for a summon. Did I mention they can tank?

Levels 120-140 Here, you want to grab a black wabbit. They have nice range and are pretty good tanks. You could also grab a normal wabbit at 132, but I prefer the black ones since they're lower level and the idea of this build is to try to get two damagers out. You can summon an ocushu alongside it to help lock things or you could do a jelly for more damage. That's not true anymore. You won't have the leadership to summon an ocushu alongside a black wabbit, but if you can pop out 2 ocushus then that's devastating damage. Black wabbits are still your best long ranged dpt for now though, so keep one in your gobgob.

Levels 140+ Here you get the best summon in the game. The Shawpshootew can not only hit in an AoE but it can also heal allies in that same AoE! The thing about this though, is if you run with the shawpshootew then you can keep a crowbeak stashed in your gobgob until everyone gets low on health. Since the crowbeak heals everyone, it's essentially your hail mary when things get tough. Don't use it immediately because it takes 3 turns to recharge the heal. Run with a shawpshootew until you need to summon it. Then you can run both. You'll want to keep the shawpshootew controlled at all times though. Its AI is the worst out of all our summons. It will run out of your buffing range and it prefers attacking over healing. The healing AoE can hurt enemies and heal allies at the same time. Use this to your advantage to heal the tank and damage the boss. Keep in mind, you cant target the same cell twice, but you can heal a target twice by targeting an empty cell. THe AI will never do this, so to maximize efficiency, keep it possessed!

Here's my rotation for healer:
Summon -> whip (x2) -> possess
Whip -> boohowl ->possess
(When everyone is around 200-500hp)
Summon crowbeak -> whip(x2) -> possess shawpshootew

The crowbeak can push back, so be careful where you summon it. Place it away from the tank if he is trying to lock something or else the crowbeak will push the boss out of the lock zone. Usually, what I do, is if there are adds still alive I'll throw it into the lock zone of an add and then wait for it to die or have one of my teammates get it in their AoEs. If it dies, you can summon another one.

When you want to do damage, stick with the two ocushus. You should have plenty of cmc by now and their damage should be through the roof. Since they stay put if they lock something, you can just keep double boohowling the ocushus until the thing dies. They'll get nearly 900% damage and you'll be doing about 700 damage to them per hit. I usually average about 2000-2500 damage per turn on 200 resistances.

Your gobgob should contain 2 ocushus, 2 crobeaks, and a shawpshootew at end game.

Here's my current setup using this build:

The Champion Summoner
Build Type: PvP, Group PvE
UB capable: Yes
Cost of Sets: Moderate - Expensive
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

This build focuses less on summon damage and leadership, instead it increases your fire and air damage while using one strong summon to do damage. At early levels, you can still dual summon if you want. From 1 to 100 this build follows very closely to the pure summoner. Even at end game, you'll still be off-summoning a support summon. The difference is, you're going to do damage too but you'll have slightly less summon damage and leadership. You will end up leveling symbiosa, the reason why is so that you can dragon-up if you're in a situation where you can't summon. This is really nice to have as a back up, but don't level it up early since you're not really a dragon. This just gives you options since at end game you will be both fire and air.

Specialties in this order:
  • Gobup to 9
  • Gobgob to 9
  • Osamodas's Blessing to 20
  • Possession to 9
  • Phoenix Spirit to 20
  • Symbiosa to 9
  • Critical Synergy to 9
  • Animal guard if you have the points
  • Gobup- Same reasoning as the pure summoner.
  • Gobgob- Same reasoning as the pure summoner.
  • Osamodas's Blessing- Same reasoning as the pure summoner.
  • Possession- Same reasoning as the pure summoner.
  • Phoenix Spirit- You want to get this slightly earlier than the pure summoner. Mainly because you really don't want your summon to die. On top of that, when you finally get symbiosa you will need this to revive when you die as a dragon.
  • Symbiosa- Whaaaat? I'm a summoner not a dragon! You might be thinking. Ya, that's true.. But what happens when you're in a dungeon run where you can't summon? You're going fire/air damage with 11ap base anyway. You might as well level this so that way you have the option to dragon up. It's entirely your choice, but I feel like this is definitely a good decision.
  • Critical Synergy- If you're dragoning up for a UB fight or something, then you aren't really going to use your WP. So you might as well put it somewhere else. Besides... Animal guard really won't be proced as often as you think, and as a champion build it might not be a good idea for your summon to run clear across the map if you can't possess it since you need to boohowl it as often as possible.
  • Animal Guard- If you have the points to spare, go for it. I mean it's a straight up buff for your summons even if it is pretty situational. I personally deleveled it and haven't really missed it since.

