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[Guide] Hackwork's Guide To Air Cra

By MiniMikeh - MEMBER - July 09, 2012, 02:44:00
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Intrade|2013-06-28 10:46:24
Since SA only costs 3 AP 1 MP you could get Long Distance Combat for extra damage o.o
Yeah that's another option o.o I actually just started leveling it up but now that we have a respec I can probably max it right away now.

I've always been kinda meh about crit damage though because its like "what if I don't crit at all that turn" but in a situation where I shouldn't be moving anyway usually in a UB fight it would be great
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Why go from Royal Tofu killing at the tofuhouse, to Three Pistas? Three Pistas is lvl 15 and tofuhouse is lvl I missing something here? I am lvl 58 and am struggling to understand why I have to go kill bow meow's to get inside this dungeon..

Also, since this guide seems to be written for ppl new to the game, it would be nice to add a little section as to where exactly these mobs can be found in each nation or what island they are on....
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I removed that section completely and replaced it with challenge grinding as this is also a better solution and a more up to date one. I also explained where to find monsters of your level in that section as well. Hopefully this will help you a little bit.

This isn't a leveling guide though and I will stress this the leveling section is just a minor guide to push you in the right direction of what monster drops what gear it's not in depth because this is an air cra guide not a "how to grind to 100" guide.
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Hey I haven't played this game in maybe a year. Would you still say this guide is up to date or would you change anything?
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it's still up to date but feel free to tweak the builds as you see fit if you notice anything you don't agree with
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hi, just wondering if this class if viable for solo play. - at a certain point will i be able to solo dungeons.
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Failedz|2013-12-09 14:44:24
hi, just wondering if this class if viable for solo play. - at a certain point will i be able to solo dungeons.
Short answer is absolutely.

Air cras are solo grinding machines they're probably the most versatile class for it or at the very least in the top 5
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This guide helps so much! thank you for your consistent support!

I am at level 30 and I am not sure if I am going to stay an air cra or switch to build fire.. thoughts?
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You could always go for air/fire

It's probably one of the better cra builds currently but it's really expensive to maintain...
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