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How old are you?

By Anubis9962 February 02, 2013, 16:08:55
Hey all. I've always been curious about this and the off topic forum looks a little empty so I thought why not? How old is everyone here? I enjoy Wakfu (and Dofus too) but I always imagine being on the older side of the age scale in this community, I'm 24 by the way.

By the way, this should go without saying but please don't post your date of birth here, just tell us your age. Some services use your D.O.B. as a security question when you forget your password, so lets avoid posting these just to be on the safe side. 
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I'm 24 biggrin 
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Hi there ^^ I'm 15 although when i joined wakfu i was only 14 .__. XD
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Reinheart|2013-02-02 16:15:09
I'm 24 biggrin

Haha, glad I'm not the only one!

I imagine most players will be about 16, but I could be in for a surprise. smile 
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22 most people who i know in wakfu have the same age smile 
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21 smile 
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recently invited a person at her 42 ohmy

23 btw.
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Will be 26 this year.
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Sigh..... I am very sad...... Recently with Wakfu startup problem.... It would be good for you guys to see the post in Technical Issues I posted about the problem...... I am so miserable....
Anyways I am 17 years old.......
Please guys help me......
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I've gotta say this is a pleasant surprise thus far. I never expected the majority of replies in this topic to be by people in their twenties.
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21 :] 
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17 in exactly 2 months from now
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I'm only 13 tongue
I've been playing since i was 8 or so...
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YummyLollies|2013-02-09 02:52:13
I'm only 13 tongue
I've been playing since i was 8 or so...

Woah, since you were eight?! Now that's young.
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16 yeep xD.
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hmm.. 23 ph34r
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I am 25 years old. I have been playing Dofus since I was 18 or so. Then quit Dofus, didn't play for a while and then went to Wakfu.

Also, in my guild most people are in their 20's. Some are 14-19 and we also have a few in their 30's.

~ Karah
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I'm 22 \o/

But getting too old for this game (no spare time) =/

Atm I'm doing a break, so I can come back next year biggrin 
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