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How old are you?

By Anubis9962 February 02, 2013, 16:08:55
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I'm 21 almost 22
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I'm 18 biggrin 
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I am 21 =)
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MoshPitt|2013-03-16 18:04:41
Dark-Cinnamon|2013-03-16 16:43:20
I am 33 years old. I am very old for a wakfu player but I know one even older lol

You need to change your enu name to "Old Mini" lol
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I'm Immortal... No but seriously I'm twenty three.
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I'm 20, turning 21 this October.
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I am currently 19 going on to 20 smile
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26. o.o Seems rather average, on Dofus' Rushu. Definitely seems to be old for Wakfu, though. D:
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Im pretty sure the big reasons the playerbase is higher ages is, 1. Kids primarily swarm free to play games,partially becasue thier parents wont pay and partially becasue they dont want their parents to know what they are playing, and 2. Its turn based tactical (its not as common, or as popular and requires THINKING) Anyway Im used to being on the older end, but the last MMO I played (yes Im very new) I was in the average age group. It just depends on the game! Im 34 BTW
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I'm in my mid-twenties.

Well, looking at my friendlist (which has nearly a hundred members) more than two thirds of them are above 20. One or two dozen even over 30. Ok, this might be related to the fact that i prefer companions with a certain basical grade of manners an a rather reasonable personality. (Where age btw. isn't a trustworthy indicator, i know several minors which are far more mature than selveral partly a decade older individuals.)

But it matches my general impression. It might be related to the rather complex system (economy, ecologie, politics,...), the level of graphics which can also be found in a lot of f2p-games or the "slower" playstyle which doesn't punish it if you don't react immediately but rewards forecasting a lot more.
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Started playing when I was 15, now 17.

It's awkward because the majority of players are in their 20s. Unusual for an MMO.

But nice to see other teens playing! ^^
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I'm 23~ I started when I was 21.
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26 x]
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I'm 18 :3
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17, 18 on the 24th. c:
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12, been playing since 10 happy
wow i wouldnt think so manyn20yo play this gameblink
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im 19 almost 20.... And if we're talking about how long we've been playing counting dofus.... i started in the 6th grade so what was i... 12 maybe? It was Back in 06.. or was it 07 in 7th grade... whatever but yeah anyways....
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I am 50 years old
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