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I just wanna say thank you, Ankama.

By Lorienom#4928 - MEMBER - June 16, 2022, 23:43:05

From the past few years I've been a consumer of all your games and midia and you all helped me a lot not just to make my life way funnier, but you contributed on my life improvements as a way of fighting depression. I love your games, the lore you write, the world you created and I wish I could know french as my main language so I could understand more about all that beautiful world. Thank you very much for existing Ankama, and making such good games, series and boardgames. You all live in my heart. I'm cheering so you guys start developing for consoles, too! I would LOVE to see a beautiful multiplayer wakfu lore based on my PS, that's a dream I have the hope I'll fulfill. Thank you! From a huuuuge fan named Leonardo, from Brazil. I hope this message get to you.

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