There is really only one way to level a champion summoner, you need to end up with 11 or 12ap. Without a relic, 11ap is probably going to be more viable for you. 12 ap would be ideal for a double boohowl build where as 11ap would be better for a boohowl,mooing, possession approach.

1 Range:
You want to get range first since all the spells have pretty bad range. Plus there isn't really much you could do with the extra AP before level 50ish. You could just as well level mp, but I prefer the range. As stated above, all your spells are in multiples of 2 except for croak which is pretty bad.

1 AP:
Around this time you should be able to manage an AP from your gear and end up with 8ap or maybe even have possession leveled if you do it sooner. It's better to grab an AP first then an mp just so you can have about 9 by the time you're 80ish.

1 MP:
Go ahead and grab this before your second AP so that way you have some mobility. As a summon osa with a boss linear spell, you're going to be moving a lot.

1 AP:
Grab your second AP. You need this so that way you'll end up with 11 or 12 ap at end game. You really want 12ap, but not everyone can get a relic. 11 works just as well. Plus, you can dragon up and have 12. More info on this in the spells section.

Rest into crits:
As a champion build, crits are beautiful. Not only does it increase the damage given by boohowl, but it does a ton more damage. You will certainly notice a difference in average dpt if you level this. There is really no better choice. You aren't trying to be tanky like the pure summoner.

Since you're a champion osa, you want to mostly damage spells. You're going to have high fire and air damage, so you want to focus on scaraleaf and boohowl. Whip is a good alternative, especially when you're dragon but it doesn't really compare to the damage output that boohowl has. Most of the time, you're going to be howling at things. At 140 your spells should look something like this:

Boohowl- This is pretty much the bread and butter of the build. It gives 169% summon damage (254% on a crit) and deal 113 (169 crit) damage at 145. Not only that, but it hits in an AoE. That means you can deal damage and buff your summons at the same time. This spell is just fantastic. The only kicker is it's 6ap. You can cast it twice with a 12ap build though.

Scaraleaf- This spell is literally free damage. You are a dpt, so act like one and level this baby up! It can only hit once per target though and it costs mp. All around a good spell though, especially since you're going air/fire at end game. Early on, don't focus too much on this spell. Hybrids really only shine post level 110.

Mooing- Great for damage, not so much for the buff. The buff seems nice, but it isn't really worth using just for the resistance though. It costs 2mp and 4ap, so it can be used alongside your boohowl for damaging. I'm not saying the buff is bad, I jsut wouldn't recommend using it if all you can do is buff. All around a great spell though, especially since it's no line of sight.

Magpie- The heals on this spell are decent, but I usually just use it when I cant hit something that's linear or I don't have the mp to use mooing. It's worth leveling, trust me. It shouldn't be a focus though. Focus on boohowl and mooing.

Whip- This is good for upping your summon's damage if you can't do anything else and has come in handy several times. It's also good if you dragon up and want to do air damage. Keep in mind, as a dragon your primary source of damage should still be boohowl since you're have slightly more fire damage.

Why not level... ?
  • Gurgling- The base block value of most summons are low. Maybe a good filler spell when you have extra AP, nothing more though
  • Croak- Awkward range, only gives crits, least used spell in the Osa's arsonal
  • Bwork Trump- Its effects don't depend on its level, not worth the points.
  • Crow- You really don't need a no Line of Sight spell since you have mooing, plus the crit fails don't increase as you level this. It's not worth it.
  • Feather Tornado- The AoE is decent, but the damage is kind of bad. It really doesn't do anything for your champion either.

Levels 1-70:
I honestly believe that the pure summoner gear up to this point is just fine. It's not hard to get and you won't really need anything else until after 70 when your damage actually starts to matter.

Levels 71-120: WIP, I'll design sets for these levels later. I think lunar and maybe ex would work here, but ehh don't hold your breathe for those sets.

Levels 120-140: For end game, you should really consider getting pure damaging sets like Wa and Zwombit. I'll throw a set together later for this, but my fingers are getting tired. Essentially, you'll be your own main DD and depend on your summon to take hits while you buff it with boohowl. Boohowl is really going to be your summons only source of cmc, so try to buff it often.

