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[Misc. Guide] How a pro organises a group for a dungeon (video)

By JerryDB - MEMBER - September 10, 2013, 22:03:08
This video is to help people to improve their organisation skills on the Wakfu.
Please pass this video on to everyone.

I have put 8 years worth of Ankama/tactical games experience into this video.

Click here for the video link.

This is video contains tons of useful tips to help you.

Warning the video may also contain numerous punctuation and grammar mistakes that only a native speaker can get away with.

Following this guide will make you a pro in terms of organisation and time management.

It does not contain absolutely everything as the the video would end up too long.

The mains points its missing:-
  • Bread I personally leave it up each person to sort their own bread out I play as an eni (healer) so bread is not usually a problem for me.
  • For Ultimate bosses and some bosses you may need to change equipment and to check everyone's initiative which can be VITAL.
  • Most dungeon have pre-determed starting positions, which you can stand in BEFORE the start fights this helps a lot I will be making a video on this later.
  • For Yechi let the panda/sac start the fight and shout "JOIN" if the position is correct for the tactic.
  • This video was for single people not really for people playing more than 1 account.
  • So when counting ready's people on more than one account may say "Ready x 2".
  • Remember you can now craft keys SO keep or trade the resource to make keys to a handyman of the correct level typically you drop enough resources to make 6 keys per dungeon if not more.
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