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Looking for dungeon exp groups 70+

By kilerama22 - MEMBER - December 12, 2012, 19:32:06
so yea tittle tells it my ign: Snako server: Remington
level. 82
class: Osa Earth + with summons
willing to do any kind of exp or dungeonering. pm me ingame ^^
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Hi Snako, don't you have a guild to level with at the moment? ohmy
Anyway, message me in game anytime if you need help happy

Score : 1040
the thing is our guild is a bit small atm + not many have time ^^and im a grinder freak.. i just love lvling smile so it would be awesome if i could grind more (and yes i understand many people hate lvling but for me its just my fav thing about this game ^^ the graphics..the mechanics and the lvling and fighting).
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