To be honest, all the summons suggested in the Pure Summoner portion of this guide are the same summons you should use as a champion build. The only difference I'd say would be to use tankier summons with high dpt like the wabbit. The Shawpshoota is still the best summon for 145. With a slightly lower leadership, you will probably won't be able to summon a crowbeak alongside it.

Like I said, there's a lot of overlap between pure and champion builds, the only difference is really how much fire/air damage you have and what you level.

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EDIT: Ignore this, I misread something and was hasty about posting.
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great guide and info for newbies smile

but would be nice if u add more images to keep ppls interesting while read a long post.
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Boorin|2013-05-14 09:09:56
great guide and info for newbies smile

but would be nice if u add more images to keep ppls interesting while read a long post.
I will add more images as soon as I can get online to take some pictures. Weekly maintenance kicked me off before I could, haha. The guide is still a work in progress.
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Great ^^ I have a similar build. Go find a Fryou staff T_T
Score : 168
dude im loving the summoner osa.. Im 14 and I have skeleton rat doing some nice dmg to mobs.. like 25 a hit =). I can take down lv 20's and stuff its nice haha.

But in all seriousness, where should i be leveling to get most EXP/min or EXP/hour? I feel like Globals are pretty easy for 10-15., but should i stick there till 20? Any advice would be awesome.
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Good guide, helped me out. smile 
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Still waiting for tank summoner tongue 
Score : 706
Maxiliano|2013-05-20 21:27:37
Still waiting for tank summoner tongue
Sorry about that, I've been really lazy lately. I'll try to finish it today.
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awesome guide, when you're being new to the osa in wakfu, this really helps out! smile

got a question though: you made a pure summoner and you're going to do the tank summoner soon (no idea what to think of it, probs something with your summons tanking for you?)

i saw a few high lvl osas running around today, using 1 summon and the fire tree. now i know that fire has the best overall buffs for your summons but thats not what i mean: these guys were using fire to do dmg together with their only summon. is this considered a pure summoner or is this yet another summon build?

thx smile 
Score : 1917
pure summon osa won't deal damage by themselves (except some cases with whisperers ) - because they will focus to leadership and summon damage.

They just use skills to boost their creatures, then the creatures will do their work.
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i know but they focussed on doing dmg with their spells, a pure summoner isn't able to do that high i think
Score : 2717
Fruzard,maybe u found a fire osa.

Some osas like to use the fire branch as dmg source since it has an aoe.

I once played with a fire dragon too tongue It doesn't seem common though.
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eh, i was planning to go full summoner anyway :p still waiting for the rest of the guide! ^^
Score : 529
I'm level 30 now, but just wanted to say at level 15 I found a more useful summon than the rats.

Tame the green larvae, it hits 2 times and takes 50 dodge away from the enemy and hits 40 a turn with no buff from boohowl. I got two of them tamed and so far no enemy has been able to dodge roll because with two of them they steal 100 dodge (1MP on crit hit.)

And since the enemy typically tries to get to you, the larvae's dodge lock so hard you end up getting out without a scratch.
Score : 706
HikariYo|2013-05-22 22:35:44
I'm level 30 now, but just wanted to say at level 15 I found a more useful summon than the rats.

Tame the green larvae, it hits 2 times and takes 50 dodge away from the enemy and hits 40 a turn with no buff from boohowl. I got two of them tamed and so far no enemy has been able to dodge roll because with two of them they steal 100 dodge (1MP on crit hit.)

And since the enemy typically tries to get to you, the larvae's dodge lock so hard you end up getting out without a scratch.
That's good to know, I'll add it to the guide.

By the way a slight update: I know I said I'd update the guide like a week ago lol but I've been running into a lot of drama and multiple people recently suggested really good ideas for both the tank summoner and fire dpt summoner. I'm trying to compile all the information and make the guide as accurate and well thought out as I can. Thank you all for being patient and I apologize again for the wait.
Score : 2717
Tank summoner...please... :'(
Score : 598
i hope you're gonna expand your guide soon, i'm really curious :3
Score : 3395
Any changes to summon picks after most of the status effects were removed?
Score : 2717
Well...Blimprats keep using their gnaw+contamination combo after the first time used,since foul breath dmg bonus isn't activated,but they use foul breath when it is possible to dmg 2 targets.

That's all i noticed so far tongue 
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