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Granny Smith

By Agosta - MEMBER - September 02, 2012, 23:26:22
I miss you.
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Dang? My own thread! You are missed as well and I hope ye return one day soon smile Sending you a pm. ;p
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How much convincing must I do to get you to come to Dofus? I will shower you with gifts.
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sorry to see ya go sad dont mean to be insensitive but if you aren't gonna use your handyman mats I'll craft what I can for your guild biggrin

- Trent
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Lol, Trent smile I'm not quitting! and sorry sag, Dofus just isn't for me :x I'll be playing Wakfu for a long while yet. Come back to us already!
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Don't worry! I'm not here to break up the reunion. smile Just moving the thread from General Discussions to Off-Topic.
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Hey you two smile idk if you remember me but i sure do remember you smile (amy here fortune-cookii) whatever anyways--i stopped wakfu a long time ago and went back to dofus--hope you guys are doing well!
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Grannnyyy smith. this is ifalacy. My account got banned after I quit for some reason. But just wanted to say Hi smile 
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