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A bit about everyone

By syphnick - MEMBER - September 30, 2012, 03:35:58
This is where you can write a little bit about yourself so everyone can get to know you better.

Hi im Kmatt (syphnick on the fourms), i started playing Ankama games in 2006 with dofus, and was also on the Wakfu Beta in the beginning when it was all in french. Over my time iv met a ton of cool players on both from the Rosal,Solar,Zato & Remmington servers and have always used Kmatt in my name which is only way you can ushaly recognise me throughout my online gamming life.

I'v been studying to become an outdoor instructor which can sometimes consume alot of time with various outdoor activities,trips and my exams of course.

The thing i like to do most in my games is have fun ^^, i dont really care how long i take to level up but eventualy when i get near end game i will try go for epic gear just so i can smash stuff up if i really want to. In general ill be happy to help with whatever someone needs help with.

So if you see me ingame say hi, give me a yell or maby throw a pie at my outlaw sac(Kmatts-Tank) ^^
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Im Aquila, (Freewinds in forums, as you can see)
Wakfu is my first Ankama game, and I actualy only started playing four months ago without playing Beta. At least someone saw the Ads on random websites!

Im in my first year of college in the UK, but manage to ignore work to play everyday, and I have a very easy going nature, so much so as people ask why me and my guildies just sit around not doing anything for hours.
I enjoy watching Anime and reading Manga (And no, I don't care what people say, it is good), and normaly reading some while playing. So if you wanna talk about that sorta stuff, im all ears wink

Can't think of what else to say, but Pm me anytime ^^

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Ok, my turn.

I'm Nenooki, forum and in-game MOD. I have been in-love with this game from the first second I saw it. I become a MOD back in the old days, when Kaoly were our CCM, so I have followed the changes through the years. I suspect all the 'old' players miss her as much as I do.

I can't tell you my char name, but I do play the game too. Feel free to send me an AnkaBox pm if you need some help smile 
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Hey forum,
I got into Wakfu because of the TV show (loved it!)- this is in fact the first online game I've played! I've been here since beta and it's been a lot of fun. smile
I have two characters- the 'good' one and the 'evil' one, haha. The bad one is Aacher- leader of the outlaw guild 'The Rogue's Gallery'. We intend to make the nation's guards do some real work for a change, haha.
Irl, I live in Australia, play the cello, and study at university. I enjoy dark chocolate and music-ing, lol.
Anyway, I'm happy to chill with people or lend a hand, so feel free to PM me. I'll see you around! wink 
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Hey guys, I'm Ryuu™ and I got into Wakfu simply because I liked its art and game play style. I'm a sucker for TBS games /huge Disgaea fan/ and a TBS mmo is exactly what I needed.
I started playing Wakfu ever since the french beta started. I quit a lot of times but something just keeps bringing me back. ~o.o~ (conspiracy)

About me IRL:
I play tennis and do free climbing and for the artistic side, I play the piano, draw and I contribute to HorribleSubs and NFP (if you watch anime, you might have heard of those). I speak 5 languages so if any Hungarians / Romanians / Japanese / Germans are playing on remmi, feel free to add me so we can chat from time to time.

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Hey guys, throughout the internet I'm known as Ashalind but my real name is Rhiannon. I'm just shy of 29 years old and I used to work for game companies like EA making graphics. Now I work freelance from home and around that I juggle Wakfu, 8-ball and netball. I used to play Dofus on Zato for a couple of years and sometimes I miss it. I live in Melbourne, Australia and I'm always on the look out for other Aussies to meet and greet. biggrin

If you want to check out my art go here:
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Hey me too!

I started playing first of all Wakfu and it has been one of my favorite games because of my long friend list...., the real life gaming experience..... and also many other cool features.... I like making friends for fun and someone to talk to..... If anyone wants to chat with me please add me or if anyone wants to be in group with me then also... laugh

Oh yes, AshalindWolf, Ryuujikyon, Aacher, thank you all for telling about yourself if you want lets be friends.......

syphnick, Aquila and Nenooki too.... biggrin

I almost forgot I'm active in Remington..

