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[Guide] Hackwork's Guide To Air Cra

By MiniMikeh - MEMBER - July 09, 2012, 02:44:00
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every 27 damage proc got nerfed across the board, except burning arrow which became 40% at all levels.
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Guide has been updated for recent nerfs/changes.

Builds stay the same passives received a slight tweak in descriptions.

Riddling has its own small bit towards the bottom if thats what you are interested in.

Any questions or comments please feel free to hit me up.
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MiniMikeh|2013-03-01 16:19:09
Shaleigh1|2013-03-01 09:34:25

I am talking more about the crit proc, which went down from 75% to 45%

Oh wow.... just... wow

That's a huge difference but I mean what exactly are you asking about it? Like my opinion of it? o.o

If it's something thats gonna bother you changing elements is always an option.

Don't think I am asking anything really :p

Just wanted to make it clear that the nerf to air cra is harder than first noticed by people here. It probably should be mentioned that it makes crit build less desirable.
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Yeah tongue I run agility instead of crit so personally I don't notice it thank you for pointing that out though! I didn't even realize they did that >_>
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I feel like playing Cra is one big merry go round. I've gone from air, to fire, to earth and now considering back to air. Would it still be recommendable to go air?
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Honestly ever since the fire nerf Earth/Air seem to be the current best options. For UB's i'd prefer bringing an air cra over an earth cra mostly because the earth cra has to much linear non sense going on but that doesn't mean earth is bad.

So simple answer? I'd say yes smile 
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Yea, that's where I'm struggling now. In larger groups I'm finding it hard to line up without either messing someone else up or having someone else in my los...

Currently at 78, trying to farm out a cro set ^^... this may take awhile...
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^^ I wish you the best of luck friend if you are on nox I have an extra bp/belt that I can spare
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Those are actually exactly what I'm missing, have you been stalking me?
Got ring and boots last night thanks to a nice sufokian pair I met farming!
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I'll be looking into the storm arrow changes in a bit... it's not going to change the builds much at all but it is a rather crappy nerf so if anyone is curious on my view of it i'll do something shortly to update the guide a bit

Still trying to think of what exactly would change for this other than doing a little bit less damage but eh
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My Cra is like:
BC Set
WC Ammy
Yech'ti'wawa BP and Belt
Azaels Twin Daggers
1x Ringapult
1x Makabrakfire

Stat 1 AP and 130 Agi.
Gives me 10/5 and 445%+.
Still 20 points on top to spend.

Unbeacon and Beacon Sneaking on the left.
15 levels of Archery with Precision, HV and Powerful Shooting maxed on the right.

Only 112. Going to max Archery.
My only issue is rings. I lack a BC Ring.
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Yeah i'm unstatting my mp for agility asap still haven't gotten wawa stuff yet since I haven't played at all since frigost happened do you think wc ammy is better than wawa ammy? I mean you get damage from set bonus and all and i'll be using a freyrrs instead of azaels
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Will the new dragon pig set change anything fro set building?
Also I know its hardly related but has bc been made easier after the update or just more consistent? ohmy 
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I've been toying around in the set builder and I might be using this Click here

If there's anything that could be better on it someone can feel free to let me know since it's not 100% yet

But until then i'll be using this

Click here

which actually while looking at it is better.... more spell levels just less init it looks like

weapon obviously can be changed for more damage if needed etc

and as far as BC goes it's a lot easier to get now than it was a couple months ago

the dragon pig one has more init and more block which I guess might be good for pvp but the current one im using is more damage overall so there's that I guess it just means dragon pig is "nice to have" but not like a "omg I must have this or i'll suck"
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3 piece dragon pig is only like 2% damage over 3 piece black crow (adjusting for agility and spell levels.) 4 piece however is 3% and 4 crits, so that might be nice, but in all honesty its a lot of work for 3% and 4 crits

This here is my current set up. all im missing is a ketcha fishbone.

after nation bonuses and guild symbol im rocking 10/5 546% damage 33 crits.
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Hey, I'm still pretty new the game and haven't played the pre-nerf Cra.
I take it the proc has been removed now? As it doesn't show anything when I put my my spell up to 100 to check damage.

Also, is riddling only for taking MP by consistently hitting the same target?

Seems like it was a pretty heavy nerf.
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Tornado no longer exists but storm arrows cost was drastically improved

It only requires 1 MP instead of 2 which turns the 4 MP use a turn into only 2 MP allowing you to actually use your MP to move around

I don't look at it as a nerf I look at it as a buff since it allowed me to not only stat more agility since I don't need to stat an MP anymore but it allows me to better position myself in fights as well

Also riddling honestly isn't worth it anymore unless you are an earth cra I don't entirely understand how the pinned down state works but from what i've seen compared to old riddling the chance to remove mp is MUCH lower than before which makes me personally want to put the points to better use in other passives.

I have to update my storm arrow part of the guide (for like the 20th time since this guide was made) im a little lazy with it cause everytime I do change it they change storm arrow again xD
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Oh thanks, that answered all my questions!

Wow, 2 MP per cast was pretty heavy. I would of liked some kind of extra effect as a replacement though xD. With no bonus like the Int and Str builds, and no real use of riddling, it feels like it's a little unfair on Agility.
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Katsura|2013-06-25 16:06:47
Oh thanks, that answered all my questions!

Wow, 2 MP per cast was pretty heavy. I would of liked some kind of extra effect as a replacement though xD. With no bonus like the Int and Str builds, and no real use of riddling, it feels like it's a little unfair on Agility.
I guess the one thing air has over the other two is the ability to shoot around/through obstacles although fire technically can shoot around with blinding arrow but idk

I always wished air had something nice we have pushes but they like go out of their way to make the pushes damn near worthless or way to expensive if its gonna be so expensive why not make it a little bit better granted beta air cras could kite like crazy with all the pushing so they are probably afraid of that happening again @[email protected]

I'm glad I could answer your questions though! I try and keep an eye on this I might be lazy with updating the screen shots but I do my best to answer any questions I receive with the best of my ability.
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Since SA only costs 3 AP 1 MP you could get Long Distance Combat for extra damage o.o
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