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Concern about game launcher

By cute-Azuza#9537 - MEMBER - July 06, 2022, 10:33:58

The message reads from ankama

"manual connections from the game client will soon be eliminated and 
replaced by automatic connection through ankama launcher.
support for updates and .zip will then end. you will no longer be able to play wakfu using those 
download ankama launcher now to keep receving game updates."

Shortly tell win 7 32 bit was support ankama launcher without problem after i buy new pc with a win 10 64 bit i have a huge problem to use it cant start or cut loading et cetera every loading there is some bug to make it worst experience ever hope for next update they will fix problems was hopeless hope. All problems was solved with .zip game version because it is stable, im  sure i m not only one who have a problem with ankama launcher for that is this topic .

To add, see miracles today on 9 july 2022 this day try again to install ankama launcher and get bug with message cant pass it with anything i try ,and massage  reads.

"cannot create a temporary folder. EPERM: operation not permitted. mkdr"

i try but launcher and me dont stay on same foot so i give up on him and if ankama give up on other versions to launch a game will be a good bay for 2-19% of player base who cant use ankama launcher or some of them dont want.
one of ankama launcher problems  on zip. launcher can be bypass just using admin access to old java what game use but that is only begining of ankama launcher problem one for all you wish to play 1 game but must have other games in it and annoing commercials to.

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