My real name is Nishant, I am from Nepal but I speak English too.... My sis Niharika also plays Wakfu

I have sent some requests to the ones I tried please each look for the request from the players listed here..... If you don't find tell me....
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Hello there! smile

My creation goes back the time when Kaoly was still performing on this land. Back then my job was to mod the portuguese topics since they where a on growing population. But then another other flood happen, and i found my self moding the all forum (it was a dark time here on Wakfu forum, but on the same time there was some kind of magic rolling in the air), just like I do it today with Troyle, the cookie monster, on command. smile

About me, I found Wakfu after being bored of Dofus. Back then, when i found it, wakfu was just a little baby, that version was called v 0.1. Every thing was so different that i just fell in love, i have been playing Wakfu ever sense.

Just like Nenooki, or any one else that belong to our team, just feel free to pm me if you got any question wink

O Respeitador
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Hi !

My nickname throughout the internet is Seraphiel, and in-game I am known as Kizio Mizio. I play fire rogue, and I am waiting for the spells buff so I can become a 100% successful outlaw! Trolling is FUN!

Recently, I joined a brand new outlaws guild on Remington. We are going to bring in some chaos, and piss off a lot of players! tongue

I have been playing wakfu since its early days. I had different nicknames, and I played a water Cra, back then. (Yes, Cra used to have a water spell tree!)

In real life, I live in Poland; and I am 23 years old. I study taxation, and my hobby is songwriitng. I even have my own little youtube channel, but the views aren't really high... Still, my greatest dream is becoming a professional songwriter, writing for the greatest artists that are out there. I would also like to establish a company, and look for talented but yet undiscovered stars - and of course, help them out making it to the top! smile

I think that's all I could possible write about myself.

PS. I would like to greet all Signature's members, they do not exactly like me! ~,^
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Hello I am JerryDB Aka Jerry Da Bogywogyman.
I played in the dofus beta, I have played dofus on and off for many years. I have played Wakfu since day one of the open beta during the closed beta I failed to get in and I thought I would give Wakfu a miss completely. But after playing dofus and being bored to death of it. I still wanted a fresh/new turn based game were I wouldn't be a complete nub but have to start my character again (Wakfu).

Before the game was released I came up with the idea for a Guild Alliance which now has over 1,000 members which is awesome.

I also decided to run some events and have some fun. I have run many events now, some more successfully then others but all were lots of fun.

I am English which means I have zero excuse for my terribly poor spelling, punctuation and grammar.

If I invite you to something I will ALWAYS have spare keys.

I have a poor memory (which I work on everyday).

I have lots of overly ambitious plans which I will try my hardiest to achieve (who wants an easy life).
Dont worry I will force them upon you (share) in due time, for your enjoyment (pain and misery).

P.S. There is so much I want to say but I will leave it at that for the time being.

Rage Against The Stasis (Leader)
The Wakfu Alliance (Leader)
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Hey there Funny people

i am Sting-Shotter (Basjejaspers on forums), i call myself as well "Doom Jester".
Why?; because when people see me they are doomed because i will tell them not Funny jokes.

My name "Sting-Shotter" i going back to 1000 years ago in the time of dofus, Sting-Shotter was a myth a legend in my eyes so i loved to bring his reïncarnation back to wakfu, so i did it (with not as great succes i hoped on).

