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So, Waven is back online!

By Granthese#6501 - MEMBER - October 31, 2021, 07:32:28

I think it would be fair to drop it here, since Waven lacks an english forum and all, but, everybody, WAVEN'S ALPHA IS BACK! And lemme tell you guys.... I'm having a lot of fun! The game itself is a lot more playable, with a good chunk of content, dungeons, dialogues (and VOICED dialogues, how ambitious of you, Ankama!). monsters, mechanics, heroes, class mechanics, skins... whew, its quite the improvement and I do reccomend you all give it a go, even with the game full on french, its still quite intuitive and MUCH simpler than Wakfu and Dofus, and also very "Tablet-efficient" with the hold-and-drag style. Even without reading at all the game can be playable.

If the forum mods are OK with this, I would love to do a mini Waven tutorial, just a quick introduction and hints, plus translate some choice words from French to English that are very important, would help get more players to test Waven.

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Hello Granthese,

For Waven related posts,
you can use the Waven forums here.

Since the forum here is exclusively for Wakfu related discussions
and there is already a dedicated site and forum for waven. (fr for the time being)
Posts related to that can only be submitted to the off-topic section of the forum here.

Thank you ^^

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Sorry for misplacing my thread, I wasn’t very aware of Waven’s own forum (which being all French means my second statement remains so I’ll give it a try to a simple tutorial here on this section). Also completely forgot THIS forum had the off-topic section tongue For a Xelor I should be better at organization...

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I'm really enjoying Eniripsas and how the 4 subclasses interact with heals on their own unique way. It is nice to see them going from being a nice and friendly pixy to a more rude and even darker class.

The skins are so epic too!

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Well the do canonically deal damage by cursing at you

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