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Wakfu/Dofus Discord Server for artists & fans of the series

By Fleisch#4180 - MEMBER - August 21, 2022, 00:00:55

Hey there rare forum goers!
You may have had this experience: as a huge fan of the Wakfu series, you're looking for a cool place to talk about certain characters, theories for S4 and the Waven era...or maybe you have a question about certain things that were left unclear story-wise.
But the fansites you visited so far, mostly focus on the Wakfu MMO, which is cool, but not necessarily your thing? You want to go deeper into the history of the world of 12? Talk about ingame lore, Dofus Manga, LANCE DUR?

Treasures of Kerubim fans are obligated to join btw, I don't make the rules .-.

Maybe you're an artist with lots of Wakfu OC and fanart (oh we got LOTS of those!).Then our Discord server ''Wakfu/Dofus Fans United'' is PERFECT for you!
We've existed since 2016 and have been slowly growing over the years, now at around 340 members! 
We're not big, but we are consistent! And keen on keeping the fandom alive till S4 and beyond!Feel free to check us out! smile

[Link removed as per forum rules] >>> just DM me here or on Twitter as @WaWoyal

PS: don't be afraid of the wall of rules x), it's all so we can keep the peaceful, good vibes at our server!If you got questions you can always DM me!

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