I am currently leader of the Guild "Jester"(maybe you don't know the guild but you will know it, YOU WILL!!!).

i dont have much to say about myself anymore, so i think i can close this post now and post it ( lolz you are posting a post, sounds awesome)

~Greetz, Sting-Shotter

Sting is not funny

D'aw that voice is back, anyways Enjoy playing

Writen by Sting-Shotter, Doom Jester
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hi, i am Mitsumechan (mitsume54432 in the forums)
I joined the game around late march when my friend from another game recommended me to wakfu around the time when i was getting bored of gaia online and facebook apps.
In game, I'm always in astrub because i'm still f2p. I also have 2 reasons for not subscribing yet (i will but... not yet :| ), 1 is that if i sub now, in the middle of the school year, it won't be to the fullest because my mom always bans me from the comp at some point when there's still school, and 2 is because i like helping the people in astrub. I am often very dedicated and loyal to my friends however when I need help from them I don't ask for it (and when i don't talk to them anymore -->winkbecause i think I'll be a burden to them.... because i think that they'd be much better off without me always... dragging them down.... because i'm a noob.....
I also have a habit of hovering my mouse over everyone i come across in game so you may not know me but i might know you because i remember almost everyone i've come across ^^ i know it's kind of stalker-ish but..... XD
I've played other games before
In real life, I am currently a junior year high school student from the Philippines. I may be filipino but I speak english better than how I speak filipino (which some people call 'Tagalog' which is Andres Bonifacio's way of calling other filipinos which is filipino for 'from the river' (taga-ilog) but... meh, i'm stubborn and i don't live near a river.... and this is me giving unneeded information that you need not read)
Anyway, I hope to meet you all in game (although i have met some of you in game) ^^
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oh mitsume that has always been your good habit LOL in chat and your helpful characters...
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Well...I'll try ...

Hello, I'm Camille, my nickname is Mellimac, and...I'm french !! Lol ^^
So, you can wonder why I come on the english site, er... it's simply because I really would have fun with improve my english, and talk with people who lives abroad...

I just' think it's so much interesting...
So, um... What about me...

As I said, I'm called Camille, I'm french and I live in " Lorraine ", a region of France.
I'm 17 and I'm high school student, in French System, I'm in " terminale " , the last high school class.
In my spare time I love geeking ( lol ), I'm almost always on my computer, but, except surfing on facebook or others, I like reading book, mangas, I'm trying to read Harry Potter in VO, but it's difficult, and... I love guitar ! I'm fond of music, I like a lot of different kinds of music, metal, rock, classic, pop, and others, except
What else......I like drawing, and taking photos !!! And...I enjoy Cooking biggrin ! But no, no, I'm not cooking mama...

As you can notice, I haven't a very good level in English, but we're all like me in france, we just can speak french ( or can't speak at all... lol )

So... what do you think about my presentation ? ^^' Is it understanding or perhaps it's scary ! XD

Bye bye !
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This must be my first,

Hi ^^ all!! I am Niharika Thapa and I am also from Nepal... Well you would guess another person from this page from Nepal, Nishant, he is my brother and we both play Wakfu. I joined Wakfu after my brother started liking Wakfu.. I also love it and I like drawing, playing games, playing puzzles and I also do study and I am 3 years junior my brother. Meet me and my brother in Wakfu server Remington.
Meet you soon.... and yes I also love making friends and chatting and helping them...
See you in Wakfu!
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Hi everybody wink

I play Wakfu as Elijah. I've been playing it since the open beta, therefore back then I was this lost noob called Sacrisa Ucenic... this was my first online game (and I believe it will be the last laugh) in the beginning I quite didn't understand the philosophy of Wakfu, and it took me the time of the entire beta to figure out what this game was about, and as it happened I fell in love with this game so badly.. the art is absolutely amazing, the game play, the classes, omg, they are so special and unique. I sincerely admire the person or group of people that created them wub and I wish you guys never abandon this project, cos it is certainly a game to play for as long as you live lol

Lately I've felt demotivated to play =/ I dunno, I think I just miss the old times when I was a noob, and it was so fun to kill a mob of bliblis in a group filled with 6 players xD Now all people can think of is UB sets, getting as much kamas as they possibly can and level up like crazy... it's really sad, and then they complain that that's nothing else to do in the game blink I don't quite understand.. So if you play Wakfu for fun feel free to pm me anytime wink Also, I'm about to leave my guild to get in one that has a more relaxed game play.. if you know what I mean, so if anyone knows one, please kindly tell me wink
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this is just my desperate attempt at trying to bring this thread back to life so don't mind my reply here... I really do want to know more about the other people in this game though so ^^
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During Beta: Morrigna the Rogue.
Possibly known as: 'Gen' the Sram or 'Genepe' the Xelor [assuming I spelt them correctly, been ages] however those characters were played by a junior of mine [her parents were abnormally scared of technology back then so often came over to my place to play games] but yeah they were under this account too.
Known as: Gen, Lani, Pep or Odd these days.

Main class: Rogue.
Favourite class: Rogue.

Gaming history: been playing mmorpg since '03. Migrated from AGELaTale to WAKFU.

DOFUS?: 10 mins or so of F2P.
WAKFU?: played a little during rogue release in beta, pioneer sub and stayed since official release.

Occupation: Full-time University Student.
Taking: Information Tech.
From: GMT +10.
Nationality: part koala, part yellow, part Gangnam Style and part marshmallow.
Likes: Bombs; reporting herpderps like Postersss up there with their gold ads regardless if the reporting button actually reaches staffs or not; semi-colons.
Dislikes: Getting Wet; using Apostrophes improperly for possessive pronouns and shortening of the 'to be' verbs, with an exploding passion.
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Forum Name: KHfan22,
"KH" means Kingdom Hearts and 22 comes from middle school in 7th grade, I was the 22nd person on the roster. Can't beat those "Chen"s and "Lee"s!

My in game name is Skai, originally wanted to be Sky back in open beta but it was already taken so it was either Skye or Skai and I'm immensely happy that I went with Skai instead of Sky(e). I like to play with my names so that my characters are not the element that their name is related to, thus Skai for Sky is related to Air is an EARTH Cra.

In the game, I'm currently the Guild Leader of Illuminati in Nox and a casual participant in the Amaknian Government. I harvest for a calm and relaxing time in Wakfu and yes I'm actually one of those people who enjoy mining! laugh

I used to write fanfiction as a hobby but ever since I picked up Wakfu my interest has been shifted to this game though my imagination still runs wild with short plot ideas. I have made background stories with my own characters.

I am currently a undergraduate in college as a Food and Nutrition - Dietetics Option Major. I hope that one day I can become a successful Dietician who can help others in a healthy lifestyle of food. And I enjoy food so it goes hand in hand no?
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'Guess my own turn has come. (I guess we do owe a "thanks" to Michune-chan for keeping this alive~)

Hello people. Kindly new player in this game, under the name of a little, smart tofu. Always been into fantasy, even if not the true type of a massive games' consumer, as I tend to be offering myself for long amounts of time to a certain game until it has been taken to it's very end... or at least when I've completed most of it's interesting routes.

Screen and graphics always seemed to be very near to me, but I owe the honor to be a part of the wakfu world to the same person who also got me into trying to open up to art in the first place. A friend of mine who has now moved abroad.

My love for wakfu burns strong. Started with the series which I found unique and literally great, and soon got involved in the game too which I enjoy and believe I will keep to enjoy even more when a subscriber.In game, you will most likely see me with my Iop or Feca but my main class is Iop in the time being. I tend to not forget other people, so do not freak out if I have already noticed you a lot before you did or know you somewhere. I am active only in Remington

In real life I come from a little nation of the southern Europe named Greece even though they say that I can fool many with my English accent. Vraiment, non? My love for arts has developped from a free time hobby into a full time occupation after I graduated from the local art university, even if my mind still runs wild with projects of my own, whenever I am not playing wakfu. I love cats and an active way of living. I always appreciate other peoples' company too and hope to enjoy good times together.

I am GMT +3 and play rather frequently if you except some times when I am occupied and cannot log in. If you wanna invite me in the game feel free to do so. It would be my pleasure to meet. I play the game for fun primarily...but I always come with some spare keys too~
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